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Background information
Birth name Yuridia Francisca Gaxiola Flores
Also known as Yuridia, Yuri, La Voz De Un Ángel, Ángel de Diamante
Born (1986-10-04) October 4, 1986
Origin Hermosillo, Mexico
Genres Latin pop, R&B, indie pop
Instruments Vocals
Years active 2005–present
Labels Sony Music Latin
Website Yuridia Website

Yuridia Francisca Gaxiola Flores (born October 4, 1986, in Hermosillo, Sonora) is a popular Mexican singer who gained international fame by coming 2nd place in the hit reality show La Academia. In 2005, Yuridia released her debut album La Voz de un Ángel. It became the second best-selling album in 2006 and one of the fastest-selling albums of all time in Mexico. It has been certified Diamond since its release. Her second album, Habla El Corazón was certified Platinum in Mexico after a few weeks of release. Entre Mariposas, Yuridia's third album with original songs, was released in late 2007. It was certified gold selling more than 50,000 copies within the first week of being released, peaking at number one position in the top selling charts.


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Yuridia won second place in the fourth season of La Academia, a popular Mexican reality show. Yuridia is the highest selling artist to come out of the reality show and most popular to this date.

At age 19, Yuridia had become one of the highest selling artists in Mexico. Her debut album sold over 1,500,000 copies, which makes Yuridia the highest selling female artist in the country since Thalía in the 90s, Beating out artists such as Luis Miguel, and Juan Gabriel. Her voice has earned her the nickname Voz de un Ángel (Voice of an Angel), leading to her debut album's title La Voz de un Ángel. This album has been certified 2x Diamond and 3x Platinum + Gold.

On December 5, 2006 Sony BMG released Yuridia's second album, Habla El Corazón, as well as the first single "Como Yo Nadie Te Ha Amado", a cover of the Spanish version of Bon Jovi's "This Ain't a Love Song". The second and last single was Yuridia's cover for Roxette's Listen to Your Heart Spanish cover, Habla El Corazon. The album includes Spanish covers of well-known songs from artists such as Bonnie Tyler, and The Police. The album sold 660,000 copies worldwide, and was certified 3x Platinum + Gold.

To this date, both the album and the single are Yuridia's most successful in the United States. The album debuted at 15 and peaked at #14, while the single peaked on Billboard's Hot Latin Tracks chart at 16. Her second single has managed to do what her previous second single did not, enter the HLT chart and has peaked at number 44 .

Yuridia's third solo album, Entre Mariposas, was released on November 15, 2007 in Mexico. The first single from the album was "Ahora Entendí", written by her and Camila's Mario Domm. The following single is Yo Por El. It peaked at #1 in Mexico and in Central America. The third and last single is En Su Lugar, it debuted at #16, finally topping the #4 spot. The album, produced by Javier Calderón, quickly garnered major sales and has already been certified Gold for selling 50,000 copies within the first day of its release. It has also been certified 4x Platinum + Gold for a total of 650,000 copies worldwide.

She has been nominated for awards such as, Latin Grammy, Premios Juventud Latin Billboard OYE awards and Lo Nuestro music awards.

On April 26, 2007, Yuridia won a Latin Billboard Award for Best Pop Female Album.

In early May 2007, Yuridia also received four nominations for the Premios Juventud. She was nominated for Best Artist, Best Album, Catchiest Song and Most Heart-Breaking Song.

By the end of 2008, Yuridia won a Premios Oye award as the best Female Artist of the year.

In 2009 she also had three nominations for (Lo nuestro Music awards) "Best Artist", "Best Album" (Entre Mariposas), and "Catchiest Song"(Ahora entendi).

On September 30, 2009, she released her fourth studio album, Nada es Color de Rosa. The producer, Ettore Grenci, composed most songs, hand in hand with the singer, who also is author of two songs in the CD, including Un Paso Mas and Todas Las Noches, a duet with the Italian group Sonohra.Nada es Color de Rosa debuted at #1 on the Mexico Top 100 with first week sales of 45,000 units sold. This album has sold 120,000 copies worldwide and has been certified Platinum + Gold. The first single is Irremediable, the #5 Top Song in Mexico. The second single is Me Olvidaras, which has topped the Top 10 songs, peaking at #6. Contigo is the third official single, and was on the Top Monitor Latino, peaking at #23. The fourth and last single from Nada es Color de Rosa was No Me Preguntes Mas, which has been her most successful inedited single to date, peaking at #2 on the Top 20 Mexican Airplay Chart.

