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List of RAF aircrew in the Battle of Britain (A–C)

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Title: List of RAF aircrew in the Battle of Britain (A–C)  
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Subject: Battle of Britain, The Few
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List of RAF aircrew in the Battle of Britain (A–C)

The following is a list of pilots and other aircrew who flew during the Battle of Britain, and were awarded the Battle of Britain Clasp[1] to the 1939–45 Star by flying at least one authorised operational sortie with an eligible unit of the Royal Air Force or Fleet Air Arm during the period from 0001 hours on 10 July to 2359 hours 31 October 1940.[2][3]


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In 1942, the

Name Rank Nationality Sqn during Battle Awards Notes
Babbage, Cyril Fredrick "Frank" Sgt BR 602 Sqn DFM Born Ludlow, Shropshire, 25 June 1917. Commissioned Nov 1940; retired as Wing Commander June 1964; died 1977.
Bachmann, Jack Henry Plt Off BR 145 Sqn KIA 9 April 1943
Bacon, Charles Harvey Fg Off BR 610 Sqn KIA 30 September 1940 Spitfire crashed on Alnmouth Beach due to a flying accident.[10]
Baddeley, Douglas Hiram Sgt BR 25 Sqn KIA 26 June 1942 (Air Gunner)
Bader, Douglas Robert Steuart Sqn Ldr BR 242 Sqn (CO) CBE, DSO*, DFC* POW 9 August 1941. Died 5 September 1982
Badger, Ivor James Sgt BR 87 Sqn DFC
Badger, John Vincent Clarence Sqn Ldr BR 43 Sqn (CO to 30 August 1940) DFC WIA 30 August 1940; Hurricane V6548 shot down in combat with Bf109s Badger seriously wounded. Died 30 June 1941.[10] (Pilot) Awarded the RAF College Sword of Honour in 1933.
Bailey, C G Plt Off BR 152 Sqn
Bailey, Graham George Plt Off BR 56 Sqn KIA 9 November 1941
Bailey, George John Sgt BR 234 & 603 Sqns
Bailey, Henry Noel Dawson Plt Off BR 54 Sqn
Bailey, James Richard Abe "Jim" Plt Off BR 264 & 85 Sqns DFC
Bailey, John Cyril Lindsay Dyson Plt Off BR 46 Sqn KIA 2 September 1940; Hurricane P3067 shot down in combat over the Thames Estuary.[10] (Pilot)
Baillon, Paul Abbott Plt Off BR 609 Sqn KIA 28 November 1940 (Pilot)
Bain, George Stobie Preston Plt Off BR 111 Sqn
Baines, Cyril Edgar Joseph Sqn Ldr BR 238 Sqn
Baird, George Maurice Flt Lt NZ 248 Sqn POW 20 October 1940; Blenheim P6952 shot down attacking enemy aircraft off Norwegian coast; Baird captured, Sgt D L Burton captured wounded, Sgt R Copcutt missing, W/O S V Wood captured wounded.[17] Surviving aircrew
Baker, Aubrey Cyril Sgt BR 610 Sqn DFC
Baker, Barrie Sgt BR 264 Sqn MIA 26 August 1940[notes 3] Defiant L6985 destroyed a Do 17 then was shot down by Bf 109s over Thanet, crashed into Herne Bay, Banham the pilot baled out and was rescued, Baker missing.[10]
Baker, Clive Conrad Mahoney Plt Off BR 23 Sqn OBE
Baker, Eric Debnam Sgt BR 145 Sqn MIA 8 August 1940 Hurricane P3381 shot down over the channel and crashed into the sea, Baker missing.[10]
Baker, Henry Collingham "Butch" Plt Off BR 41 Sqn & 421 Flight Born Worksop, Notts., 19 May 1920; Released from RAF as Squadron Leader, Jan 1946 [19]
Baker, Louis Victor Sgt BR 236 Sqn [20]
Baker, P Plt Off BR 236 Sqn
Baker, Ronald David Sgt BR 56 Sqn KIA 11 August 1940 (possibly "friendly fire") (Pilot) Hurricane N2667 shot down possibly by a Spitfire and crashed into the sea, Baker baled out but died in the sea.[10]
Baker, Stanley Plt Off BR 54 & 66 Sqns MIA 11 February 1941
Baker-Falkner, Roy Sydney Lt (FAA) CAN 812 NAS DSC, DSO MIA 18 July 1944
Ball, George Eric Flt Lt BR 242 Sqn DFC KIFA 1 February 1946 (Pilot)
Bamberger, Cyril Stanley "Bam" Sgt BR 610 & 41 Sqns DFC* Died 3 February 2008
Bandinel, James Julius Frederick Henry Plt Off BR 3 Sqn KIA 12 December 1941
Banham, Arthur John Sqn Ldr BR 264 & 229 Sqns (CO Oct 1940) Defiant L6985 destroyed a Do 17 then was shot down by Bf 109s over Thanet, crashed into Herne Bay, Banham baled out and was rescued but air gunner Baker was missing.[10]
Banister, Thomas Henry Sgt BR 219 Sqn DFM
Banks, William Henry Sgt BR 245, 32 & 504 Sqns
Bann, Samuel Eric Sgt BR 238 Sqn KIA 28 September 1940 (pilot) Hurricane V6776 damaged by Bf109s over Fareham, Bann baled out but was killed when parachute failed.[10]
Baraldi, Ferdinand Henry Raphael "Jimmy" Plt Off BR 609 Sqn
Baranski, Wienczyslaw Flt Lt POL 607 Sqn In September 1939 CO of 113 Fighter Escadrille, which defended Warsaw. Died 8 August 1970 in UK.
Barber, Robert Hugh Plt Off BR 46 Sqn Died 31 March 1998
Barclay, Richard George Arthur Plt Off BR 249 Sqn MIA 17 July 1942 [21]
Barker, Fredrick J Sgt BR 264 Sqn DFM Died 2010?
