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Clarence Schmalz Cup

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Title: Clarence Schmalz Cup  
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Subject: Western Ontario Junior C Hockey League, Great Lakes Junior C Hockey League, Newmarket Hurricanes, Central Ontario Junior C Hockey League, Georgian Mid-Ontario Junior C Hockey League
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Clarence Schmalz Cup

Clarence Schmalz Cup

The Clarence Schmalz Cup is the Great Lakes Junior C Hockey League, Midwestern Junior C Hockey League, Niagara Junior C Hockey League, Southern Ontario Junior Hockey League, and Western Junior C Hockey League.


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    • Former Competing Leagues 2.1
  • 2014 Clarence Schmalz Cup 3
  • Clarence Schmalz Cup Champions 4
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  • George S. Dudley Trophy Super "C" Champions 6
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Clarence (Tubby) Schmalz

The trophy was named in honour of Clarence (Tubby) Schmalz (1915-1981), a longtime hockey administrator who first got involved with organized sports in his adopted hometown of Walkerton, Ontario. He and his brother, his partner in a Walkerton hotel called the Hartley House, sponsored an intermediate softball team that won four consecutive provincial championships in the 1950s. Tubby Schmalz also operated a hockey team called the Capitols, who competed in the OHA Intermediate B ranks. He became an OHA director in 1956 and remained an active member of the organization for the next 22 years.

Schmalz served as OHA president from 1969 to 1972. In 1974 the Major Junior A program began operating independently of the association as the Ontario Major Junior Hockey League; Schmalz became the league's first commissioner, a post he held until 1978.

The OHA presented Schmalz with a Gold Stick award in 1977 in recognition of his contributions to the association. A year later it made him a life member. In 1979 he received a meritorious service award from the Canadian Amateur Hockey Association (now known as Hockey Canada). That same year, he was elected vice-chairman of the CAHA's board of directors. He was elected chairman in May 1981.

Less than seven months later, on the morning of Dec. 7, 1981, he died suddenly of a heart attack. It was 12 days before his 65th birthday.

OHA directors formed an honour guard at his funeral two days later at Sacred Heart Church in Walkerton. The association renamed the OHA Junior C Cup in his memory a year or two later, then collaborated with Schmalz's family in the creation of a commemorative trophy case in the lobby of the Walkerton Community Centre.[1]

Competing Leagues

Former Competing Leagues

2014 Clarence Schmalz Cup

Each pairing represents a best-of-seven game series. See league articles for individual league playoffs.

Quarter-finals Semi-finals Schmalz Cup Finals
Cen Lakefield 4
Emp Picton 3
Cen Lakefield 4
ND Grimsby 0
MW Paris 0
ND Grimsby 4
Cen Lakefield 4
GL Essex 0
GL Essex 4
SO Dorchester 3
GL Essex 4
Wst Wingham 1
GMO Penetang 2
Wst Wingham 4

