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List of television stations in Colorado

This is a list of broadcast television stations serving cities in the U.S. state of Colorado.

Full-power stations

VC refers to the station's PSIP virtual channel. RF refers to the station's physical RF channel.
Area served City of license VC RF Callsign Network Notes
Colorado Springs/Pueblo Pueblo 5 42 KOAA-TV NBC WX on 5.2
Colorado Springs/Pueblo Pueblo 8 8 KTSC PBS satellite of KRMA-TV ch. 6 Denver
Colorado Springs/Pueblo Colorado Springs 11 49 KKTV CBS MNT on 11.2
Colorado Springs/Pueblo Colorado Springs 13 24 KRDO-TV ABC TEL on 13.2
Colorado Springs/Pueblo Colorado Springs 21 22 KXRM-TV Fox SOCO CW on 21.2
Colorado Springs/Pueblo Pueblo 48 48 KVSN-DT UNI UniMas on 48.2
Denver Denver 2 34 KWGN-TV CW This TV on 2.2
Denver Sterling 3 23 KCDO-TV Ind.
Denver Denver 4 35 KCNC-TV CBS
Denver Denver 6 18 KRMA-TV PBS V-me on 6.2, Create on 6.3, Reading on 6.5
Denver Denver 7 7 KMGH-TV ABC KZCO-LP (Azteca) on 7.2, TheCoolTV on 7.3
Denver Denver 9 9 KUSA NBC 9News Weather Plus (AccuWX) on 9.2
Denver Broomfield 12 13 KBDI-TV PBS DOC on 12.2, Worldview on 12.3
Denver Boulder 14 15 KTFD-DT UniMas
Denver Denver 20 19 KTVD MNT Me-TV on 20.2
Denver Longmont 25 29 KDEN-TV Telemundo COZI TV on 25.3
Denver Denver 31 32 KDVR Fox Antenna TV on 31.2
Denver Greeley 38 38 KPJR-TV TBN The Church Channel on 38.2, JCTV on 38.3, Enlace on 38.4, Smile on 38.5
Denver Denver 41 40 KRMT ETV
Denver Denver 50 51 KCEC UNI LATV on 50.2
Denver Castle Rock 53 45 KETD Ind. Lesea TV on 53.2
Denver Denver 59 43 KPXC-TV ION qubo on 59.2, ION Life on 59.3
Durango Durango 6 15 KREZ-TV CBS satellite of KRQE ch. 13 Albuquerque NM
Durango Durango 20 20 KRMU PBS satellite of KRMA-TV ch. 6 Denver
Durango Durango 33 33 KRTN-TV TEL satellite of KTEL-TV ch. 25 Carlsbad NM
Fort Collins Fort Collins 22 21 KFCT Fox satellite of KDVR ch. 31 Denver
Glenwood Springs Glenwood Springs 3 23 KREG-TV CBS satellite of KREX-TV ch. 5 Grand Junction
Grand Junction Grand Junction 4 15 KFQX Fox
Grand Junction Grand Junction 5 2 KREX-TV CBS
Grand Junction Grand Junction 8 7 KGBY ABC The CW on 8.3, branded as cable channel 13.
Grand Junction Grand Junction 11 12 KKCO NBC
Grand Junction Grand Junction 18 18 KRMJ PBS satellite of KRMA-TV ch. 6 Denver
Montrose Montrose 10 13 KREY-TV CBS satellite of KREX-TV ch. 5 Grand Junction
Steamboat Springs Steamboat Springs 24 10 KRMZ PBS satellite of KRMA-TV ch. 6 Denver

Defunct full-power stations

  • Channel 3: KDZA-TV - DuMont - Pueblo (3/16/1953-4/21/1954)
  • Channel 3: KCWS - Ind. - Glenwood Springs/Grand Junction (1/28/1984-1985)
  • Channel 6: KJFL-TV - Ind. - Durango (11/4/1963-3/2/1964)

LPTV stations

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