Barker, George Leonard Plt Off BR 600 Sqn DFM KIA 18 July 1944 (Pilot)
Barker, John Keith Sgt BR 152 Sqn KIA 4 September 1940 Spitfire R6909 possibly shot down by a Do 17 off Bognor, Barker baled out but was killed.[10]
Barnard, Eric Charles Sgt BR 600 Sqn
Barnes, John Guy Cardew Fg Off BR 600 Sqn
Barnes, Leslie Dennis Sgt BR 257, 615 & 607 Sqns
Barnes, Wilkinson Plt Off BR 504 Sqn
Barnett, Richard Edgar Sqn Ldr BR 234 Sqn MBE
Baron, Rupert Victor Plt Off BR 219 Sqn KIA 12 October 1940 Crew Bristol Blenheim; Sgt G M Mead Bailed out unhurt.[22]
Barraclough, Richard George Victor Sgt BR 266 Sqn
Barraclough, Stanley Michel Sgt BR 92 Sqn
Barran, Philip Henry "Pip" Flt Lt BR 609 Sqn KIA 11 July 1940 (Pilot) Spitfire L1069 damaged in combat with Bf109s off Portland, Barran bailed out and was rescued from the sea but died before reaching land.[10]
Barrett, William Eric Sgt BR 25 Sqn
Barron, Norman Percy Gerald Sgt BR 236 Sqn
Barrow, Hector Jack Raymond Plt Off BR 607 & 43 Sqns KIA 28 November 1940[23]
Barry, Nathaniel John Merriman Fg Off SA 3 & 501 Sqns KIA 7 October 1940 (Pilot) Hurricane V6800 shot down in combat by a Bf 109 over Wrotham, crashed at Darenth.[10][24]
Barthropp, Patrick Peter Colum "Paddy" Fg Off BR 602 Sqn Died 16 April 2008[25][26][27]
Bartlett, Leonard H Sgt BR 17 Sqn DSO Surviving aircrew (Born 1916)
Bartley, Anthony C Plt Off BR 92 Sqn Ace, 12 aircraft destroyed, Died 18th April 2001 Died 2001
Barton, Anthony Richard Henry Plt Off BR 32 & 253 Sqns KIFA 4 April 1943
Barton, Robert Alexander "Butch" Flt Lt CAN 249 Sqn OBE, DFC* Born Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada, 7 June 1916. Retired Feb 1959 as Wing Commander; died 2 September 2010 [19][28]
Bartos, Jindrich Plt Off CZ 312 Sqn KIFA 13 February 1941
Barwell, Eric Gordon Plt Off BR 264 & 249 Sqns DFC*, AE Died 12 December 2007[29]
Barwell, Philip Reginald Wg Cdr BR 242 Sqn DFC KIFA 1 July 1942 (Killed by inexperienced pilot)
Bary, Ronald Edward Plt Off NZ 229 Sqn KIFA 12 April 1945
Bashford, Harry Sgt BR 248 Sqn
Bassett, Francis Bernard Fg Off BR 222 Sqn KIA 14 November 1942
Batchelor, Gordon Herbert[note 1] Plt Off BR 54 Sqn KIA 9 July 1941
Batt, Leslie Gordon Sgt BR 238 Sqn
Baxter, Sidney Sgt BR 222 Sqn KIA 14 September 1940 (Pilot)
Bayles, Ian Norman Fg Off BR 152 Sqn DFC
Bayley, Edward Alan Sgt BR 32 & 249 Sqns KIA 10 October 1940 (Pilot) Hurricane V7537 crashed at Cooling Marsh during a routine patrol, thought to be due to oxygen failure.[10]
Bayliss, Derek Plt Off BR 604 Sqn
Bayliss, Ernest John Sgt BR 248 Sqn MIA 3 November 1940
Bayly, James Sgt NZ 111 Sqn
Bayne, Alfred William Alexander Flt Lt BR 17 Sqn
Bayne, David Walter Sqn Ldr BR 257 Sqn
Baynham, Geoffery Theodore Plt Off BR 234 & 152 Sqns
Bazin, James Michael Flt Lt Can/Pak parentage 607 Sqn DFC DSO Died 9 January 1985
Bazley, Sidney Howarth Flt Lt BR 266 Sqn KIFA 2 March 1941
Beake, Percival Harold "Percy" Plt Off CAN 64 Sqn Surviving aircrew
Beamish, Francis Victor Wg Cdr IRE[30] 151, 249 & 56 Sqns DSO*DFC AFC MIA 28 March 1942
Beamish, Ronald Sgt BR 601 Sqn
Beamont, Roland Prosper "Bee" Fg Off BR 87 Sqn CBE, DSO*, DFC* Died 19 November 2001
Beard, John Morris Bentley Sgt BR 249 Sqn
Beardmore, Eric Walter B Plt Off CAN 1(RCAF) Sqn
Beardsley, Robert Arthur "Bob" Sgt BR 610 & 41 Sqns DFC Commissioned June 1941; retired Aug 1970; died October 2003.
Beatty, Marcus Alfred Sgt BR 266 Sqn
Beaumont, Stephen G Flt Lt BR 609 Sqn
Beaumont, Walter Plt Off BR 152 Sqn DFC MIA 23 September 1940 (Pilot) Spitfire R7016 failed to return from operational sortie over the Channel, Beaumont missing.[10]
Beazley, Hugh John Sherard "Beazle" Plt Off BR 249 Sqn Died 13 June 2011
Beda, Antoni Sgt POL 302 Sqn
Bee, Ernest Horace Sgt BR 29 Sqn
Beechey, Alfred Francis Sgt BR 141 Sqn DFC
Beedham, Joseph Jeffery Ian Plt Off BR 245 Sqn KIFA 7 October 1940 (Pilot) Hurricane N2707 destroyed on landing due to engine failure.[10]
Beer, Cyril Sydney Frank Sgt BR 235 Sqn KIA 10 September 1940 (Wireless Operator/Air Gunner)
Beggs, H W Sub Lt (FAA) BR 151 Sqn KIA 15 November 1942
Belc, Marian Sgt POL 303(Polish) Sqn VM, DFC, DFM, KW (4x) KIFA 27 August 1942
Belchem, Leslie George Sqn Ldr BR 264 Sqn KIA 14 July 1942
Beley, Robert Wilfred Garth Plt Off CAN 151 Sqn KIA 12 August 1940 Hurricane P3304 shot down in combat with Bf 109s off Ramsgate, crashed into the sea and Beley was rescued but died of wounds.[10]
Bell, Charles Algernon Fg Off BR 29 Sqn
Bell, Charles Henry Sgt BR 234 Sqn MIA 2 March 1941
Bell, Derek Sgt BR 23 Sqn KIA 27 December 1941
Bell, John Swift Fg Off BR 616 Sqn KIA 30 August 1940 Spitfire X4248 shot down in a head on attack on Bf 109s over RAF West Malling, crashed and burned.[10]
Bell, R Sgt BR 219 Sqn
Bell-Salter, David Basil Fg Off BR 253 Sqn
Bell-Walker Howard John Sgt BR 72 Sqn
Benn, Gordon William Sgt BR 219 Sqn
Bennett, Clarence Charles Plt Off AUS 248 Sqn MIA 1 October 1940[31][32][33]
Bennett, Hector Ernest Sgt BR 43 Sqn KIA 4 February 1941
Bennette, Geoffrey Ryding Fg Off BR 17 Sqn MIA 19 August 1942


Name Rank Nationality Sqn during Battle Awards Notes
Adair, Hubert Hastings "Paddy Sgt British 213 & 151 Sqns [9] A pilot in a light bomber squadron during the Battle of France, transferred to Fighter Command. MIA 6 November 1940 presumed shot down.
