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9th Canadian Parliament

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Title: 9th Canadian Parliament  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: 1901 in Canada, 1902 in Canada, 1903 in Canada, 1904 in Canada, By-elections to the 9th Canadian Parliament
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9th Canadian Parliament

The initial seat distribution of the 9th Canadian Parliament
Sir Wilfrid Laurier was Prime Minister during the 9th Canadian Parliament.

The 9th Canadian Parliament was in session from February 6, 1901, until September 29, 1904. The membership was set by the 1900 federal election on November 7, 1900. It was dissolved prior to the 1904 election.

It was controlled by a Liberal Party majority under Prime Minister Sir Wilfrid Laurier and the 8th Canadian Ministry. The Official Opposition was the Conservative/Liberal-Conservative, led by Robert Borden.

The Speaker was first Louis Philippe Brodeur, and later Napoléon Antoine Belcourt. See also List of Canadian electoral districts 1892-1903 for a list of the ridings in this parliament.

There were four sessions of the 9th Parliament:
Session Start End
1st February 6, 1901 May 23, 1901
2nd February 13, 1902 May 15, 1902
3rd March 12, 1903 October 24, 1903
4th March 10, 1904 August 10, 1904


  • List of members 1
    • British Columbia 1.1
    • Manitoba 1.2
    • New Brunswick 1.3
    • Northwest Territories 1.4
    • Nova Scotia 1.5
    • Ontario 1.6
    • Prince Edward Island 1.7
    • Quebec 1.8
    • Yukon 1.9
  • By-elections 2
  • References 3

List of members

Following is a full list of members of the ninth Parliament listed first by province, then by electoral district.

Electoral districts denoted by an asterisk (*) indicates that district was represented by two members.

British Columbia

Electoral district Name Party
Burrard George Ritchie Maxwell (died 17 November 1902) Liberal
Robert George Macpherson (by-election of 1903-02-04) Liberal
New Westminster Aulay MacAulay Morrison Liberal
Vancouver Ralph Smith Liberal
Victoria* Thomas Earle Conservative
Edward Gawler Prior (until voided 2 December 1901) Conservative
George Riley (by-election of 1902-01-28) Liberal
Yale—Cariboo William Alfred Galliher Liberal


Electoral district Name Party
Brandon Clifford Sifton Liberal
Lisgar Robert Lorne Richardson (until election voided 20 July 1901) Independent
Duncan Alexander Stewart (by-election of 1902-02-18) Liberal
Macdonald Nathaniel Boyd Conservative
Marquette William James Roche Conservative
Provencher Alphonse Alfred Clément Larivière Conservative
Selkirk William McCreary Liberal
Winnipeg Arthur W. Puttee Independent Labour

New Brunswick

Electoral district Name Party
Albert William James Lewis Liberal
Carleton Frederick Harding Hale Liberal-Conservative
Charlotte Gilbert White Ganong Liberal-Conservative
City and County of St. John Joseph John Tucker Liberal
City of St. John Andrew George Blair (resigned 27 December 1903) Liberal
John Waterhouse Daniel (by-election of 1904-02-16) Conservative
Gloucester Onésiphore Turgeon Liberal
Kent Olivier J. Leblanc Liberal
King's George William Fowler Conservative
Northumberland James Robinson Conservative
Restigouche James Reid Liberal
Sunbury—Queen's Robert Duncan Wilmot Conservative
Victoria John Costigan Liberal-Conservative
Westmorland Henry Robert Emmerson (until ministerial appointment) Liberal
Henry Robert Emmerson (by-election of 1904-01-30) Liberal
York Alexander Gibson (until election voided 11 June 1901) Liberal
Alexander Gibson (by-election of 1901-12-28) Liberal

Northwest Territories

Electoral district Name Party
Alberta (Provisional District) Frank Oliver Liberal
Assiniboia East James Moffat Douglas Liberal
Assiniboia West Thomas Walter Scott Liberal
Saskatchewan (Provisional District) Thomas Osborne Davis Liberal

