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List of Pixar characters

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Title: List of Pixar characters  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Pixar, List of Pixar awards and nominations, Tom Myers (sound engineer), The Secret of the Magic Gourd (2007 film), Pixar Short Films Collection, Volume 2
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List of Pixar characters

The following is an alphabetic list of Disney/Pixar characters, in feature films and animated shorts originally conceived by Pixar Animation Studios, a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company since 2006.

Character Original voice actor Animated debut
Abominable Snowman John Ratzenberger[1][2] Monsters, Inc.
Acer Peter Jacobson[3] Cars 2
Al McWhiggin Wayne Knight[4] Toy Story 2
Alfredo Linguini Lou Romano[5] Ratatouille
Anchor Eric Bana[6] Finding Nemo
Andy Davis John Morris[4][7][8] Toy Story
Andy's Mom Laurie Metcalf[4][7][8] Toy Story
Anger Lewis Black[9] Inside Out
Anton Ego Peter O'Toole[5] Ratatouille
Art Charlie Day[2] Monsters University
Auguste Gusteau Brad Garrett[5] Ratatouille
Auto MacInTalk[10] WALL-E
Barbie Jodi Benson[4][8] Toy Story 2
Bernie Kropp Lou Romano[11] The Incredibles
Bloat Brad Garrett[6] Finding Nemo
Bo Peep Annie Potts[4][7] Toy Story
Bomb Voyage Dominique Louis[11] The Incredibles
Boo Mary Gibbs[1] Monsters, Inc.
Brent Mustangburger Brent Musburger[3] Cars 2
Brock Pearson Tyler Labine[2] Monsters University
Bruce Barry Humphries[6] Finding Nemo
Bubbles Stephen Root[6] Finding Nemo
Bullseye Frank Welker (horse sounds)[4][8] Toy Story 2
Buttercup Jeff Garlin[8] Toy Story 3
Buzz Lightyear Tim Allen[4][7][8] Toy Story
Captain B. McCrea Jeff Garlin[10] WALL-E
Carl Fredricksen Edward Asner[12] Up
Carrie Williams Beth Behrs[2] Monsters University
Celia Mae Jennifer Tilly[1] Monsters, Inc.
Charles F. Muntz Christopher Plummer[12] Up
Charlie Phil Proctor[1] Monsters, Inc.
Chatter Telephone Teddy Newton[8] Toy Story 3
Chet Alexander Bobby Moynihan[2] Monsters University
Chick Hicks Michael Keaton[13] Cars
Chuckles the Clown Bud Luckey[8] Toy Story 3
Chunk Jack Angel[8] Toy Story 3
Chum Bruce Spence[6] Finding Nemo
Claire Wheeler Aubrey Plaza[2] Monsters University
Collette Tatou Janeane Garofalo[5] Ratatouille
Coral Elizabeth Perkins[6] Finding Nemo
Crabby the Boat Sig Hansen[3] Cars 2
Crow, The Steve Purcell[14] Brave
Crush Andrew Stanton[6] Finding Nemo
Darla Sherman Lulu Ebeling[6] Finding Nemo
Darrell Cartrip Darrell Waltrip[3][13] Cars
Dash Parr Spencer Fox[11] The Incredibles
David Hobbscap David Hobbs[3] Cars 2
Dean Hardscrabble Helen Mirren[2] Monsters University
Deb (and Flo) Vicki Lewis[6] Finding Nemo
Dim Brad Garrett[15] A Bug's Life
Disgust Mindy Kaling[9] Inside Out
Django Brian Dennehy[5] Ratatouille
Doc Hudson Paul Newman[13] Cars
Dolly Bonnie Hunt[8] Toy Story 3
Don Carlton Joel Murray[2] Monsters University
Dory Ellen DeGeneres[6] Finding Nemo
Dr. Flora Edie McClurg[15] A Bug's Life
Dug Bob Peterson[12] Up
Edna Mode Brad Bird[11] The Incredibles
Elastigirl/Helen Parr Holly Hunter[11] The Incredibles
Elinor Emma Thompson[14] Brave
Ellie Fredricksen Elizabeth (Elie) Docter[12] Up
Emile Peter Sohn[5] Ratatouille
Emperor Zurg Andrew Stanton[4] Toy Story 2
EVE Elissa Knight[10] WALL-E
Fear Bill Hader[9] Inside Out
Fillmore Lloyd Sherr[3]
Finn McMissile Michael Caine[3] Cars 2
Flik Dave Foley[15] A Bug's Life
Flo Jenifer Lewis[3][13] Cars
Francesco Bernoulli John Turturro[3] Cars 2
Francis Denis Leary[15] A Bug's Life
Fred Andrew Stanton[13] Cars
"Frightening" Frank McCay John Krasinski[2] Monsters University
Frozone/Lucius Best Samuel L. Jackson[11] The Incredibles
Fungus Frank Oz[1] Monsters, Inc.
