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Maria (given name)

Gender Female
Language(s) Hebrew, Greek, Latin
Meaning "wished-for child", "beloved", "love", "star of the sea"
Other names
Related names Mary

Maria is a female given name in many diverse cultures, including African, Arab, Armenian, Croatian, Dutch, English, Finnish, German, Greek, Hispanic American and Spanish, Italian, Maltese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Romanian, Pakistani, Afghan, Serbian, Swedish, and Indonesian.

In the Roman Empire, the name was used as a feminine form of the Roman name Marius (see Maria (gens)).[1] It became popular with the spread of Christianity as a Latinized form of the Hebrew name of Jesus' mother Mary (Miriam in Hebrew or Maryam in Aramaic). As a result of their similarity and syncretism, the Latin original name Maria and the Hebrew-derived Maria combined to form a single name. The meaning of the Semitic-rooted name is uncertain, but it may originally be an Egyptian name, probably derived from mry "beloved" or mr "love"[2] ("eminent lady" or "beloved lady").[3] The meaning of the Latin-rooted name is similarly ambiguous, possibly deriving from mare ("sea" in Latin), maris ("male"), or the name of the god Mars.

Historically, the name was also sometimes used as a male (middle) name. This was the case in many Central European countries, where it signified patronage of the Virgin Mary.

As a first name, Maria ranked seventh out of 4,275 for females of all ages in the 1990 U.S. Census.[4] Because of its enduring popularity, the name is used extensively in society and media throughout the world.


  • Notable people named Maria 1
    • Religious 1.1
    • Royalty 1.2
    • Artists 1.3
    • Authors 1.4
    • Scientists 1.5
    • Actresses 1.6
    • Singers/bands 1.7
    • Sports 1.8
    • Music 1.9
    • Models 1.10
    • Politicians and political activists 1.11
    • Television hosts 1.12
    • As male middle name 1.13
    • As female middle name 1.14
  • Usage 2
  • Variants, including short forms and diminutives 3
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Notable people named Maria









Maria Causey, professional Figure Skater



Politicians and political activists

Television hosts

As male middle name

As female middle name


In pre-20th century Britain, the name Maria was usually pronounced (ma-rye-ah) in accordance with the traditional English pronunciation of Latin then always used. However, during the 20th century the popularity of this pronunciation was eclipsed by the Italian, Spanish and Portuguese pronunciation, .

In Mexico, it is a tradition to name the firstborn daughter Maria.

In Spanish-speaking countries the name María is often abbreviated as "Mª", especially in two-part names (i.e. María Antonieta becomes Mª Antonieta.)

