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Launched June 1, 1997
Owned by Nelonen Media, part of Sanoma Television Oy, a subsidiary of the electronic media business division Sanoma Entertainment of Sanoma
Picture format 16:9
Audience share 8.1 % (2014, [1])
Slogan Katso mistä puhut.
Country  Finland
Broadcast area Finland
Formerly called PTV (Paikallistelevisio)
PTV4 (1989-1997)
Sister channel(s) Nelonen HD
Nelonen Prime
Nelonen Nappula
Nelonen Maailma
Nelonen Pro 1 (HD)
Nelonen Pro 2 (HD)
Nelonen Pro 3
Nelonen Pro 4
Nelonen Pro 5
Nelonen Pro 6
Nelonen Pro 7
Nelonen Pro 8
Digital Channel 4
Canal Digital Channel 4
Elisa Channel 4
dna Welho Channel 4
Channel 24 (HD)
Former logo used until 2014

Nelonen (Four) is a Finnish commercial TV channel. It started out as Helsinki's local television channel PTV in 1989 on the HTV cable network, which name was changed first to PTV4 and then to Nelonen. It started on June 1, 1997. Nelonen, in Finnish, means the glyph of the number four. The channel is mostly owned by Sanoma Corporation, which owns the Helsingin Sanomat and Ilta-Sanomat newspapers. Its largest owner was Aatos Erkko. Much of its programming is Australian, American, British, and European shows, with Finnish captions. Its main market is the 25-44 demographic. Nelonen has 9 sister channels: Nelonen HD, Jim, Nelonen Prime, Nelonen Nappula, Nelonen Maailma, Nelonen Pro 1, Nelonen Pro 2, Liv and Hero.


  • Programming 1
    • Imported 1.1
    • Local 1.2
    • Sports 1.3
  • Criticism 2
  • Controversy 3
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Nelonen was launched quickly and in an unprepared state. It has been criticized for importing "trash shows", especially during its first years. Mostly the subject of criticism have been related to its weekly imported "4D documentaries" concentrating on entertainment value and on highly emotive issues instead of artistic or other deeper values. The channel's entertainment output also consists of many other programmes which may be considered to be poor quality - imported game shows or Finnish versions of them (such as Reikä seinässä, a Finnish version of the Japanese 'Human Tetris' game) and reality TV shows dominate the scheduling. On the other hand, Nelonen's scheduling also contains several award-winning drama series.


During the fall of 2007, a day after the Dexter Morgan and it was said to be inappropriate after such dramatic and nationwide turn of events. The episode was instead shown a week later.


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