Nova Scotia

Electoral district Name Party
Annapolis Fletcher Bath Wade Liberal
Antigonish Colin Francis McIsaac Liberal
Cape Breton* Alexander Johnston Liberal
Arthur Samuel Kendall Liberal
Colchester Seymour Eugene Gourley Conservative
Cumberland Hance James Logan Liberal
Digby Albert James Smith Copp Liberal
Guysborough Duncan Cameron Fraser (until 10 February 1904 judicial appointment) Liberal
John Howard Sinclair (by-election of 1904-03-16) Liberal
Halifax* Robert Laird Borden Conservative
William Roche Liberal
Hants Benjamin Russell Liberal
Inverness Angus MacLennan Liberal
Kings Frederick William Borden Liberal
Lunenburg Charles Edwin Kaulbach Conservative
Pictou* Adam Carr Bell Conservative
Charles Hibbert Tupper Conservative
Richmond Joseph Matheson Liberal
Shelburne and Queen's William Stevens Fielding Liberal
Victoria William Ross Liberal
Yarmouth Thomas Barnard Flint (until 11 November 1902 House of Commons Clerk appointment) Liberal
Bowman Brown Law (by-election of 1902-12-03) Liberal


Electoral district Name Party
Addington John William Bell (died 5 July 1901) Conservative
Melzar Avery (by-election of 1902-01-15) Conservative
Algoma Albert Edward Dyment Liberal
Bothwell James Clancy Conservative
Brant South Charles Bernhard Heyd Liberal
Brockville John Culbert Conservative
Bruce East Henry Cargill (died 1 October 1903) Conservative
James J. Donnelly (by-election of 1904-02-16) Conservative
Bruce North Alexander McNeill (until election voided 2 December 1901) Liberal-Conservative
James Halliday (by-election of 1901-03-20) Conservative
Bruce West John Tolmie Liberal
Cardwell Robert Johnston Conservative
Carleton Edward Kidd Conservative
Cornwall and Stormont Robert Abercrombie Pringle Conservative
Dundas Andrew Broder Conservative
Durham East Henry Alfred Ward Conservative
Durham West Charles Jonas Thornton (until election voided 6 October 1901) Conservative
Robert Beith (by-election of 1902-01-15) Liberal
Elgin East Andrew B. Ingram Liberal-Conservative
Elgin West Jabel Robinson Independent
Essex North Robert Franklin Sutherland Liberal
Essex South Mahlon K. Cowan Liberal
Frontenac Hiram Augustus Calvin Conservative
Glengarry Jacob Thomas Schell Liberal
Grenville South John Dowsley Reid Conservative
Grey East Thomas Simpson Sproule Conservative
Grey North Edward Henry Horsey (died 23 July 1902) Liberal
Thomas Inkerman Thomson (by-election of 1903-02-24) Conservative
Grey South Matthew Kendal Richardson Liberal-Conservative
Haldimand and Monck Andrew Thorburn Thompson Liberal
Halton David Henderson Conservative
Hamilton* Francis Carmichael Bruce Conservative
Samuel Barker Conservative
Hastings East William Barton Northrup Conservative
Hastings North Alexander Augustus Williamson Carscallen Conservative
Hastings West Henry Corby (resigned 28 February 1901) Conservative
Edward Guss Porter (by-election of 1902-01-15) Conservative
Huron East Peter Macdonald Liberal
Huron South George McEwen Liberal
Huron West Robert Holmes Liberal
Kent George Stephens Liberal
Kingston Byron Moffatt Britton Liberal
William Harty (by-election of 1902-01-15) Liberal
Lambton East Oliver Simmons (died 11 November 1903) Conservative
Joseph Elijah Armstrong (by-election of 1904-02-16) Conservative