Adams, Dennis Arthur Plt Off British 611 & 41 Sqn Retired May 1958 as a Squadron Leader; died 1995
Adams, Eric Henry Sgt British 236 Sqn
Adams, Hugh Charles Plt Off British 501 Sqn KIA 6 September 1940 (Pilot) Shot down in combat with a Bf 109 over Ashford in Hurricane P3089[10]
Adams, John Sylvester Flt Lt British 29 Sqn DFC
Adams, Reginald Thomas Flt Sgt British 264 Sqn Joined 264 in September 1940. KIA 30 June 1942 over Germany as Air Gunner in No. 405 (Vancouver) Squadron RCAF
Addison, William Nathan Sgt British 23 Sqn DFC DFM
Aeberhardt, Raymond Andre Charles Plt Off British 19 Sqn KIA 31 August 1940 (Pilot) Spitfire R6912 overturned and burned landing at RAF Fowlmere following combat damage to flaps.[10]
Agazarian, Noel le Chevalier Plt Off British 609 Sqn KIA 16 May 1941 (North Africa), ace with 7 victories
Aindow, Charles Robert AC2 British 23 Sqn Died 3 February 2010
Ainge, Eric Douglas Sgt British 23 Sqn
Ainsworth, Sidney Sgt British 23 Sqn
Aitken, Arthur Sgt British 219 Sqn
Aitken, Henry Aloysius Sgt British 54 Sqn
Aitken, Sir John William Maxwell "Max", 2nd Baron Beaverbrook Sqn Ldr British 601 Sqn (CO) DSO, DFC Died 30 April 1985
Akroyd, Harold John Plt Off British 152 Sqn WIA 7 October 1940, Died 8 October 1940 Shot down in Spitfire N3039 during combat with fighters over Lyme Regis. Died the next day from burns received in the crash landing.[10]
Albertini, Anthony Victor Sgt British 600 Sqn
Aldous, Eric Stanley Plt Off BR 600 Sqn KIA 16 October 1941: Hit by AA over Flushing, NL, whilst serving with 615 Sqdn.
Aldridge, Frederick Joseph Plt Off British 610 & 41 Sqns Born Dublin, Ireland. Commended for Valuable Services in the Air 1945. Released from RAF 1947
Aldridge, Keith Russell Plt Off British 32 & 501 Sqns
Aldwinckle, Aylmer James Martinus Plt Off British 601 Sqn
Alexander, Edward Ariss Sgt British 236 Sqn MIA 25 February 1941
Alexander, John William Edward Plt Off British 151 Sqn
Allard, Geoffrey Plt Off British 85 Sqn DFC, DFM* KIFA 13 March 1941 (Pilot)
Allcock, Peter Owen Denys Plt Off British 229 Sqn Died WIA 17 December 1941 (Egypt)
Allen, Hubert Raymon Plt Off British 66 Sqn DFC Died 2010
Allen, John William Sgt British 266 Sqn
Allen, John Henry Leslie Fg Off NZ 151 Sqn MIA 12 July 1940 Hurricane P3275 hit by return fire from a Dornier Do 17 while protecting convoy off Orfordness. Ditched in the sea.[10]
Allen, John Lawrence Fg Off British 54 Sqn DFC KIA 24 July 1940 Spitfire R6812 crashed and burned at Cliftonville following damage to the engine in combat with Bf 109s over Margate.[10]
Allen, Kenneth Mervyn Flt Sgt British 43, 257 & 253 Sqns
Allen, Leslie Henry Sgt British 141 Sqn
Allgood, Harold Henry Sgt British 85 & 253 Sqns KIFA 10 October 1940 (Pilot) Hurricane L1928 of 253 Sqn crashed into houses at Albion Place, Maidstone.[10]
Allison, Jack Whitewell Sgt British 611 & 41 Sqns KIFA 15 October 1942. Commissioned August 1941; KIFA with 32 MU aged 26.
Allsop, Harold Gordon Leach Sqn Ldr British 66 Sqn
Allton, Leslie Charles Sgt British 92 Sqn KIFA 19 October 1940 (Pilot) Spitfire P3872 crashed at Tuesnoad Farm, Smarden.[10]
Ambrose, Charles Francis Plt Off British 46 Sqn DFC
Ambrose, Richard Plt Off British 25 & 151 Sqns KIFA 4 September 1940 (Pilot) Hurricane V7405 crashed into a crane and burned out on take off from Stapleford on a ferry flight.[10]
Ambrus, Jan K Plt Off Czech 312 Sqn Died 2 January 1994
Anderson, Donald John Plt Off British 29 Sqn
Anderson, James Alexander Sgt British 253 Sqn
Anderson, John Denis Sgt British 152 Sqn
Anderson, Michael Frederic Sqn Ldr British 604 Sqn (CO) DFC
Andreae, Christopher John Drake Fg Off British 64 Sqn MIA 15 August 1940 Spitfire R6990 failed to return from a combat mission against Bf 109s over the channel, Andrae missing.[10]
Andrew, Stanley Sgt British 46 Sqn KIA 11 September 1940 (Pilot)[11] Hurricane P3325 crashed and burnt out during a patrol, cause not known.[10]
Andrews, Maurice Raymond Sgt NZ 264 Sqn
Andrews, Sydney Ernest Plt Off British 32 & 257 Sqns DFM KIFA 9 August 1942 Egypt (Pilot)
Andruszkow, Tadeusz Sgt POL 303 Sqn KW KIA 27 September 1940 Hurricane V7289 shot down in combat by Uffz. Heinirch Kopperschrager over Horsham and crashed at Holywych Farm, Cowden.[10]
Angus, James George Colin Sgt British 23 Sqn
Angus, Robert Alexander Sgt British 611 & 41 Sqns MIA 20 February 1941
Appleby, Michael John Plt Off British 609 Sqn
Appleford, Alexander N Robin L Plt Off British 66 Sqn
Arber, Ivor Kenneth Sgt British 603 Sqn AFC
Arbon, Paul Wade Plt Off British 85 Sqn DFC
Arbuthnott, John[notes 2] Sgt British 1 & 229 Sqns KIA 4 February 1941 (Pilot)
Archer, Harold Thorpe Sgt British 23 Sqn KIA 30 June 1941
Archer, Samuel Sgt British 236 Sqn
Aries, Ellis Walter Plt Off British 602 Sqn
Armitage, Dennis Lockhart "Tage" Flt Lt British 266 Sqn DFC Died 2010?