Personal life

Yuridia was born in Hermosillo, Sonora but grew up in Mesa, Arizona. She considers Mesa to be her hometown.[1] She left Mesa High School during her senior year to be on La Academia. Yuridia was romantically involved with Edgar Guerrero, whom she met on La Academia. The two have a son, Phoenix (named after actor Joaquin Phoenix). Yuridia's pregnancy rumors started when she left the TV show Desafio De Estrellas. Her pregnancy was highly publicized. It has been said that she and Guerrero broke up after he wanted her to stay home and take care of their child, leaving her career. She was romantically involved with Mario Domm, band member of Camila, a Mexican soft rock group. As of 2010, Yuridia is dating Matias, a contestant from the 6th generation of La Academia. She showed her support for Matias by appearing on the show Segunda Opportunidad in which he was participating. She is the oldest of five. She had two brothers and two sisters, but her younger brother Danny suffered from muscular dystrophy. He died in Mesa at age 15 in December 2005. The death of her brother had a major impact on her life. As of April 26, 2011 she had begun dating ex-boyfriend Mario Domm again, appearing together in the Latin Billboard Music Awards holding hands and kissing. On May 2, 2011 she posted a picture of her and Domm on her Twitter page confirming that indeed the relationship was back on.

Awards and nominations


  • 23 Gold certified albums in Mexico, 3 Gold certified albums in the United States.
  • 4 Gold albums in Central America for her first two albums.
  • 3 Gold albums in Mexico for legal downloads of her singles "Ángel" and "Como Yo Nadie Te Ha Amado" on Master Ringtone.
  • 18 Platinum albums in Mexico, 2 Platinum albums in the United States.
  • 2 Diamond albums, making her the only female artist in 15 years to do so in Mexico.
  • Premio Oye! 2006 Top 100 en Ventas.
  • Premio Billboard 2007 Album Pop Nueva Generación Con La Voz De Un Ángel.
  • Premio Oye! 2008 Solista Femenina del Año.
  • On the last generation's debut concert, she received 22 Gold albums and 1 Diamond for high sales of all three of her albums.


Premios Oye! 2006
  • Revelación Del Año Pop Solista Femenina del año
  • Top 100 Ventas En Español Por "La Voz De Un Angel"
Premios Juventud 2006
  • Canción Corta-venas
  • Voz Del Momento
  • Me muero sin ese CD
  • La Más Pegajosa
  • Combinación Perfecta
Premios Juventud 2007
  • Canción Corta-venas
  • Voz Del Momento
  • Me muero sin ese CD
  • La Más Pegajosa
Premios Oye! 2007
  • Solista Pop Femenino Del Año
Premios Lo Nuestro 2007
  • Solista o Grupo Revelación del Año
Premios Billboard 2007
  • Álbum Pop Femenino del Año "La Voz De Un Ángel"
  • Álbum Pop Nueva Generación "La Voz De Un Ángel"
  • Álbum Pop Nueva Generación "Habla El Corazón"
Premio del Gente 2007
  • Artista Nueva Generación del Año
Premios Lo nuestro 2008
  • Artista Femenina del Año
Premios Billboard 2008
  • Solista Femenino del Año
  • Canción Latina Pop Airplay del Año, Femenino: Como yo nadie te amado
  • Premio Tu Mundo
Premio popularidad 2008
  • Solista Femenina del Año
  • Disco del Año
Premios Las Lunas del Auditorio 2008
  • Solista Pop del Año
  • Solista Genero Balada del Año
Premios Oye! 2008
  • Solista Femenina Del Año
Premios Lo Nuestro 2009
  • Cantante Femenina Del Año
  • Disco Del Año - Entre Mariposas
  • Canción Del Año - Ahora Entendí
Premios Billboard 2009
  • Canción Latina Pop Airplay del Año, Femenino - Ahora Entendí
  • Premio Tu Mundo
Premios Texas 2009
  • Album del Año
  • Mejor Artista Rock/Pop en Español
Premios Oye! 2010
  • Solista Femenina Del Año
Premios Monitor Latino 2010
  • Canción Solista Femenino del Año
  • Solista Femenino Del Año
Premios Lunas Del Auditorio 2010
  • Genero Balada
World Music Awards 2014
  • Worlds Best Female Artist
  • Worlds Best Album (Para mí)
  • Worlds Best Live Act (Auditorio Nacional 2014)
  • Worlds Best Entertainer Of The Year