Clarence Schmalz Cup Champions

OHA Junior C Champions
Year Champion Finalist Semi-finalist(s)
1938 Orangeville Aurora Bears Lindsay, Simcoe
1939 Aurora Bears Milton Lindsay, New Hamburg
1940 Grimsby Peach Kings Markham Jets Bolton, Sundridge
1941 Markham Jets Bolton Parry Sound, Thorold
1942 Milton Preston
1943-45 -- Suspended Due to War
1946 Whitby Port Colborne Goderich, Stirling-Marmora
1947 Goderich Stouffville Gananoque, Orangeville
1948 Thorold Gananoque Aurora, Goderich
1949 Weston Midland Red Wings Lindsay, Stamford
1950 Collingwood Greenshirts Aurora Black Hawks Simcoe, Wallaceburg
1951 Collingwood Greenshirts Port Hope Panthers Milton, Paris
1952 Collingwood Greenshirts Ingersoll Reems Aurora, Dunnville
1953 Collingwood Greenshirts Ingersoll Reems Aurora, Thorold
1954 Midland Red Wings Ingersoll Reems Thorold, Whitby
1955 Ingersoll Reems Collingwood Belaires
1956 Newmarket Smoke Rings Stamford Goderich, Parry Sound
1957 Parry Sound Brunswicks Brooklin Cyclones Welland-Crowland
1958 Newmarket Smoke Rings Fort Erie Georgetown
1959 Newmarket Smoke Rings Fort Erie Harriston
1960 Whitby Hillcrests Stratford Braves Picton, Wallaceburg
1961 Stratford Braves Gananoque Islanders (CL) Simcoe (Int), Warsaw (E)
1962 Elmira Sugar Kings (C) Newmarket Redmen (Sub) Dresden (BC), Napanee (E)
1963 New Hamburg Hahns (IC) Napanee Red Wings (E) Hespeler (C), Orangeville (Sub)
1964 Hespeler Shamrocks (C) Lindsay Lions (CL) Barrie (N), Wallaceburg
1965 Simcoe Blades (C) Lindsay Merchants (CL) Penetang, Point Edward
1966 Parry Sound Brunswicks (GB) New Hamburg Hahns (C) Napanee (QSL), Port Huron
1967 New Hamburg Hahns (W) Aurora Tigers (Sub) Exeter (BW), Napanee (QSL)
1968 Georgetown Gemini (Sub) New Hamburg Hahns (W) Huntsville (GB), Paris (IC)
1969 Woodstock Navy-Vets (IC) Oakville Blades (Sub) New Hamburg (W), Parry Sound (GB)
1970 Newmarket Redmen (Sub) Hespeler Shamrocks (W) Huntsville (GB), Leamington (BW)
1971 Dresden Jr. Kings (GL) Bowmanville Eagles (CL) Huntsville (GB), Hanover (CW)
1972 Leamington Flyers (GL) Cobourg Cougars (CL) Bracebridge (GB), Gananoque (QSL)
1973 Caledonia Corvairs (CW) Lindsay Mercurys (CL) Gananoque (QSL), Leamington (GL)
1974 Cobourg Cougars (CL) Simcoe Jets (CW) Bradford (MO), Leamington (GL)
1975 Essex 73's (GL) Lindsay Muskies (CL) Dunnville (ND), New Hamburg (CW)
1976 Dunnville Terriers (ND) Essex 73's (GL) Clinton (CW), Cobourg (CL)
1977 Essex 73's (GL) Bowmanville Eagles (CL) Alliston (MO), Listowel (CW)
1978 Essex 73's (GL) Bowmanville Eagles (CL) Alliston (MO), Flamborough (ND)
1979 Bowmanville Eagles (CL) Kincardine Kinucks (CW) Leamington (GL), Penetang (GB)
1980 Leamington Flyers (GL) Bradford Blues (MO) Flamborough (ND), Gananoque (QSL)
1981 Bowmanville Eagles (C) Essex 73's (GL) Gravenhurst (GB), Woodstock (ND)
1982 Flamborough Colts (ND) Bowmanville Eagles (C) 3rd Penetang (GB), 4th Leamington (GL)
1983 Dunnville Terriers (ND) Lindsay Muskies (C) Leamington (GL), Penetang (GB)
1984 Penetang Kings (GB) Woodstock Navy-Vets (ND) Bowmanville (C), Dresden (GL)
1985 Belle River Canadiens (GL) Midland Centennials (GB) Bowmanville (C), Stoney Creek (ND)
1986 Norwich Merchants (C) Bradford Blues (MO) Essex (GL), Lakefield (C)
1987 Lakefield Chiefs (C) Norwich Merchants (ND) Bradford (MO), Hanover (W)
1988 Mooretown Flags (GL) Port Perry Mojacks (C) Hanover (W), Stoney Creek (ND)
1989 Bradford Bulls (MO) Hanover Barons (W) Belle River (GL), Lakefield (C)
1990 Orangeville Crushers (MO) Belle River Canadiens (GL) Napanee (EO), Parry Sound (GB)
1991 Hanover Barons (W) Orangeville Crushers (MO) Belle River (GL), Uxbridge (C)
1992 Belle River Canadiens (GL) Stayner Siskins (MO) Dundas (ND), Port Perry (C)
1993 Napanee Raiders (EB) Hanover Barons (W) Dundas (ND)
1994 Belle River Canadiens (GL) Rockton Real McCoys (ND) Bowmanville (C), Mount Forest (W)
1995 Belle River Canadiens (GL) Bowmanville Eagles (C) Mount Forest (W), Woodstock (ND)
1996 Paris Mounties (ND) Napanee Raiders (EB) Belle River (GL), Mount Forest (W)
1997 Glanbrook Rangers (ND) Belle River Canadiens (GL) Kincardine (W), Lakefield (C)
1998 Glanbrook Rangers (ND) Kincardine Bulldogs (W) Essex (GL), Little Britain (C)
1999 Glanbrook Rangers (ND) Wallaceburg Lakers (GL) Kincardine (W), Lakefield (C)
2000 Lakefield Chiefs (C) Belle River Canadiens (GL) Chippawa (ND), Kincardine (W)
2001 Chippawa Riverhawks (ND) Belle River Canadiens (GL) Hanover (W), Uxbridge (C)
2002 Essex 73's (GL) Uxbridge Bruins (C) Kincardine (W), Woodstock (ND)
2003 Grimsby Peach Kings (ND) Georgina Ice (C) Essex (GL), Hanover (W)
2004 Grimsby Peach Kings (ND) Wingham Ironmen (W) Dresden (GL), Lakefield (C)
2005 Essex 73's (GL) Grimsby Peach Kings (ND) Uxbridge (C), Wingham (W)
2006 Penetang Kings (GMO) Essex 73's (GL) Port Perry (C), Simcoe (ND)
2007 Penetang Kings (GMO) Essex 73's (GL) Grimsby (ND), Lakefield (C)
2008 Alliston Hornets (GMO) Essex 73's (GL) Grimsby (ND), Napanee (EB)
2009 Essex 73's (GL) Alliston Hornets (GMO) Amherstview (EB), Norwich (ND)
2010 Alliston Hornets (GMO) Belle River Canadiens (GL) Grimsby (ND), Napanee (EB)
2011 Grimsby Peach Kings (ND) Alliston Hornets (GMO) Belle River (GL), Picton (EB)
2012 Grimsby Peach Kings (ND) Alliston Hornets (GMO) Campbellford (EB), Essex (GL)
2013 Picton Pirates (EB) Essex 73's (GL) Alliston (GMO), Grimsby (ND)
2014 Lakefield Chiefs (C) Essex 73's (GL) Grimsby (ND), Wingham (W)
The Junior "C" Challenge Cup, given to the best Junior "C" team in the Ontario Hockey Federation along with the Schmalz Cup.