Variants, including short forms and diminutives

  • Agostinha (Portuguese) (Short form of Maria Agostinha)
  • Amparo (Portuguese) (Short form of Maria do Amparo)
  • Ana María (Spanish, Portuguese)
  • Anamaria (English) (English form of Anamaría)
  • Anamaría (Spanish)
  • Anjos (Portuguese) (Short form of Maria dos Anjos)
  • Angustia (Spanish) (Short form of María Angosto)
  • Angustias (Spanish) (Short form of María Angosto)
  • Ann Marie (English) (Variant of Anne Marie) (Variant of Anne Marie)
  • Anna Maria (Italian) (Old form of Annamaria)
  • Annamaria (English, Italian)
  • Annamarie (English)
  • Annmarie (English)
  • Anne Marie (English) (English version of Anne-Marie)
  • Anne-Marie (French, English)
  • Anuncia (Spanish) (Short form of María Anunciación)
  • Anunciação (Portuguese) (Short form of Maria da Anunciação)
  • Anunciada (Portuguese) (Short form of Maria da Anunciada)
  • Anscenção (Portuguese) (Short form of Maria da Ascenção)
  • Assumpta (English), short form of Mary Assumpta
  • Assunção (Portuguese) (Short form of Maria da Assunção)
  • Assunta (Italian, (Short form of Maria Assunta); Spanish), (Short form of María Asunción)
  • Asun (Spanish) (Short form of María Asunción)
  • Auxilio (Spanish) (Short form of María Auxiliadora)
  • Auxílio (Portuguese) (Short form of Maria do Auxílio)
  • Carmel (English, Irish) (Given in reference to Our Lady of Carmel)
  • Carmela (Italian)
  • Carmelita (Spanish) (Short form of María Carmen)
  • Carmella (English)
  • Carmencita (Spanish) (Short form of María Carmen)
  • Carmenzinha (Portuguese) (Short form of Maria do Carmo)
  • Carmina (Italian, Spanish)
  • Carmita (Spanish) (Short form of María Carmen)
  • Carminho (Portuguese) (Short form of Maria do Carmo)
  • Carmo (Portuguese) (Short form of Maria do Carmo)
  • Carmo (Spanish) (Short form of María Carmen)
  • Charo (Spanish) (Short form of María del Rosario)
  • Chelo (Spanish) (Short form of María Consuelo)
  • Chita (Spanish) (Short form of María Concepción)
  • Chole (Spanish) (Short form of María de la Soledad)
  • Chucho (Spanish) (Short form of María de Jesǘs)
  • Chus (Spanish) (Short form of María de Jesǘs)
  • Chuy (Spanish) (Short form of María de Jesǘs)
  • Chuys (Spanish) (Short form of María de Jesǘs)
  • Conceição (Portuguese) (Short form of Maria da Conceição)
  • Concepta (English) (Short form of Mary Concepta)
  • Concetta (Italian) (Short form of Maria Concetta)
  • Concettina (Italian) (Short form of Maria Concetta
  • Concha (Portuguese) (Short form of Maria da Conceição)
  • Concha (Spanish) (Short form of María Concepción)
  • Conchita (Spanish) (Short form of María Concepción)
  • Consolação (Portuguese) (Short form of Maria da Consolação)
  • Consolo (Portuguese) (Short form of Maria da Consolação)
  • Crocetta (Italian) (Short form of Maria Crocifissa)
  • Crocifissa (Italian) (Short form of Maria Crocifissa)
  • Crucificação (Portuguese) (Short form of Maria da Crucificação)
  • Crucita (Spanish) (Short form of María de la Cruz)
  • Cruz (Portuguese) (Short form of Maria da Cruz)
  • Cruzinha (Portuguese) (Short form of Maria da Cruz)
  • Cruzita (Spanish) (Short form of Maria de la Cruz)
  • Cuca (Spanish) (Short form of Maria del Refugio)
  • Delores (English (English form of the Spanish Maria de los Dolores)
  • Deloris (English (Variant of Dolores)
  • Dolores (Spanish) (Short form of María de los Dolores)
  • Dolors (Catalan) (Catalan form of Dolores, María de los Dolores)