Armitage, Joseph Fox Sgt British 242 Sqn MIA 17 June 1941
Armstrong, William Plt Off British 54 Sqn WIA 18 February 1943 North Africa
Arnfield, Stanley John Sgt British 610 Sqn
Arthur, Charles Ian Rose Plt Off Canadian 141 Sqn DFC
Arthur, Charles John Plt Off British 248 Sqn MIA 27 August 1940; Blenheim crashed into the sea during a reconnaissance mission along the south Norwegian coast, Arthur and Sgt E A Ringwood MIA; Sgt R C R Cox KIA.[10][12]
Ash, Robert Clifford Vacy Flt Lt British 264 Sqn KIA 28 August 1940; Defiant L7021 crashed in flames at Faversham following combat with Bf 109s; Sqn Ldr Gavin, the pilot, bailed out slightly injured, Ash baled out but was killed.(Air Gunner)[10][13]
Ashcroft, Albert Edward David Sgt British 141 Sqn KIA 6 October 1944
Ashfield, Glyn Fg Off British FIU AFC DFC KIA 12 December 1942 (Pilot)
Ashton, Dennis Garth Plt Off British 266 Sqn KIA 12 August 1940 Shot down in flames in Spitfire P9333 following combat with aircraft off Portsmouth. Body later recovered and buried at sea.[10]
Ashton, Dennis Kenneth Sgt British 266 Sqn KIA 26 November 1940 (Malta)
Ashworth, Jack Sgt British 29 Sqn
Aslett, Arthur Thomas Reynor Sgt British 235 Sqn
Aslin, Donald James Sgt British 257 & 32 Sqns
Assheton, William Radclyffe Plt Off British 222 Sqn
Atkins, Frederick Peter John Sgt British 141 Sqn KIA 19 July 1940; Defiant L7015 shot down over the Channel following combat with Bf 109s; Plt Off R Kidson MIA, Atkins KIA.[14] (Air Gunner)[10]
Atkinson, Allan Arthur Plt Off British 23 Sqn KIFA 30 October 1940; Blenheim L6721 crashed at South Bersted in bad weather during routine patrol. Sgt H T Perry, Plt Off H J Woodward KIFA.[15] (Air Gunner)[10]
Atkinson, George Sgt British 151 Sqn DFM KIFA 1 March 1945
Atkinson, Gordon Barry Plt Off British 248 Sqn DFC
Atkinson, Harold Derrick Plt Off British 213 Sqn DFC KIA 25 August 1940 (Pilot) Failed to return from combat over Warmwell in Hurricane P3200, thought to have crashed into the sea.[10]
Atkinson, Matthew Richard Flt Lt British 43 Sqn KIA 26 June 1942
Atkinson, Ronald Plt Off British 266, 242 and 213 Sqns KIA 17 October 1940 (Pilot) Hurricane P3174 shot down in combat with Bf 109s and crashed at Egerton near Pluckley.[10]
Austin, Albert Lawrence LAC British 604 Sqn WIA 25 August 1940; died 26 August 1940; Blenheim L6782' crashed near Witheridge, Exeter, cause unknown; Sgts J G B Fletcher and C Haig KIA. Austin died the following day from injuries.[10][16]
Austin, Anthony Thomas Sgt British 29 Sqn
Austin, Frederick Fg Off British 46 Sqn KIA 17 March 1941 (Pilot)
Austin, Sydney Sgt BR 219 Sqn DFM MIA 31 October 1941
Ayers, David Hart Sgt BR 600 & 74 Sqns KIA 23 September 1940. Abandoned Spitfire P7362 during a routine patrol near Southwold for a cause unknown. His body later recovered from sea.[10]
Ayling, Charles Albert Henry Sgt British 43, 266 Sqns & 421 Flight KIA 11 October 1940 when his Spitfire (P7303) crashed near Newchurch following combat over Hawkinge.[10]


More recently, the Battle of Britain Monument on the Victoria Embankment in London was unveiled on 18 September 2005 by Their Royal Highnesses the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall. The idea for the monument was conceived by the Battle of Britain Historical Society which then set about raising funds for its construction. The outside of the monument is lined with bronze plaques listing all the Allied airmen who took part in the Battle.[8]

The Battle of Britain Memorial Trust, founded by Geoffrey Page, raised funds for the construction of the Battle of Britain Memorial at Capel-le-Ferne near Folkestone in Kent. The Memorial, unveiled by Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother on 9 July 1993, shares the site with the Christopher Foxley-Norris Memorial Wall on which a complete list of "The Few" is engraved.[7]

In 1955 Flt Lt John Holloway, a serving RAF officer, began a personal challenge to compile a complete list of "The Few". After fourteen years of research Flt Lt Holloway had 2,946 names on the list. Of these airmen, 537 were killed during the Battle or later died of wounds received.

