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List of Major League Baseball players (E)

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Title: List of Major League Baseball players (E)  
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List of Major League Baseball players (E)

The following is a list of Major League Baseball players, retired or active. As of the end of the 2011 season, there have been 330 players with a last name that begins with E who have been on a major league roster at some point.


Name Debut Final Game Position Teams Ref
Don Eaddy
Bill Eagan
Truck Eagan
Bill Eagle
Charlie Eakle
Howard Earl
Scott Earl
Billy Earle
Arnold Earley
Bill Earley
Tom Earley
Jake Early
George Earnshaw
Mike Easler
Damion Easley
Logan Easley
Mal Eason
Carl East
Harry East
Hugh East
Luke Easter
Henry Easterday
Paul Easterling
Jamie Easterly
Ted Easterly
Roy Easterwood
Jack Easton
John Easton
Rawly Eastwick
Adam Eaton
Adam Eaton
Craig Eaton
Zeb Eaton
Gary Eave
Vallie Eaves
Eddie Eayrs
Derrin Ebert
Hi Ebright
Harry Eccles
Angel Echevarria
Johnny Echols
Eric Eckenstahler
Dennis Eckersley
Al Eckert
Charlie Eckert
Ox Eckhardt
David Eckstein
Chris Eddy
Don Eddy
Steve Eddy
Ed Edelen
Joe Edelen
John Edelman
Charlie Eden
Mike Eden
Ken Edenfield
Tom Edens
Butch Edge
Bill Edgerton
Stump Edington
Steve Edlefsen
Dave Edler
Jim Edmonds
Brian Edmondson
George Edmondson
Paul Edmondson
Eddie Edmonson
Sam Edmonston
Bob Edmundson
Edwards, first name unknown
Bruce Edwards
Dave Edwards
Doc Edwards
Foster Edwards
Hank Edwards
Jim Joe Edwards
Johnny Edwards
Marshall Edwards
Mike Edwards (2B)
Mike Edwards (3B)
Ralph Edwards
Sherman Edwards
Wayne Edwards
Harry Eells
Robert Eenhoorn
Ben Egan
Dick Egan (IF)
Dick Egan (P)
Jim Egan
Rip Egan
Tom Egan
Wish Egan
Jack Egbert
Elmer Eggert
Dave Eggler
Bruce Egloff
Howard Ehmke
Red Ehret
Rube Ehrhardt
Hack Eibel
Juan Eichelberger
Mark Eichhorn
Ike Eichrodt
Dave Eiland
Dave Eilers
Darrell Einertson
Joey Eischen
Jake Eisenhart
Jim Eisenreich
Harry Eisenstat
Ed Eiteljorge
Mike Ekstrom
Eland, first name unknown
Scott Elarton
Kid Elberfeld
Scott Elbert
Dave Elder
George Elder
Heinie Elder
Brad Eldred
Cal Eldred
Lee Elia
Pete Elko
Roy Ellam
Hod Eller
Frank Ellerbe
Joe Ellick
Bruce Ellingsen
Larry Elliot
Allen Elliott
Bob Elliott
Carter Elliott
Claude Elliott
Donnie Elliott
Gene Elliott
Glenn Elliott
Hal Elliott
Harry Elliott
Jumbo Elliott
Randy Elliott
Rowdy Elliott
A. J. Ellis
Ben Ellis
Dock Ellis
Jim Ellis
John Ellis
Mark Ellis
Rob Ellis
Robert Ellis
Rube Ellis
Sammy Ellis
Babe Ellison
George Ellison
Jason Ellison
Jacoby Ellsbury
Dick Ellsworth
Steve Ellsworth
Verdo Elmore
Roy Elsh
Kevin Elster
Don Elston
Narciso Elvira
Bones Ely
Harry Ely
John Ely
Brad Emaus
Alan Embree
Red Embree
Slim Embrey
Chester Emerson
Cal Emery
Spoke Emery
Charlie Emig
Frank Emmer
Bob Emmerich
Slim Emmerich
Bob Emslie
Angelo Encarnación
Edwin Encarnación
Juan Encarnación
Luis Encarnación
Mario Encarnación
Trevor Enders
Bill Endicott
Joe Engel
Steve Engel
Charlie Engle
Clyde Engle
Dave Engle
Rick Engle
Charlie English
Gil English
Jesse English
Woody English
Del Ennis
John Ennis
Russ Ennis
Barry Enright
George Enright
Jack Enright
Jewel Ens
Mutz Ens
Morgan Ensberg
Charlie Enwright
Terry Enyart
Jack Enzenroth
Johnny Enzmann
Nathan Eovaldi
Jim Eppard
Al Epperly
Cody Eppley
Aubrey Epps
Hal Epps
Mike Epstein
Greg Erardi
Eddie Erautt
Joe Erautt
Todd Erdos
John Ericks
Don Erickson
Eric Erickson
Hal Erickson
Hank Erickson
Matt Erickson
Paul Erickson
Ralph Erickson
Roger Erickson
Scott Erickson
Cal Ermer
Frank Ernaga
Dick Errickson
Carl Erskine
Darin Erstad
Tex Erwin
Nick Esasky
Nino Escalera
Edgmer Escalona
Félix Escalona
Sergio Escalona
Chico Escárrega
Jim Eschen
Larry Eschen
Alcides Escobar
Alex Escobar
Ángel Escobar
Eduardo Escobar
José Escobar
Kelvim Escobar
Yunel Escobar
Vaughn Eshelman
Jimmy Esmond
Duke Esper
Geno Espineli
Juan Espino
Danny Espinosa
Nino Espinosa
Álvaro Espinoza
Brian Esposito
Mike Esposito
Sammy Esposito
Cecil Espy
Chuck Essegian
Mark Esser
Jim Essian
Bill Essick
Bobby Estalella (C)
Bobby Estalella (OF)
Dick Estelle
Dude Esterbrook
Shawn Estes
George Estock
Chuck Estrada
Francisco Estrada
Horacio Estrada
Johnny Estrada
Marco Estrada
Oscar Estrada
Leo Estrella
Andy Etchebarren
Buck Etchison
Bobby Etheridge
Seth Etherton
Andre Ethier
Nick Etten
Mark Ettles
John Eubank
Uel Eubanks
Frank Eufemia
Ferd Eunick
Tony Eusebio
Frank Eustace
Evans, first name unknown
Al Evans
Art Evans
Barry Evans
Bart Evans
Bill Evans (1910s P)
Bill Evans (1940s P)
Chick Evans
Darrell Evans
Dwight Evans
Jake Evans
Joe Evans
Nick Evans
Red Evans
Roy Evans
Steve Evans
Terry Evans
Tom Evans
Dana Eveland
Adam Everett
Carl Everett
Tommy Everidge
Bill Everitt
Leon Everitt
Hoot Evers
Joe Evers
Johnny Evers
Tom Evers
Bryan Eversgerd
George Ewell
Bob Ewing
Buck Ewing
John Ewing
Reuben Ewing
Sam Ewing
Art Ewoldt
Scott Eyre
Willie Eyre
George Eyrich
Homer Ezzell


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