  • Dores (Portuguese) (Short form of Maria das Dores)
  • Encarna (Spanish) (Short form of María de la Encarnación)
  • Encarnação (Portuguese) (Short form of Maria da Encarnação)
  • Encarnita (Spanish) (Short form of Maria de la Encarnación)
  • Fátima(Portuguese) (Short form of Maria de Fátima)
  • Fatinha (Portuguese) (Short form of Maria de Fátima)
  • Fucho (Spanish) (Short form of María del Refugio)
  • Gracia María (Spanish)
Diego Velazquez's Immaculate Conception.
The child Mary being presented at the Temple, by Titian
The Feast of the Visitation, when Christians believe the Virgin Mary visited her cousin Elizabeth.
A painting at Mary's Tomb, a site revered by Eastern Christians, who believe it is where the Virgin Mary was buried, although it is believed that she was later assumed bodily into heaven. See: Dormition
  • Marisha (Russian) (Short form of Mariya)
  • Mariska (Hungarian)
  • Marisol (Spanish)
  • Marisole (English)
  • Marissa (English)
  • Marita (Dutch, Estonian, German, Polish, Spanish)
  • Mārita (Latvian)
  • Marite (Latvian)
  • Marīte Latvian
  • Maritta (Finnish)
  • Maritxu (Basque)
  • Maritza (Spanish)
  • Mariuca (Romanian)
  • Mariuzza (Italian)
  • Mariuzzella (Italian)
  • Marivel (Spanish)
  • Mariya (Bulgarian, Russian, Ukrainian)
  • Marja (Dutch, Faroese, Finnish, Limburgish)
  • Marjaana (Finnish)
  • Marjam (Estonian)
  • Marjama (Latvian)
  • Marjan (Dutch, Polish)
  • Marjana (Slovene)
  • Marjatta (Finnish)
  • Marje (Estonian)
  • Marjen (Estonian)
  • Marjette (Estonian)
  • Marjo (Finnish)
  • Marjukka (Finnish)
  • Marjut (Finnish)
  • Marla (English)
  • Marleen (English)
  • Marlena (English, Polish)
  • Marlene (English, German)
  • Marlène (French)
  • Marlis (German)
  • Maristela (Spanish)
  • Marloes (Dutch)
  • Marlyn (English)
  • Marnie (English)
  • Maroula (Greek)
  • Maruca (Spanish)
  • Maruja (Spanish)
  • Maruška (Czech)
  • Maruta (Latvian)
  • Māruta (Latvian)
  • Marute (Latvian)
  • Mary (English)
  • Marý (Faroese)
  • Mary Ann (English)
  • Mary Anne (English)
  • Mary Assumpta (English)
  • Mary Beth (English)
  • Mary Claire (English)
  • Mary Caroline (English)
  • Mary Elizabeth (English)
  • Mary Ellen (English)
  • Mary Grace (English)
  • Mary Jane (English)
  • Mary Jo (English)
  • Mary Kate (English)
  • Mary Kay (English)
  • Mary Lou (English)
  • Mary Regina (English)
  • Mary Rose (English)
  • Mary Sue (English)
  • Marya (Russian)
Old Persian miniature depicting Maryam and Isa.
  • Maryām(Arabic)
  • Maryana (Russian)
  • Maryann (English)
  • Maryanne (English)
  • Marybeth (English)
  • Maryla (Polish)
  • Marylou (English)
  • Marylu (English)
  • Marylyn (English)
  • Maryse (French)
  • Maryška (Czech)
  • Marytė (Lithuanian)
  • Maryvonne (English) (French)
  • Marzena (Polish)
  • Maša (Serbian, Slovene)
  • Masha (Russian) (Short form of Mariya)
  • Mashenka (Russian) (Short form of Mariya)
  • Mashka (Russian) (Short form of Mariya)
  • Mathie (Norman French)
  • Maura (English, Italian) (Italian's version of Maureen)
  • Maureen (English)
  • Maurene (English)
  • Maurine (English)
  • May (English)
  • Mayme (English)
  • Mayre (Estonian)
  • Mayte (Spanish) (Short form of María Teresa)
  • Meike (German)
  • Meiram (Kazakh)
  • Meiramgul (Kazakh) (flower of Mary)
  • Mele (Hawaiian)
  • Menchu (Spanish) (Short form of María Carmen)
  • Mendi (Basque)
  • Mérane (French)