Nothing was done officially, however, to define the qualifications for the classification of a Battle of Britain airman until 9 November 1960. AMO N850, published by the Air Ministry, stated for the first time the requirements for the awarding of the Battle of Britain Star, and listed the 71 units which were deemed to have been under the control of RAF Fighter Command.[6]

[5] The Roll of Honour within the Chapel contains the names of 1,497 pilots and aircrew killed or mortally wounded during the Battle.[4]

Plt Off BR 41 Sqn DFC Born Burslem, Staffordshire, 13 March 1913. Cannon shell exploded in cockpit, 1 October 1940, blinding him in one eye and wounding his right arm and leg; baled out and hospitalised; underwent plastic surgery at Queen Victoria Hospital, East Grinstead, by facial reconstruction pioneer Dr. Archie McIndoe; became one of the founding members of McIndoe's "Guinea Pigs"; died 30 January 2004
Bennison, Alan A Sgt NZ 25 Sqn AE Surviving aircrew
Benson, James Gillies Plt Off BR 141 Sqn DSO DFC* AE died 12 July 1987
Benson, Noel John Victor Plt Off BR 603 Sqn KIA 28 August 1940 (Pilot) Spitfire N3105 crashed in flames at Tenterden after combat with Bf 109s.[10]
Bent, Benjamin Sgt BR 25 Sqn DFC Surviving aircrew (Born 1919)
Benzie, John Plt Off CAN 242 Sqn KIA 7 September 1940 Hurricane P2962 failed to return after combat ober the Thames Estuary. Suspected crash site and remains found post war but not positively identified.[10]
Beresford, Hugh Richard Aden Flt Lt BR 257 Sqn MIA 7 September 1940[notes 4](Pilot) Hurricane P3049 shot down in combat over the Thames Estuary and crashed as Sheppey.[10]
Bergman, Vaclav Plt Off CZ 310(Czech) Sqn Died 31 December 2002
Berkley, Thomas Colqhoun Edmonds Sgt BR 85 Sqn MIA 14 June 1941
Bernard, Frantisek Antonin Sgt CZ 238 & 601 Sqns Died 17 June 1980
Bernas, Bronislaw Plt Off POL 302(Polish) Sqn
Berridge, Horace Walter Sgt BR 219 Sqn DFC*
Berry, Alan Sgt BR 264 Sqn MIA 24 August 1940[notes 5]
Berry, Frederick George Flt Sgt BR 1 Sqn DFM KIA 1 September 1940 (Pilot)
Berwick, Robert Charles Sgt BR 25 Sqn KIA 19 June 1941
Beveridge, Charles Sgt BR 219 Sqn
Beytagh, Michael Leo Sqn Ldr BR 73 Sqn (CO)
Bickerdike, John Laurence Plt Off NZ 85 Sqn KIFA 22 July 1940 (during aerobatics) (Pilot) Hurricane P3895 crashed prior to landing at Caste Camps aerodrome.[10][36]
Bicknell, N Sgt BR 23 Sqn No details after Jul 1940
Bicknell, Leslie Charles Sqn Ldr BR 23 Sqn
Bidgood, Eric George Plt Off BR 253 Sqn MIA 16 November 1940
Bidgood, Ivor Kenneth Jack Sgt BR 213 Sqn KIA 2 June 1941
Biggar, Arthur James Sqn Ldr BR 111 Sqn
Bignall, John Edward Sgt BR 25 Sqn KIA 4 September 1941
Binham, Arthur Edward Sgt BR 64 Sqn
Birch, Colin Norman Plt Off BR 1 Sqn AFC
Birch, Raymond Robert Grenville Sgt BR 19 Sqn KIFA 13 July 1940 (Pilot) Spitfire R6688 stalled during dogfight training and crashed and burned at Balsham.[10]
Bird, Ronald Arthur Lt (FAA) BR 804 NAS
Bird-Wilson, Harold Arthur Cooper Plt Off BR 17 Sqn CBE, DSO*, DFC*, DFC(Netherlands), MoM1 (Czech), AFC* AVM 1970. Died 27 December 2000.[37]
Birkett, Thomas Plt Off BR 219 Sqn KIA 13 November 1940
Birrell, Maurice Andrew Mid (FAA) BR 804 NAS & 79 Sqn
Bisdee, John D "The Bish" Plt Off BR 609 Sqn OBE, DFC Became Gp Capt. Died 21 October 2000 [38]
Bisgood, Douglas Leonard Plt Off BR 3 Sqn DFC
Bitmead, Ernest Ralph Sqn Ldr BR 266 & 310 Sqns; 253 Sqn (CO) DFC [39]
Black, Allan Sgt BR 54 Sqn KIA 1 February 1944
Black, Herbert Ernest Bert Sgt BR 46, 257 & 32 Sqns WIA 29 October 1940; Died 9 November 1940 (Pilot) Hurricane shot down in combat with Bf 109s and crashed and burned near Ashford, Black badly wounded and died 9 November 1940.[10][40]
Blackadder, William Francis Flt Lt BR 607 Sqn DSO Born 23 January 1913 – Died 21 November 1997 [41][42][43]
Blackwood, George Douglas Morant Sqn Ldr BR 213 Sqn & 310 Sqn (CO) Died 2 March 1997
Blair, Charles Ernest Plt Off BR 600 Sqn KIA 25 April 1941
Blaize, Pierre Michel Plt Off FR 111 Sqn
Blake, Arthur Giles "Admiral" Sub Lt (FAA) BR 19 Sqn KIA 29 October 1940 (Pilot) Believed attacked by a Bf 109 in his Spitfire P7423 during a patrol over London and crashed at Chelmsford.[10]
Blake, Minden Vaughn "Mindy" Sqn Ldr NZ 238 Sqn(CO Aug) & 234 Sqn (CO September) POW, (Wg Cdr) 19 August 1942 (Dieppe raid) [44]
Bland, John Wellburn Plt Off BR 601 Sqn & 501 Sqn KIA 18 August 1940 (Pilot) Hurricane P3208 crashed following attack by a JG26 pilot.[10]
Blane, William Higgins Sgt BR 604 Sqn
Blatchford, Howard Peter "Cowboy" Flt Lt CAN 17 & 257 Sqn DFC MIA 3 May 1943, (Wg Cdr) shot down in combat over Netherlands; aged 31; Born Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, 25 February 1912; son of Kenneth A. and Grace L. Blatchford, of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada; remembered on Panel 118 of the Runnymede Memorial. Shared 41 Squadron's first World War II victory, a He 111, with Sgts. E. A. Shipman & A. Harris on 17 October 1939;[28]
Blayney, Adolf Jarvis Plt Off BR 609 Sqn
Blenkharn, Frank Sgt BR 25 Sqn
Bloomeley, David Henry Plt Off BR 151 Sqn
Bloor, Ernest Sgt BR 46 Sqn Born in Leeds
Blow, Kenneth Leslie Owen Sgt BR 235 Sqn
Boddington, Michael Christopher B Sgt BR 235 Sqn
Bodie, Crelin Arthur W "Bogle" Plt Off BR 66 Sqn KIFA 1 January 1941
Boitel-Gill, Derek Pierre Aumale Flt Lt BR 152 Sqn DFC 22 October 1940 KIFA 18 September 1941 (Wg Cdr)
Bolton, Henry Albert Sgt BR No. 79 Squadron RAF KIA 31 August 1940. Shot down in combat over RAF Kenley and crashed attempting a forced landing at Warlingham) (Pilot)
Bon Seigneur, Camille Robespeirre Plt Off CAN 257 Sqn KIA 3 September 1940 (Pilot)
Boot, Peter Victor Plt Off BR 1 Sqn
Booth, Glendon Bulmer Sgt BR 46 Sqn WIA 31 August 1940; Died 7 February 1941 (Pilot)
Booth, J J Sqn Ldr BR 23 Sqn & 600 Sqn
Boret, Robert John Plt Off BR 41 Sqn MIA 16 November 1940 (216 Sqn) when aircraft ran out of fuel at sea between HMS Argus and Malta; aged 20; Born London, 8 November 1919; son of Air Cdr. John A. Boret, CBE, MC, AFC, who commanded 41 Squadron from May 1933-Mar 1937; remembered on Panel 7 of the Runnymede Memorial.