2005: La Academia 4th Generation Tour

Set List:

2007: Habla El Corazón Tour

Set List:

  • 1. Peligro
  • 2. Habla El Corazón
  • 3. Mentira (Hernaldo Zúñiga)
  • 4. Así Fue
  • 5. Lo Siento Mi Amor
  • 6. Estar Junto a Ti
  • 7. Otro Día Mas Sin Verte
  • 8. Maldita Primavera (Yuri)
  • 9. Como Yo Nadie Te Ha Amado
  • 10. Chica Ye Ye
  • 11. Ámame
  • 12. Detrás De Mi Ventana
  • 13. Ángel
  • 14. Como Yo Nadie Te Ha Amado (Acoustic)
  • 15. Todo Lo Que Hago, Lo Hago Por Ti
  • 16. Siempre Te Amaré

Yuridia performed "Ahora Entendi" after "Entre Mariposas" was launched.

2008: Entre Mariposas Tour

Set List:

  • 1. Maldita Primavera
  • 2. Peligro
  • 3. Otro Día Más Sin Verte
  • 4. Habla El Corazón
  • 5. En Su Lugar
  • 6. Detrás De Mi Ventana
  • 7. Como Yo Nadie Te Ha Amado
  • 8. Lo Siento Mi Amor
  • 9. Mentira
  • 10. Así Fue
  • 11. Enamorada
  • 12. La Charreada
  • 13. Por Un Amor
  • 14. La Muerte Del Palomo
  • 15. Ganas De Volar
  • 16. Chica Ye Ye
  • 17. Yo Por Él
  • 18. Siempre Te Amaré
  • 19. Ahora Entendí
  • 20. Ya No
  • 21. Ángel

2008-2009: Entre Mariposas 2.0 Tour

  • 1. Más De Lo Que Pido
  • 2. Me Pierdo
  • 3. Ahora Entendí
  • 4. Se Me Va La Vida
  • 5. Como Yo Nadie Te Ha Amado
  • 6. Habla El Corazón
  • 7. Maldita Primavera
  • 8. Enamorada
  • 9. Yo Por Él
  • 10. Mentira
  • 11. Ganas De Volar
  • 12. Aprendiz
  • 13. Perdido Sin Ti
  • 14. Hands Clean
  • 15. Detrás De Mi Ventana
  • 16. Peligro
  • 17. Lo Siento Mi Amor
  • 18. La Chica Yeye
  • 19. Otro Día Más Sin Verte
  • 20. En Su Lugar
  • 21. Ángel

Yuridia often changes her setlist. She usually opens with "Más De Lo Que Pido" and ends with "Ángel". She usually performs a medley of "Detrás De Mi Ventana", "Peligro", and "Lo Siento Mi Amor".[2] She also performed "Tú"[3] in her hometown of Hermosillo, Sonora.[4]

On her sold out May 16, 2009 concert at the National Auditorium of Mexico City, she added songs and dancers.[5]

  • 1. Más De Lo Que Pido
  • 2. Me Pierdo
  • 3. Ahora Entendí
  • 4. Maldita Primavera
  • 5. Colgada A Ti
  • 6. Habla El Corazón
  • 7. Enamorada
  • 8. Yo Por Él
  • 9. Como Yo Nadie Te Ha Amado
  • 10. Se Me Va La Vida
  • 11. Mentira
  • 12. Ganas De Volar
  • 13. Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)
  • 14. Material Girl
  • 15. Un Día Más (Duet with Noel Schajris, former member of Sin Bandera)
  • 16. Nadie Me Hace Feliz Como Tu (Duet with Noel)
  • 17. Detrás De Mi Ventana
  • 18. Peligro
  • 19. Lo Siento Mi Amor
  • 20. La Chica Ye Ye
  • 21. Otro Día Más Sin Verte
  • 22. En Su Lugar
  • 23. Ángel


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  • Yuridia Website
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
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