Most Championships by Team


  • Essex 73's (GLJHL) (2009, 2005, 2002, 1978, 1977, 1975)





George S. Dudley Trophy Super "C" Champions

This trophy was awarded during the 1970s to a new class of junior hockey known as Super "C". The teams that competed were deemed to be from centres too small for Junior "B" but yet too big for Junior "C". The cities that competed for it: Barrie, Woodstock, Kitchener, Owen Sound, and Brantford; struggled throughout that decade to find Junior "B" leagues that suited their needs. While waiting, these teams generally played "down" in the Junior "C" or "D" level and awaited the Super "C" playoffs. The class was disbanded by 1976 as the only teams eligible for the championship had found homes in Junior "B".

OHA Super C Champions
Year Champion Finalist Semi-finalist(s)
1970 Barrie Colts Woodstock Navy-Vets Oakville Blades
1971 Woodstock Navy-Vets Kitchener Ranger B's London Gems
No Competition in 1972
1973 Woodstock Navy-Vets Kitchener Ranger B's
1974 Woodstock Navy-Vets Owen Sound Salvagemen
1975 Woodstock Navy-Vets Owen Sound Salvagemen Brantford Gunners
1976 Woodstock Navy-Vets Brantford Penguins


  1. ^ "A fitting tribute: It wasn't long after his death that the Ontario Hockey Association renamed its Junior C championship trophy after Clarence (Tubby) Schmalz," Jonathon Jackson, Owen Sound Sun Times, April 26, 2005, p. B1.

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