Borowski, Jan Fg Off POL 302(Polish) Sqn KIFA 18 October 1940 (Pilot) Hurricane P3930 crashed and burned at Kempton Park race course in bad weather returning from a patrol.[10]
Boswell, Reginald Arthur Sgt BR 19 Sqn
Boulding, R J E Fg Off BR 74 Sqn
Boulter, John Clifford Fg Off BR 603 Sqn KIA 17 February 1941
Boulton, John Eric Plt Off BR 603 Sqn & 310 Sqn KIA 9 September 1940 (Pilot)[notes 6]
Boquillard, Henri Jacques Adjutant BR 615 Sqn & 249 Sqn KIA 11 March 1941
Bowen, Charles Earle Flt Lt BR 607 Sqn KIA 1 October 1940 (Pilot) Hurricane P2900 shot down in combat with Bf 110ss over the Isle of Wight, Bowen missing.
Bowen, Nigel Greenstreet Plt Off BR 266 Sqn KIA 16 August 1940 (Pilot)
Bowen, Peter Duncan Plt Off BR 264 Sqn MIA 13 February 1944
Bowen-Morris, Hugh Sgt BR 92 Sqn
Bowerman, Oswald Robert Sgt BR 222 Sqn MiD KIA 24 October 1942
Bowman, Leonard Douglas Sgt BR 141 Sqn
Bowring, Benjamin Harvey Fg Off BR 111 Sqn & 600 Sqn
Bowyer, Walter Stafford Flt Lt SA 257 Sqn KIA 24 January 1942 [46]
Boyd, Adrian Hope "Ginger" Flt Lt BR 145 Sqn(Acting CO 8 August 1940) DSO, DFC*(Jun, Aug 1940)
Boyd, Archibald D McNeill Fg Off BR 600 Sqn DSO, DFC Surviving aircrew
Boyd, Robert Finlay Flt Lt BR 602 Sqn
Boyle, Cyril Sgt BR 236 Sqn
Boyle, John Greer "Beryl" Fg Off CAN 41 Sqn KIA 28 September 1940, aged 26. Born Casselman, Ontario, Canada, 27 March 1914 (Pilot)
Braham, John Randall Daniel "Bob" Sqn Ldr BR 29 Sqn DSO**, DFC**, AFC Died 7 February 1974
Bramah, Henry George Kenelm Sub Lt (FAA) BR 213 Sqn
Branch, Guy Rawstron Fg Off BR 145 Sqn EGM (George Cross, 1937) KIA 11 August 1940 (Pilot)
Brash, George Brown Sgt BR 248 Sqn MIA 1 October 1940 [32][47]
Breeze, Reginald Arthur Sgt BR 222 Sqn KIA 28 January 1945
Brejcha, Vaclav Sgt CZ 43 Sqn KIA 19 June 1941
Brennan, Jack Stephen Sgt NZ 23 Sqn KIA 21 August 1940 (ground accident) [48][49][50]
Brett, Colin Peter Noel Fg Off BR 17 Sqn
Brewster, John Fg Off BR 615 Sqn & 616 Sqn KIA 6 April 1941
Briere, Yves J Plt Off FR 232 Sqn MIA 14 May 1941
Briese, Carl E Fg Off CAN 1(RCAF) Sqn
Briggs, Dennis Rushworth Sgt BR 236 Sqn KIA 21 December 1940
Bright, Vernon Maxwell Plt Off BR 229 Sqn KIA 24 September 1942
Brimble, George William Sgt BR 242 Sqn KIA 1 December 1940
Brimble, John Joseph Sgt BR 73 Sqn KIA 14 September 1940 (Pilot)
Brinsden, Francis Noel Fg Off NZ 19 Sqn POW 17 August 1943. Retired RAF (Wg Cdr) 1966.
Britton, Allen Walter Naylor Fg Off BR 263 Sqn MIA 12 December 1940
Britton, Henry Wilfred Arthur Plt Off BR 17 Sqn KIA 6 August 1940 (Pilot)
Broadhurst, Harry Wg Cdr BR 1 Sqn GCB, KBE, DSO*, DFC*, AFC Died 29 August 1995
Broadhurst, John William Plt Off BR 222 Sqn KIA 7 October 1940 (Pilot)
Brooker, Robert E Peter Fg Off BR 56 Sqn DSO*, DFC* KIA 16 April 1945 (Wg Cdr)
Brothers, Peter Malam Flt Lt BR 32 & 257 Sqns DSO, DFC* Died 18 December 2008 [51]
Brown, A W Plt Off BR 25 Sqn
Brown, A E Sgt BR 234 Sqn
[Brown, Bernard W] Plt Off NZ 610 & 72 Sqns Surviving aircrew
Brown, C B Sgt BR 245 Sqn
Brown, Charles Walter Dryburgh Sgt BR 236 Sqn KIA 30 June 1941
Brown, D M Fg Off BR 1 Sqn
Brown, De Peyster Plt Off AME 601 Sqn Died 3 August 1991
Brown, F S FSgt BR 79 Sqn
Brown, G A Fg Off BR 253 Sqn
Brown, James Wood Sgt BR 600 Sqn KIA 22 November 1943
Brown, Mark Henry "Hilly" Fg Off CAN 1 Sqn DFC*, MC (Czech) KIA 12 November 1941 (Sicily)[28]
Brown, Marvin Kitchener Plt Off CAN 242 Sqn KIA 21 February 1941
Brown, Maurice Peter Fg Off BR 611 & 41 Sqns AFC Died 20 January 2011[52]
Brown, Norman McHardy Plt Off BR 611 & 41 Sqns AFC Surviving aircrew
Born Edinburgh, Scotland, 1919. Commission terminated on completion of service, 12 April 1941
Brown, R C Fg Off BR 229 Sqn
Brown, Robert J W Plt Off BR 111 Sqn
Brown, Robert S AC2 BR 604 Sqn Died 2010?
Browne, C Sgt BR 219 Sqn
Browne, Dennis Owen Matthew Plt Off BR 1 Sqn MIA 16 August 1940
Bruce, David Campbell Fg Off BR 111 Sqn MIA 4 September 1940
Brumby, Norman Sgt BR 615 & 607 Sqns KIA 1 October 1940 Hurricane V6686 shot down in combat with Bf 109s over the Isle of Wight.[10][53]
Brunner, G C Plt Off BR 43 Sqn
Bryant, R F Mid (FAA) BR ? Sqn No Service Details Known
Bryant-Fenn, L T Fg Off BR 79 Sqn
Bryson, John Samuel Plt Off CAN 92 Sqn KIA 24 September 1940
Brzezina, Stanislaw Flt Lt POL 74 Sqn VM, KW Died, in rank of Colonel, 13 February 1946 in crash of Douglas DC-3 Dakota in Orpington near London.