George Sanderson Sam Black[1] Monsters, Inc.
Geri the Cleaner Bob Peterson[16]
Jonathan Harris[4]
Geri's Game
Gilbert Huph Wallace Shawn[11] The Incredibles
Gill Willem Dafoe[6] Finding Nemo
Gordon John Ratzenberger[14] Brave
Grem Joe Mantegna[3] Cars 2
Guido Guido Quaroni[3][13] Cars
Gurgle Austin Pendleton[6] Finding Nemo
Gypsy Madeline Kahn[15] A Bug's Life
Hal None[10] WALL-E
Hamm John Ratzenberger[4][7][8] Toy Story
Hannah Phillips Sarah Freeman[7] Toy Story
Harv Jeremy Piven (US)[13]
Jeremy Clarkson (UK)[13]
Heimlich Joe Ranft[15] A Bug's Life
Henry J. Waternoose III James Coburn[1] Monsters, Inc.
Holley Shiftwell Emily Mortimer[3] Cars 2
Hopper Kevin Spacey[15] A Bug's Life
Jack-Jack Parr Eli Fucile
Maeve Andrews[11]
The Incredibles
Jacques Joe Ranft[6] Finding Nemo
James P. Sullivan John Goodman[1][2] Monsters, Inc.
Jeff Gorvette Jeff Gordon[3] Cars 2
Jerry Steve Susskind[1] Monsters, Inc.
Jerry Recycled Batteries Joe Ranft[13] Cars
Jessie Joan Cusack[4][8] Toy Story 2
John John Ratzenberger[10] WALL-E
John Lassetire John Lasseter[3] Cars 2
Johnny Worthington Nathan Fillion[2] Monsters University
Joy Amy Poehler[9] Inside Out
Karen Graves Bonnie Hunt[2] Monsters University
Kari McKeen Bret Parker[11] The Incredibles
Ken Michael Keaton[8] Toy Story 3
Kevin Pete Docter[12] Up
King Fergus Billy Connolly[14] Brave
Lenny Joe Ranft[7] Toy Story
Lewis Hamilton Lewis Hamilton[3] Cars 2
Lightning McQueen Owen Wilson[3][13] Cars
Lizzie Katherine Helmond[3][13] Cars
Lord MacGuffin Kevin McKidd[14] Brave
Lord Macintosh Craig Ferguson[14] Brave
Lord Dingwall Robbie Coltrane[14] Brave
Lots-O'-Huggin' Bear Ned Beatty[8] Toy Story 3
Luigi Tony Shalhoub[3][13] Cars
Mack John Ratzenberger[3][13] Cars
Mama Topolino Vanessa Redgrave[3] Cars 2
Manny Jonathan Harris[15] A Bug's Life
Marlin Albert Brooks[6] Finding Nemo
Martin Patrick Doyle[14] Brave
Mary Kathy Najimy[10] WALL-E
Mater Larry the Cable Guy[3][13] Cars
Maudie Sally Kinghorn[14]
Eilidh Fraser[14]
Merida Kelly Macdonald[14] Brave
Mike Wazowski Billy Crystal[1][2] Monsters, Inc.
Miles Axlerod Eddie Izzard[3] Cars 2
Minny Edie McClurg[3][13] Cars
Mirage Elizabeth Peña[11] The Incredibles
M-O Ben Burtt[10] WALL-E
Molly Davis Hannah Unkrich[4][7]
Beatrice Miller[8]
Toy Story
Molt Richard Kind[15] A Bug's Life
Moonfish, School of John Ratzenberger[6] Finding Nemo
Mr. Bile Jeff Pidgeon[1] Monsters, Inc.
Mr. Incredible/Robert Parr Craig T. Nelson[11] The Incredibles
Mr. Potato Head Don Rickles[4][7][8] Toy Story
Mr. Pricklepants Timothy Dalton[8] Toy Story 3
Mr. Ray Bob Peterson[6] Finding Nemo
Mr. Shark Jack Angel[7] Toy Story
Mr. Soil Roddy McDowall[15] A Bug's Life
Mrs. Potato Head Estelle Harris[4][8] Toy Story 2
Ms. Flint Bonnie Hunt[1] Monsters, Inc.