Lambton West Thomas George Johnston Liberal
Lanark North Bennett Rosamond Conservative
Lanark South John Graham Haggart Conservative
Leeds North and Grenville North John Reeve Lavell Conservative
Leeds South George Taylor Conservative
Lennox Uriah Wilson Conservative
Lincoln and Niagara Edward Arthur Lancaster Conservative
London Charles Smith Hyman Liberal
Middlesex East James Gilmour (politician) Conservative
Middlesex North John Sherritt Conservative
Middlesex South Malcolm McGugan Liberal
Middlesex West William Samuel Calvert Liberal
Muskoka and Parry Sound George McCormick Liberal-Conservative
Nipissing Charles Arthur McCool Liberal
Norfolk North John Charlton Liberal
Norfolk South David Tisdale Conservative
Northumberland East Edward Cochrane Conservative
Northumberland West John B. McColl Liberal
Ontario North Angus McLeod (died in office) Liberal-Conservative
George Davidson Grant (by-election of 1903-03-10) Liberal
Ontario South William Ross Liberal
Ontario West Isaac James Gould Liberal
Ottawa (City of)* Napoléon Antoine Belcourt Liberal
Thomas Birkett Conservative
Oxford North James Sutherland (until ministerial appointment) Liberal
James Sutherland (by-election of 1902-01-29) Liberal
Oxford South Richard John Cartwright Liberal
Peel Richard Blain Conservative
Perth North Alexander Ferguson Maclaren Conservative
Perth South Dilman Kinsey Erb Liberal
Peterborough East John Lang Independent Liberal
Peterborough West James Kendry Conservative
Prescott Isidore Proulx Liberal
Prince Edward George Oscar Alcorn Conservative
Renfrew North Thomas Mackie Liberal
Renfrew South Aaron Abel Wright Liberal
Russell William Cameron Edwards (until Senate appointment) Liberal
David Wardrope Wallace (by-election of 1903-04-20) Liberal
Simcoe East William Humphrey Bennett Conservative
Simcoe North Leighton Goldie McCarthy Independent
Simcoe South Haughton Lennox Conservative
Toronto Centre William Rees Brock Conservative
Toronto East Albert Edward Kemp Conservative
Victoria North Samuel Hughes Liberal-Conservative
Victoria South Adam Edward Vrooman Conservative
Waterloo North Joseph Emm Seagram Conservative
Waterloo South George Adam Clare Conservative
Welland William Manly German Liberal
Wellington Centre John McGowan Liberal-Conservative
Wellington North Edwin Tolton Conservative
Wellington South Hugh Guthrie Liberal
Wentworth North and Brant William Paterson Liberal
Wentworth South Ernest D'Israeli Smith Conservative
West Toronto* Edmund Boyd Osler Conservative
Edward Frederick Clarke Conservative
York East William Findlay Maclean Independent Conservative
York North William Mulock Liberal
York West Nathaniel Clarke Wallace Conservative
Archibald Campbell (by-election of 1902-01-15) Liberal

Prince Edward Island

Electoral district Name Party
East Prince Alfred Alexander Lefurgey Conservative
East Queen's Donald Alexander Mackinnon (until election voided 11 February 1901) Liberal
Donald Alexander Mackinnon (by-election of 1901-03-20) Liberal
King's James Joseph Hughes Liberal
West Prince Edward Hackett Liberal-Conservative
West Queen's Louis Henry Davies (until 25 September 1901 judicial appointment) Liberal
Donald Farquharson (by-election of 1902-01-15, died 26 June 1903) Liberal
Horace Haszard (by-election of 1904-02-16) Liberal