Brzezowski, Michal Sgt POL 303 Sqn MIA 15 September 1940
Buchin, Maurice Simon Henri Charles Plt Off BEL 213 Sqn MIA 15 August 1940
Buck, James Allen Sgt BR 43 Sqn KIA 19 July 1940 (drowned)
Bucknole, John Stanley Sgt BR 54 Sqn KIA 25 July 1941
Budd, G O Flt Lt BR 604 Sqn
Budzinski, Jan Sgt POL 605 & 145 Sqns KW Died 26 August 2007 in Spring, Texas, USA
Bull, Cecil Halford Flt Lt BR 25 Sqn KIA 8 August 1940
Bull, J C Plt Off BR 600 Sqn
Bulmer, Geoffrey Gordon Robinson Sub Lt (FAA) BR 32 Sqn MIA 20 July 1940; HMS Daedalus
Bumstead, R F Sgt BR 111 Sqn
Bunch, D C Sgt BR 219 Sqn
Bunch Samuel Hoskin Sun Lt (FAA) BR 804 Sqn KIA 11 May 1941; HMS Condor
Bungey, Robert Wilton Fg Off AU 145 Sqn DFC Committed suicide 10 June 1943 Adelaide, Australia [54]
Burda, Frantisek Plt Off CZ 310 Sqn Died 23 February 1988.
Burdekin, A G Sgt BR 600 Sqn
Burgess, J H B Sgt BR 222 Sqn
Burgoyne, Eric Plt Off BR 19 Sqn KIA 27 September 1940
Burley, P S Sgt BR 600 Sqn
Burnard, F P Flt Sgt BR 74 & 616 Sqns
Burnell-Phillips, Peter Anthony Sgt BR 607 Sqn DFM KIFA 9 February 1941
Burnett, Norman Whitmore Fg Off BR 266 & 46 Sqns MIA 11 June 1941
Burns, Owen V "OV" Sgt BR 235 Sqn Surviving aircrew
Burton, D L Sgt NZ 248 Sqn POW 20 October 1940; Blenheim P6952 shot down attacking enemy aircraft off Norwegian coast; Flt Lt G M Baird captured, Burton captured wounded, Sgt R Copcutt missing, W/O S V Wood captured wounded.[17]
Burton, Howard Frizelle "Billy" Flt Lt BR 66 Sqn & 616 Sqns (CO)
Burton, Leslie Gilbert Plt Off BR 236 Sqn KIA 24 December 1941 (Observer)
Burton, Percival Ross Frances Fg Off SA 249 Sqn KIA 27 September 1940
Bury-Burzymski, Jan Plt Off POL 303 Sqn KIA 24 October 1940
Bush, Basil Martin Sgt BR 504 Sqn
Bush, Charles Roy Plt Off NZ 242 Sqn DFC KIFA 30 November 1948 in Ruahines, during photographic reconnaissance in Gisborne area of NZ. Born Wellington, New Zealand, 7 February 1918.
Bushell, Gordon Downs Sgt BR 213 Sqn KIA 31 December 1940 (Pilot)
Butterfield, Samuel Leslie Sgt BR 213 Sqn DFM KIA 11 August 1940 (Pilot)
Butterick, A F Sgt BR 232 Sqn
Butterworth, K AC2 BR 23 Sqn
Byng-Hall, Percy Plt Off CAN 29 Sqn
Byrne, Edward Leslie "Paddy" W/O BR FIU POW 13 September 1940; Blenheim Z5721 crashed in Channel off Calais during night patrol (circumstances unknown); Flt Lt Ker-Ramsay, W/O George Dixon and Byrne baled out and were captured.[55] KIA 24 July 1943 (Pilot)[55]
Name Rank Nationality Sqn during Battle Awards Notes
Cain, Anthony Richard Sgt BR 235 Sqn KIA 15 June 1941 (Wireless Operator)
Caister, James Russell Plt Off BR 603 Sqn Official Ace
Calderhead, George Douglas Plt Off BR 54 Sqn KIA 12 January 1942
Calderwood, Thomas Morrow Sgt BR 85 Sqn Died 28 September 1957
Cale, Francis Walter Plt Off AUS 266 Sqn KIA 15 August 1940[56]
Calthorpe Sgt BR 25 Sqn
Cambridge, William Percival Flt Lt BR 253 Sqn KIA 6 September 1940 (Pilot)
Cameron, James Douglas Sgt BR 604 Sqn KIA 9 May 1942 (Wireless Operator/Air Gunner)
Cameron, Matthew Flt Sgt BR 66 Sqn
Cameron, Neil Sgt BR 1 & 17 Sqns KT, GCB, CBE, DSO, DFC Official Ace Died 29 January 1985
Campbell, Alan Sgt NZ 264 Sqn KIA 29 July 1942
Campbell, Alexander Middleton Flt Lt BR 29 Sqn Died 1974
Campbell, Alan Robert McLeod Plt Off CAN 54 Sqn Died September 1974
Campbell, David Baillie Sgt NZ 23 Sqn Died June 1984
Campbell, Donald Cairnie O Sgt BR 66 Sqn KIA Sep 1940, Details not known.