Mustafa John Ratzenberger[5] Ratatouille
Needleman and Smitty Dan Gerson[1] Monsters, Inc.
Nemo Alexander Gould[6] Finding Nemo
Nigel Geoffrey Rush[6] Finding Nemo
Otis Jeff Garlin[3] Cars 2
P.T. Flea John Ratzenberger[15] A Bug's Life
Peach Allison Janney[6] Finding Nemo
Peter "Claws" Ward Joe Ranft[1] Monsters, Inc.
Princess Atta Julia Louis-Dreyfus[15] A Bug's Life
Princess Dot Hayden Panettiere[15] A Bug's Life
Professor Knight Alfred Molina[2] Monsters University
Professor Zündapp Thomas Kretschmann[3] Cars 2
Queen, The Phyllis Diller[15] A Bug's Life
The Queen of England Vanessa Redgrave[3] Cars 2
Ramone Cheech Marin[3][13] Cars
Randall Boggs Steve Buscemi[1][2] Monsters, Inc.
RC None Toy Story
Red Joe Ranft[13] Cars
Referee Bill Hader[2] Monsters University
Remy Patton Oswalt[5] Ratatouille
Rex the Dinosaur Wallace Shawn[4][7][8] Toy Story
Rick Dicker Bud Luckey[11] The Incredibles
Riley Anderson Kaitlyn Dias[9] Inside Out
Rod "Torque" Redline Bruce Campbell[3] Cars 2
Rosie Bonnie Hunt[15] A Bug's Life
Roz Bob Peterson[1][2] Monsters, Inc.
Russell Jordan Nagai[12] Up
Sadness Phyllis Smith[9] Inside Out
Sally Carrera Bonnie Hunt[3][13] Cars
Sarge Paul Dooley[3][13] Cars
Sarge R. Lee Ermey[4][7][8] Toy Story
Scott "Squishy" Squibbles Peter Sohn[2] Monsters University
Scud None Toy Story
Sheriff Michael Wallis[3][13] Cars
Sheriff Woody Tom Hanks[4][7][8] Toy Story
Sherri Squibbles Julia Sweeney[2] Monsters University
Sid Phillips Erik von Detten[7][8] Toy Story
Siddeley Jason Isaacs[3] Cars 2
Skinner Ian Holm[5] Ratatouille
Slim David Hyde Pierce[15] A Bug's Life
Slinky Dog Jim Varney[4][7]
Blake Clark[8]
Toy Story
Slug Bill Hader[2] Monsters University
Squeeze Toy Aliens Debi Derryberry[7]
Jeff Pidgeon[4][7][8]
Toy Story
Squirt Nicholas Bird[6] Finding Nemo
Stinky Pete the Prospector Kelsey Grammer[4] Toy Story 2
Stretch Whoopi Goldberg[8] Toy Story 3
Strip Weathers Richard Petty[13] Cars
Syndrome/Buddy Pine Jason Lee[11] The Incredibles
Terri Perry Sean Hayes[2] Monsters University
Terry Perry Dave Foley[2] Monsters University
Tom John Ratzenberger[12] Up
Tomber Michel Michelis[3] Cars 2
Tony Guido Quaroni[1] Monsters, Inc.
Tony Rydinger Michael Bird[11] The Incredibles
Tony Trihull Lloyd Sherr[3] Cars 2
Tour Guide Barbie Jodi Benson[4] Toy Story 2
Trixie Kristen Schaal[8] Toy Story 3
Tuck and Roll Michael McShane[15] A Bug's Life
Twitch John Cygan[8] Toy Story 3
Uncle Topolino Franco Nero[3] Cars 2
Underminer, The John Ratzenberger[11] The Incredibles
Van Richard Kind[3][13] Cars
Violet Parr Sarah Vowell[11] The Incredibles
WALL-E Ben Burtt[10] WALL-E
Wee Dingwall Callum O'Neill[14] Brave
Wheezy the Penguin Joe Ranft[4] Toy Story 2
Witch, The Julie Walters[14] Brave
Young Andy Charlie Bright[8] Toy Story 3
Young MacGuffin Kevin McKidd[14] Brave
Young Macintosh Steven Cree[14] Brave
Young Merida Peigi Barker[14] Brave
Young Mike Noah Johnston[2] Monsters University

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