Electoral district Name Party
Argenteuil Thomas Christie (died in office) Liberal
Thomas Christie, Jr. (by-election of 1902-12-03) Liberal
Bagot Joseph Edmond Marcile Liberal
Beauce Joseph Godbout (until Senate appointment) Liberal
Henri Sévérin Béland (by-election of 1902-01-08) Liberal
Beauharnois George di Madeiros Loy (until election voided) Liberal
George di Madeiros Loy (by-election of 1902-03-26) Liberal
Bellechasse Onésiphore Ernest Talbot Liberal
Berthier Joseph Éloi Archambault Liberal
Bonaventure Charles Marcil Liberal
Brome Sydney Arthur Fisher Liberal
Chambly—Verchères Victor Geoffrion Liberal
Champlain Jeffrey Alexandre Rousseau Liberal
Charlevoix Louis Charles Alphonse Angers Liberal
Châteauguay James Pollock Brown Liberal
Chicoutimi—Saguenay Joseph Girard Conservative
Compton Rufus Henry Pope Conservative
Dorchester Jean-Baptiste Morin Conservative
Drummond—Arthabaska Louis Lavergne Liberal
Gaspé Rodolphe Lemieux (until 29 January 1904 Solicitor General appointment) Liberal
Rodolphe Lemieux (by-election of 1904-02-20) Liberal
Hochelaga Joseph Alexandre Camille Madore (until December 1903 judicial appointment) Liberal
Louis Alfred Adhémar Rivet (by-election of 1904-02-16) Liberal
Huntingdon William Scott Maclaren Liberal
Jacques Cartier Frederick Debartzch Monk Conservative
Joliette Charles Bazinet Liberal
Kamouraska Henry George Carroll (until 10 February 1902 Solicitor General appointment) Liberal
Henry George Carroll (by-election of 1902-02-28, until 29 January 1904 judicial appointment) Liberal
Ernest Lapointe (by-election of 1904-02-12) Liberal
Labelle Joseph Henri Napoléon Bourassa Liberal
Laprairie—Napierville Dominique Monet Liberal
L'Assomption Romuald-Charlemagne Laurier Liberal
Laval Thomas Fortin (until 25 September 1901 judicial appointment) Liberal
Joseph-Édouard-Émile Léonard (by-election of 1902-01-15) Conservative
Lévis Louis Julien Demers Liberal
L'Islet Alphonse Arthur Miville Déchêne (until 13 May 1901 Senate appointment) Liberal
Onésiphore Carbonneau (by-election of 1902-01-15) Liberal
Lotbinière Edmond Fortier Liberal
Maisonneuve Joseph Raymond Fournier Préfontaine (until 11 November 1902 ministerial appointment) Liberal
Joseph Raymond Fournier Préfontaine (by-election of 1902-12-09) Liberal
Maskinongé Joseph Hormidas Legris (until 10 February 1903 Senate appointment) Liberal
Hormidas Mayrand (by-election of 1903-03-03) Liberal
Mégantic Georges Turcot Liberal
Missisquoi Daniel Bishop Meigs Liberal
Montcalm François Octave Dugas Liberal
Montmagny Pierre-Raymond-Léonard Martineau (died 31 August 1903) Liberal
Armand Renaud Lavergne (by-election of 1904-02-16) Liberal
Montmorency Thomas Chase Casgrain Conservative
Nicolet Georges Ball Conservative
Pontiac Thomas Murray Liberal
Portneuf Michel-Siméon Delisle Liberal
Quebec-Centre Arthur Cyrille Albert Malouin Liberal
Quebec County Charles Fitzpatrick Liberal
Quebec East Wilfrid Laurier Liberal
Quebec West Richard Reid Dobell (died 11 January 1902) Liberal
William Power (by-election of 1902-01-29) Liberal
Richelieu Arthur Aimé Bruneau Liberal
Richmond—Wolfe Edmund William Tobin Liberal
Rimouski Jean Auguste Ross Liberal
Rouville Louis Philippe Brodeur (until 19 January 1904 ministerial appointment) Liberal
Louis Philippe Brodeur (by-election of 1904-01-30) Liberal
St. Anne Daniel Gallery Liberal
St. Antoine Thomas George Roddick Conservative
St. Hyacinthe Michel Esdras Bernier (until 19 January 1904 Railway Commissioner appointment) Liberal
Jean Baptiste Blanchet (by-election of 1904-02-16) Liberal
St. James Odilon Desmarais (until 25 June 1901 judicial appointment) Liberal
Joseph Brunet (by-election of 1902-01-15, until election voided 22 December 1902) Liberal
Honoré Hippolyte Achille Gervais (by-election of 1904-02-16) Liberal
St. Johns—Iberville Louis Philippe Demers Liberal
St. Lawrence Robert Bickerdike Liberal
St. Mary Joseph Israël Tarte Liberal
Shefford Charles Henry Parmelee Liberal
Sherbrooke (Town of) John McIntosh Conservative
Soulanges Augustin Bourbonnais Liberal
Stanstead Henry Lovell Liberal
Témiscouata Charles Arthur Gauvreau Liberal
Terrebonne Raymond Préfontaine (until 11 November 1902 ministerial appointment) Liberal
Samuel Desjardins (by-election of 1903-02-24) Liberal
Three Rivers and St. Maurice Jacques Bureau Liberal
Two Mountains Joseph Arthur Calixte Éthier (until election voided 6 August 1902) Liberal
Joseph Arthur Calixte Éthier (by-election of 1903-02-24) Liberal
Vaudreuil Henry Stanislas Harwood Liberal
Wright Louis Napoléon Champagne Liberal
Yamaska Roch Moïse Samuel Mignault Liberal


