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Outline of Africa

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Title: Outline of Africa  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: Africa, Index of Africa-related articles, Outline of geography, WikiProject Outlines/Outlines list redesign, Economy of Africa
Collection: Africa, Africa-Related Lists, Outlines by Continents
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

Outline of Africa

The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to the continent Africa:

Africa – world's second largest and second most populous continent, after Asia. It is famous for its savanna, its jungles, and the Sahara (desert).


  • Geography of Africa 1
    • Regions of Africa 1.1
      • Directional regions 1.1.1
      • Physiographic regions 1.1.2
    • Countries of Africa 1.2
      • West Africa 1.2.1
      • North Africa 1.2.2
      • Central Africa 1.2.3
      • East Africa 1.2.4
      • Southern Africa 1.2.5
      • Dependencies 1.2.6
    • Geographic features of Africa 1.3
    • Demography of Africa 1.4
  • History of Africa 2
    • History of Africa by period 2.1
      • History of Africa by year and month 2.1.1
    • History of Africa by region 2.2
    • History of Africa by subject 2.3
      • Empires in Africa 2.3.1
  • Culture of Africa 3
    • Art in Africa 3.1
      • Cinema of Africa 3.1.1
      • Music of Africa 3.1.2
    • Cuisine of Africa 3.2
    • People of Africa 3.3
      • Ethnic groups in Africa 3.3.1
      • Some famous individuals from Africa 3.3.2
    • Religion in Africa 3.4
    • Sports in Africa 3.5
  • Environment of Africa 4
  • Economy and infrastructure of Africa 5
    • Communications in Africa 5.1
    • Transport in Africa 5.2
  • Education in Africa 6
  • Governments of Africa 7
  • Politics of Africa 8
    • Foreign relations of Africa 8.1
    • Law of Africa 8.2
  • See also 9
  • References 10
  • External links 11

Geography of Africa

Regions of Africa

Main article: Regions of Africa

Directional regions

Physiographic regions

Countries of Africa

Main article: List of African countries

Geographic features of Africa

Demography of Africa

Main article: Demographics of Africa

History of Africa

Main article: Current events in Africa

History of Africa by period

History of Africa by year and month

2007 in Africa: January February March April May June July August September October
2006 in Africa: January February March April May June July August September October November December
2005 in Africa: October November December
1960 in Africa (known as the "Year of Africa")

History of Africa by region

History of Africa by subject

Empires in Africa

Culture of Africa

Main article: Culture of Africa

Art in Africa

Cinema of Africa

Music of Africa

Cuisine of Africa

Main article: African cuisine

People of Africa

Ethnic groups in Africa

Some famous individuals from Africa

Religion in Africa

Main article: Religion in Africa

Sports in Africa

Environment of Africa

Main article: Environment of Africa

Economy and infrastructure of Africa

Main article: Economy of Africa

Communications in Africa

Main article: Communications in Africa

Transport in Africa

Education in Africa

Main article: Education in Africa

Governments of Africa

Politics of Africa

Main article: Politics of Africa

Foreign relations of Africa

Law of Africa

Main article: Law of Africa

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