  • Mercês (Portuguese) (Short form of Maria das Mercês)
  • Merche (Spanish, Short form of María de los Mercedes)
  • Mere (Maori)
  • Merilyn (English)
  • Merrilyn (English)
  • Məryəm (Azerbaijani)
  • Meryem (Kurdish, Turkish)
  • Mhairi (Scottish)
  • Mhairie (Scottish)
  • Mhari (Scottish)
  • Mia (Scandinavian)
  • Micas (Portuguese)
  • Mieke (Dutch, Limburgish)
  • Miep (Dutch)
  • Mies (Dutch, Limburgish)
  • Miet (Dutch)
  • Miia (Estonian, Finnish)
  • Mimi (Italian)
  • Minnie (English)
  • Mirel (Romanian)
  • Mirela (Romanian)
  • Mirele (Yiddish)
  • Miren (Basque)
“And Miriam the prophetess, the sister of Aaron, took a timbrel in her hand; and all the women went out after her with timbrels and with dances.” (Exodus 15:20).
Illuminated manuscript, Tomić Psalter, 1360/63, Moscow State Historical Museum
The Assumption of the Virgin Mary as portrayed by Titian.
  • Moirrey (Manx)
  • Mojca (Croatian, Slovene)
  • Molara (Basque)
  • Mollie (English)
  • Molly (English)
  • Montse (Spanish)
  • Monse (Spanish)
  • Mora (English)
  • Morag (Scottish)
  • Moreen (English, Irish, Manx)
  • Moya (Irish)
  • Moyra (Irish, Scottish)
  • Muire (Irish)
  • Mura (Russian)
  • My (Swedish)
  • Myriam (English, French)
  • Nieve (Spanish)
  • Nunzia (Italian, Short form of Maria Annunziata)
  • Nunziatina (Italian), Short form of Maria Annunziata
  • Paz (Portuguese) (Short form of Maria da Paz)
  • Perpetua (Irish), Italian, Spanish) (Short form of María Perpetua, Maria Perpetua, or Mary Perpetua)
  • Piedad (Spanish) (Short form of María Piedad)
  • Piedade (Portuguese) (Short form of Maria da Piedade)
  • Pilar (Portuguese) (Short form of Maria do Pilar, Spanish)
  • Pili (Spanish) (Short form of María Pilar)
  • Pilita (Spanish) (Short form of María Pilar)
  • Piluca (Spanish) (Short form of María Pilar)
  • Pollie (English)
  • Polly (English)
  • Pollyanna (English)
  • Pura (Spanish) (Short form of María de la Purificación)
  • Purificação (Portuguese) (Short form of Maria da Purificação)
  • Purita (Spanish) (Short form of María de la Purificación)
  • Ria (Dutch, English, German)
  • Romey (English)
  • Romy (English, German)
  • Rosaria (Italian)
  • Rosemarie (English, German, Scandinavian)
  • Rosemary (English)
  • Roser (Catalan)
  • Roula (Greek)
  • Saudade (Portuguese) (Short form of Maria da Saudade)
  • Stella Maris (Italian, Spanish)
  • Suela (Spanish) (Short form of María Consuelo)
  • Suelo (Spanish) (Short form of María Consuelo)
  • Suelita (Spanish) (Short form of María Consuelo)
  • Sunción (Spanish) (Short form of María Asunción)
  • Trindade (Portuguese) (Short form of Maria da Trindade)
  • Trinity (English)
  • Visite de Marie (French)
  • Voirrey (Manx)
  • مريم (Máryam), ماري (Mārī) (Arabic)
  • Մարիամ (Mariam) (Armenian)
  • מרים (Maryam) (Hebrew)
  • ܡܪܝܡ (Maryam) (Syriac)
  • María (Asturian)
  • Miren (Basque)
  • Марыя (Marýja) (Belarusian)
  • মেরি (Meri) (Bengali)
  • Mari (Breton)
  • Мария (Maríja) (Bulgarian)
  • Maria (Catalan)
  • 玛丽 (Mǎlì) (Chinese Simplified)
  • 瑪麗 (Mǎlì) (Chinese Traditional)
  • Marya (Cornish)
  • Marie (Czech)
  • Maria, Marie (Danish)
  • Maria (Dutch)
  • Mario (Esperanto)
  • Maarja (Estonian)
  • Maria (Faroese)
  • Marja, Maria (Finnish)
  • Marie (French)
  • María (Galician)
  • მარიამ (Mariam), მარია (Maria) (Georgian)
  • Maria (German)
  • Μαρία (María) (Greek)
  • ម៉ារា (Mariə) (Khmer)

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