Electoral district Name Party
Yukon James Hamilton Ross (by-election of 1902-12-02) Liberal


By-election Date Incumbent Party Winner Party Cause Retained
Guysborough March 16, 1904 Duncan Cameron Fraser      Liberal John Howard Sinclair      Liberal Appointed to Supreme Court of Nova Scotia Yes
Gaspé February 20, 1904 Rodolphe Lemieux      Liberal Rodolphe Lemieux      Liberal Recontested upon appointment as Solicitor-General Yes
Lambton East February 16, 1904 Oliver Simmons      Conservative Joseph Elijah Armstrong      Conservative Death Yes
St. Hyacinthe February 16, 1904 Michel Esdras Bernier      Liberal Jean Baptiste Blanchet      Liberal Appointed a Railway Commissioner Yes
City of St. John February 16, 1904 Andrew George Blair      Liberal John Waterhouse Daniel      Conservative Appointed head of the Board of Railway Commissioners No
Bruce East February 16, 1904 Henry Cargill      Conservative James J. Donnelly      Conservative Death Yes
St. James February 16, 1904 Joseph Brunet      Liberal Honoré Hippolyte Achille Gervais      Liberal Election declared void Yes
West Queen's February 16, 1904 Donald Farquharson      Liberal Horace Haszard      Liberal Death Yes
Montmagny February 16, 1904 Pierre-Raymond-Léonard Martineau      Liberal Armand Lavergne      Liberal Death Yes
Hochelaga February 16, 1904 Joseph Alexandre Camille Madore      Liberal Louis-Alfred-Adhémar Rivet      Liberal Appointed Puisne Judge of the Supreme Court of Quebec Yes
Kamouraska February 12, 1904 Henry George Carroll      Liberal Ernest Lapointe      Liberal Appointed a judge Yes
Rouville January 30, 1904 Louis-Philippe Brodeur      Liberal Louis-Philippe Brodeur      Liberal Recontested upon appointment as Minister of Inland Revenue Yes
Westmorland January 30, 1904 Henry R. Emmerson      Liberal Henry R. Emmerson      Liberal Recontested upon appointment as Minister of Railways and Canals Yes
Russell April 20, 1903 William C. Edwards      Liberal David Wardrope Wallace      Liberal Called to Senate Yes
Ontario North March 10, 1903 Angus McLeod      Liberal-Conservative George Davidson Grant      Liberal Death No
Maskinongé March 3, 1903 Joseph-Hormisdas Legris      Liberal Hormidas Mayrand      Liberal Called to Senate Yes
Terrebonne February 24, 1903 Raymond Préfontaine      Liberal Samuel Desjardins      Liberal Recontested upon ministerial appointment. Préfontaine was elected in two ridings simultaneously and chose to stand for re-election in Maisonneuve Yes
Two Mountains February 24, 1903 Joseph Arthur Calixte Éthier      Liberal Joseph Arthur Calixte Éthier      Liberal Election declared void Yes
Grey North February 24, 1903 Edward Henry Horsey      Liberal Thomas Inkerman Thomson      Conservative Death No
Burrard February 4, 1903 George Ritchie Maxwell      Liberal Robert George Macpherson      Liberal Death Yes
Maisonneuve December 9, 1902 Raymond Préfontaine      Liberal Raymond Préfontaine      Liberal Recontested upon appointment as Minister of Marine and Fisheries Yes
