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VTB United League

VTB United League
Единая Лига ВТБ
Current season, competition or edition:
2014–15 VTB United League
Sport Basketball
Founded 2008 (Promo-Cup)
2009 (VTB United League)
CEO Andrey Shirokov
Motto One league. One language. Language of basketball.
No. of teams 16
Country  Russia (10 teams)
 Belarus (1 team)
 Czech Republic (1 team)
 Finland (1 team)
 Estonia (1 team)
 Latvia (1 team)
 Kazakhstan (1 team)
Most recent champion(s) CSKA Moscow
(5th title)
Most titles CSKA Moscow
(5 titles)
Level on pyramid 1st tier (Russia)
Official website

VTB United League (Russian: Единая Лига ВТБ) is an international professional basketball league that was founded in 2008. Starting with the 2013–14 season, it is the 1st tier of Russian professional club basketball, as well as the national domestic league of Russia, with the highest placed Russian team in the league also being the Russian champions. Its goal is to unite the leading basketball clubs of Eastern Europe and Northern Europe together into one league. The league is sponsored by VTB Bank.


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  • History 2
    • Unification with the Russian PBL 2.1
    • Current teams 2.2
  • Team appearances 3
  • Titles 4
  • Awards 5
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League formats

In its inaugural 2009–10 season league format season, the VTB United League featured clubs from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia and Ukraine. For the 2010–11 season, teams from Finland, Poland and Belarus were added to the league. The 2011–12 season featured a total of 18 teams, with new teams being added from Czech Republic and Kazakhstan.[1] In the 2012–13 season, the number of teams increased to 20. The number of teams was decreased to 16 for the 2014–15 season, and the teams from Ukraine and Lithuania dropped out of the competition.


The first step in the creation of the league was a competition named the VTB United League Promo-Cup held in Moscow in December, 2008.[2] The final of the Promo-Cup was played on December 22, 2008, and was won by CSKA Moscow, who defeated Khimki 70–66. Kyiv ended third.[3]

Unification with the Russian PBL

In May 2012, all the PBL clubs gathered to decide which format would be used for the next season, and some club's directors raised the possibility of uniting with the VTB United League, to produce greater competition between the Russian basketball clubs. They suggested that the new league would be named the Eastern European Professional Basketball League.[4][5][6]

In July 2012, the Council of VTB United League gave a definitive decision. It was decided that the PBL league would continue for one more year, with some of the games of the VTB United League that took place between two Russian clubs being counted as PBL games.[7] The first tier Russian clubs then replaced the PBL with the VTB United League as their new national domestic league, starting with the 2013-14 season.

The VTB United League was officially recognized by FIBA Europe in September 2013.[8][9] The league was then officially recognized by FIBA World in October 2014. The league needed to be recognized by both bodies, because it contains clubs that come from countries that are part of both the European and Asian FIBA zones.

Current teams

These are the teams that are participating in 2014–15 season:

Team appearances

Team 08–09
Tsmoki-Minsk GS GS GS GS
Nymburk GS GS GS
Kalev/Cramo GS GS GS GS GS
Bisons Loimaa
Espoon Honka GS
Torpan Pojat QR
Astana GS 1/8 1/8
ASK Rīga 7th
VEF Rīga GS GS GS 1/4 GS
Lietuvos rytas GS 3rd GS 1/2
Neptūnas GS GS
Šiauliai QR
Žalgiris 5th 3rd 1/8 1/8 3rd
Anwil QR
Prokom 8th GS GS
Turów GS GS
CSKA 1st 1st 2nd 1st 1st 1st
Dynamo 4th
Enisey GS GS 1/8
Khimki 2nd 4th 1st 1/4 4th 1/4
Krasny Oktyabr 1/8
Krasnye Krylia GS 1/4 1/4
Lokomotiv Kuban 4th 2nd 1/4
Nizhny Novgorod 1/8 1/4 2nd
Spartak 1/4 1/8 1/8
Triumph 1/8 1/4
UNICS 2nd 3rd 2nd 1/4 1/2
Azovmash 6th GS 4th GS GS GS
Budivelnik GS
Dnipro GS QR
Donetsk GS 1/8 GS
Kyiv 3rd


Key to colors
     VTB United League Promo-Cup
Season Finals & Final Four host Finals Third and fourth place
Gold Score Silver Bronze Score Fourth Place
(USK CSKA, Moscow) †

CSKA Moscow

Dynamo Moscow
(Sports Hall, Kaunas)

CSKA Moscow

(Basket Hall, Kazan)

CSKA Moscow

(Siemens Arena, Vilnius)

CSKA Moscow

Lietuvos rytas
In home and away court
CSKA Moscow

Did not play
In home and away court
CSKA Moscow
Nizhny Novgorod

Did not play
Lietuvos rytas

The whole tournament was staged in Moscow, including the Final Four.


MVP and Playoffs MVP
Season Season MVP Team Playoffs MVP Team
2008–09 N/A N/A Ramūnas Šiškauskas CSKA
2009–10 Victor Khryapa CSKA J. R. Holden CSKA
2010–11 Ramel Curry Azovmash Vitaly Fridzon Khimki
2011–12 Andrei Kirilenko CSKA Andrei Kirilenko CSKA
2012–13 E. J. Rowland VEF Victor Khryapa CSKA
2013–14 Andrew Goudelock Unics Kazan Miloš Teodosić CSKA
Other awards


See also


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External links

  • Official Website (Russian)
  • Official Website (English)
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