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Champlain College Saint-Lambert

Champlain College Saint-Lambert
Established September, 1972 [1]
Type College
Affiliation Non-denominational
Director Dr. Don Shewan
Students 2,700[2]
Location Saint-Lambert, Quebec, Canada
Campus Suburban

silver     ;

blue      , black     
Nickname Cavaliers
Affiliations ACCC, CCAA, QSSF, AUCC,
Website .comchamplainonline

Champlain College Saint-Lambert is a public College in Saint-Lambert, Quebec, Canada. It is a campus of Champlain Regional College, and primarily serves the South Shore of Montreal. Like the other campuses of Champlain Regional College, the Saint-Lambert campus is an English-language public post-secondary institution that offers both pre-university and career programs.


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  • Mission Statement 2
  • Programs 3
    • Pre-University Programs 3.1
    • Career Programs 3.2
  • Extracurricular activities 4
  • Sports Success 5
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Champlain College was established shortly after the Quebec Government passed the General and Vocational Act in 1967. This Act is better known for the creation of a distinct college level, between high-school and university. Later in 1969, English public colleges were inaugurated. Champlain Regional College was recognized on April 7, 1971. The school is named after the famous explorer, Samuel de Champlain. The Champlain Colleges are set out to serve English speakers in Quebec City (Champlain St-Lawrence), Eastern Townships (Champlain Lennoxville) and South Shore of Montreal areas (Champlain St-Lambert). Champlain College Saint-Lambert is the biggest institution out of the three campuses; it is home to approximately 2700 students. The official inauguration of the St-Lambert college grounds were held on October 23, 1976.[3]

Mission Statement

Champlain Regional College provides pre-university and technical college-level education and training, primarily in English, to learners in both Regular Day and Continuing Education programs. The college, through its unique multi-regional structure, responds to the needs of diverse linguistic and cultural communities and contributes to the educational and socio-economic development of the regions of Quebec served by campuses in Lennoxville, Saint-Lambert, and Saint-Lawrence.

Champlain College is dedicated to fostering the individual success of its students and their development as well-rounded, responsible and informed citizens of the world.[4]


The college offers two types of programs: pre-university and career.[5] The pre-university programs, which take two years to complete, cover the subject matters which roughly correspond to the additional year of high school given elsewhere in Canada in preparation for a chosen field in university. The career programs, which take three-years to complete, applies to students who wish to pursue a skill trade. In addition Continuing Education and services to business are provided to the local community.

Pre-University Programs

  • International Baccalaureate — Enriched Sciences Option
  • Science Program — Pure & Applied Sciences Option
  • Science Program — Computer Science and Mathematics
  • Science Program — Health Sciences Option
  • Social Science — Choice Option
  • Social Science — Commerce Option
  • Social Science — Education Option
  • Social Science — Criminology Option
  • Social Science — Psychology Option
  • Social Science — World Studies Option
  • Creative Arts, Languages & Literature — Creative Arts Option
  • Creative Arts, Languages & Literature — Modern Languages Option
  • Liberal Arts

Career Programs

  • Advertising Management (Business Management)
  • Sport Marketing & Management Option (Business Management)
  • Graphic Communications Option (Office Systems Technology)
  • Tourism Management Option (Tourism)
  • Programming for Web, Multimedia & Business (Computer Science)
  • Nursing (as of Fall 2011)

Extracurricular activities

Champlain College is home to many extracurricular activities, with monthly events such as food festivals, barbecues, fashion shows, ski trips and variety shows. Students are encouraged to participate in organizing these activities, and the majority of after-school activities are student-run, such as the re-established school newspaper. There are also activities during "Free Block," a 2-hour period on Wednesday where there are no classes. A lot of activities take place during this period of the week since no students have classes. The Champlain Student's Association also offers many free foods and snacks such as Cotton Candy, Waffles, coffee, tea and many others. They also sometimes offer mugs and other small gifts.

Club Rooms are provided on a yearly basis to organizations that present an adequate membership list and a constitution to the CSA. The college boasts a large gathering area in the very center of the campus formerly called "The Bandring" and now called the "Student Space" where shows are held. The "Student Space" has televisions, chairs, and many tables. At Champlain, sports are also a very popular extracurricular activity. The school hosts the "Midnight Madness" intramural sports night on a weekly basis where students literally play various sports until midnight.

Each year, teams of students represent the College in the Tournoi Jeunes Démocrates, organized in and by the National Assembly of Quebec.[6] The Champlain College St. Lawrence team won the gold medal in the 2001 edition, and Champlain Saint-Lambert won gold in 2011.[7] Since 2012, only Champlain Saint-Lambert teams have participated in the tournament.

Sports Success

Champlain Saint-Lambert hosted the 2008 CCAA Canadian National Men's Basketball Championship. Champlain's sports department is known nationally for its basketball program. They have done very well, winning provincials and coming top 3 many times nationally. The Cavaliers (coaches, players and team manager) also work really hard on their academics. The staff and players get well recognized for its balanced efforts and receive offers in many universities throughout the United States and Canada.

The men's soccer team won the CCAA National Championship in 2007.

The Cavaliers football team won the championship in 2010.

Cavaliers also have success in Cross Country running. The team sent eight girls and eight boys to the provincial championship in Sherbrooke in October 2013. In November 2013, half of them went on to the Nationals in Toronto.

Rugby is one of the oldest sports at Champlain College. Both the women's and men's teams were developed at the same time. This sport has been a proud tradition at this school for many years.

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External links

  • Champlain College Saint-Lambert (official website)
  • Champlain Regional College Website
  • Champlain on Facebook
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