Argenteuil December 3, 1902 Thomas Christie      Liberal Thomas Christie, Jr.      Liberal Death Yes
Yarmouth December 3, 1902 Thomas Barnard Flint      Liberal Bowman Brown Law      Liberal Appointed Clerk of the House of Commons Yes
Yukon December 2, 1902 New Seat James Hamilton Ross      Liberal Newly created electoral district under The Yukon Territory Representation Act 1902 N.A.
Beauharnois March 26, 1902 George di Madeiros Loy      Liberal George di Madeiros Loy      Liberal Election declared void Yes
Kamouraska February 28, 1902 Henry George Carroll      Liberal Henry George Carroll      Liberal Recontested upon appointment as Solicitor General Yes
Lisgar February 18, 1902 Robert Lorne Richardson      Independent Duncan Alexander Stewart      Liberal Election declared void No
Quebec West January 29, 1902 Richard Reid Dobell      Liberal William Power      Liberal Death Yes
Oxford North January 29, 1902 James Sutherland      Liberal James Sutherland      Liberal Recontested upon appointment as Minister of Marine and Fisheries Yes
Victoria January 28, 1902 Edward Gawler Prior      Conservative George Riley      Liberal Election declared void No
Laval January 15, 1902 Thomas Fortin      Liberal Joseph-Édouard-Émile Léonard      Conservative Appointed a judge of the Superior Court of Quebec No
Addington January 15, 1902 John W. Bell      Conservative Melzar Avery      Conservative Death Yes
Durham West January 15, 1902 Charles Jonas Thornton      Liberal Robert Beith      Conservative Election declared void. No
St. James January 15, 1902 Odilon Desmarais      Liberal Joseph-Édouard-Émile Léonard      Liberal Appointed a judge of the Superior Court of Quebec Yes
York West January 15, 1902 Nathaniel Clarke Wallace      Conservative Archibald Campbell      Liberal Death No
L'Islet January 15, 1902 Arthur Miville Déchêne      Liberal Onésiphore Carbonneau      Liberal Called to the Senate Yes
West Queen's January 15, 1902 Louis Henry Davies      Liberal Donald Farquharson      Liberal Appointed a justice of the Supreme Court of Canada Yes
Kingston January 15, 1902 Byron Moffatt Britton      Liberal William Harty      Liberal Appointed a judge of the Court of King's Bench for Ontario Yes
Hastings West January 15, 1902 Henry Corby      Conservative Edward Guss Porter      Conservative Resignation Yes
Beauce January 8, 1902 Joseph Godbout      Liberal Henri Sévérin Béland      Liberal Called to the Senate Yes
York December 28, 1901 Alexander Gibson      Liberal Alexander Gibson      Liberal Election declared void Yes
East Queen's March 20, 1901 Donald Alexander MacKinnon      Liberal Donald Alexander MacKinnon      Liberal Election declared void Yes
Bruce North March 20, 1901 Alexander McNeill      Liberal-Conservative James Halliday      Conservative Election declared void Yes


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