Campbell, Gillian Lorne Plt Off BR 236 Sqn DFC KIA 23 December 1942
Campbell, Kenneth Charles Plt Off BR 43 Sqn KIA 29 July 1940
Campbell, Norman Neil Plt Off CAN 242 Sqn KIA 17 October 1940 (Pilot)
Campbell-Colquhoun, Ernest William Flt Lt BR 264 & 66 Sqns Died 1989[57]
Candy, Robert John Plt Off BR 25 Sqn
Canham, Arthur William Sgt BR 600 Sqn
Cannon, Bernard Sgt BR 604 Sqn Died 17 September 1983
Capel, Bernard Sgt BR 23 Sqn
Capon, Cardale Frederick Alexander Plt Off BR 257 Sqn KIA 1 January 1941 (Pilot)
Capstick, Herbert Plt Off Jamaican 236 Sqn
Carbury, Brian John George Fg Off NZ 603 Sqn DFC* Born Wellington, New Zealand, 27 February 1918. Court-martialled and dismissed from RAF, Oct 1941, possibly due to bounced cheques; died UK Jul 1962[58]
Cardell, Philip Melville Plt Off BR 603 Sqn KIA 27 September 1940 (Pilot)
Cardnell, Charles Frederick Plt Off BR 23 Sqn KIA 8 August 1940 (Pilot)
Carey, Frank Reginald Flt Lt BR 43 Sqn DFC**, AFC, DFM Official Ace, Died 6 December 2004
Carlin, Sydney "Timbertoes" Plt Off BR 264 Sqn MC, DFC, DCM KIA 9 May 1941
Carnaby, William Fleming Fg Off BR 264 & 85 Sqns KIA 5 February 1943 (Pilot) [59]
Carnall, Ralph Sgt BR 111 Sqn Died 1984
Carpenter, Jack Conway Sub Lt (FAA) BR 229 & 46 Sqn KIA 8 September 1940
Carpenter, John Michael Vowles Plt Off BR 222 Sqn
Carr, William Joseph Fg Off BR 235 Sqn AFC KIA 26 August 1942 [59]
Carr-Lewty, Robert Albert Sgt BR 41 Sqn AFC Born Bradford, Yorkshire, 6 July 1911. Relinquished commission, Jul 1956, retaining Flt Lt; became Doctor; died 1997
Carriere, Jean Charles Plt Off CAN 219 Sqn DFC
Carswell, Malcolm Keith Fg Off NZ 43 Sqn Died 7 July 2003
Carter, Laurence Richmond Sgt BR 610 & 41 Sqn MIA 6 July 1941
Carter, Peter Edward George Plt Off BR 73 & 302 Sqn KIA 18 October 1940. Died just 250 y from Borowski, who was his wingsman. Most tragic flight of 302 squadron. Scrambled in bad weather against Messerschmitts. Four ! pilots of 302 died in just one sortie hitting the ground: Borowski, Carter, Wapniarek, Zukowski. P/O Carter probably, as Borowski, was posthumously awarded with VM.Pupil at St Joseph`s collage,South Croydon,London 1928-30. D.O.B 04/05/1919
Carter, Victor Arthur Plt Off BR 607 Sqn
Carthew, Gerald Charles Trewalla Plt Off CAN 253, 85 & 145 Sqns Surviving aircrew
Carver, John Champion Fg Off BR 87 Sqn DFC MIA 6 June 1942 [60]
Carver, Kenneth Maltby Plt Off BR 229 Sqn
Carver, Rodney Harold Power Lt (FAA) BR 804 NAS
Case, Herbert Robert Plt Off BR 34 & 72 Sqns KIA 12 October 1940[61][62]
Cassidy, Ernest Fg Off BR 25 Sqn DFC
Casson, Lionel Harwood "Buck" Plt Off BR 79 & 616 Sqns DFC, AFC, AE* Official Ace Died 8 October 2003 [63][64]
Castle, Colin Ewart Patrick Sgt BR 219 Sqn KIA 13 November 1940 (Air Gunner)
Cave, John Geoffry Plt Off BR 600 Sqn Died 1962
Cawse, Frederick Norman Plt Off BR 238 Sqn KIA 11 August 1940 (Pilot)
Cebrzynskli, Arsen Fg Off CZ 312 Sqn WIA 11 September 1940; Died 19 September 1940
Chabera, Frantisek Sgt CZ 312 Sqn Died 21 October 1999
Chadwick, Dennis Frederick Sgt BR 64 Sqn Died 1973
Chaffe, Ronald Ivor Plt Off BR 245 & 43 Sqn KIA 22 February 1942
Chalder, Harry Hutchinson Plt Off BR 266 & 41 Sqn Born Newcastle upon Tyne 1915. Seriously WIA 28 September 1940; Died of wounds 10 November 1940 Halton Hospital.
Chaloner Lindsey, Patrick Plt Off BR 601 Sqn KIA 26 July 1940
Chalupa, Stanislaw Jozef Plt Off POL 302 Sqn CdG, VM, KW His CdG from 1940 received in 2000. Died 24 April 2004 in Katowice, buried in Kraków.
Chamberlain, George Philip Wg Cdr BR FIU
Chamberlain, Joseph Thomas Ronald Plt Off BR 235 Sqn Surviving aircrew
Chandler, Horatio Herbert Sgt BR 610 Sqn Official Ace
Chapman, Victor Ronald Sgt BR 264 Sqn
Chappell, Alan Kingsley Plt Off BR 236 Sqn
Chappell, Charles Gordon Fg Off BR 65 & 609 Sqns Born Manchester, 7 September 1915. Commissioned May 1938; relinquished commission April 1965
Chapple, Douglas William Ernest Sgt BR 236 Sqn KIA 28 June 1941
Chard, Wilfred Thomas Sgt BR 141 Sqn
Charles, Edward Francis John "Jack" Fg Off CAN 54 Sqn DSO, DFC* Died 5 November 1986[65]
Charnock, Gerard AC2 BR 25 Sqn Believed KIA 5 June 1941
Charnock, Harry Walpole Sgt BR 64 & 19 Sqns DFC, DFM, CdeG Born Chorley, Lancashire, 20 June 1905. Commissioned on graduation from RAF College Cranwell, December 1925; cashiered by General Court Martial for low flying, December 1930; re-joined RAFVR as NCO pilot, September 1939; re-commissioned January 1943; relinquished commission, January 1955; Also awarded Belgian Knight in the Order of Leopold. Died 24 May 1974 [66]
Chater, George Frederick Sqn Ldr SA 247 Sqn (CO) & 3 Sqn DFC
Cheetham, John Cowper Sgt BR 23 Sqn KIA 15 July 1944
Chelmecki, Marian Plt Off POL 56 & 17 Sqns Died 28 March 1988[67]
Chesters, Peter Plt Off BR 74 Sqn KIFA 10 April 1941 [68]
Chetham, Charles Arthur Copeland Plt Off BR 1 Sqn KIA 15 April 1941
Chevrier, Joseph Armand Jacques Plt Off CAN 1 Sqn MIA 6 July 1942; ADC to His Excellency the Governor General, the Earl of Athlone, from 1 August 1941 to 31 March 1942.
Chew, Clifford Archibald Sgt BR 17 Sqn AFC KIA 24 March 1945
Chignell, Robert Alexander Wg Cdr BR 145 Sqn MiD KIA 14 February 1942
Chiltern, Patrick Charles Stuart Sub Lt (FAA) BR 804 Sqn Also spelt "Chilton"
Chipping, Douglas James Sgt BR 222 Sqn Died 1985
Chisholm, Roderick Aeneus Plt Off BR 604 Sqn DSO, DFC Later Air Cdre; died 1994
Chlopik, Tadeusz P Flt Lt POL 302 Sqn KIA 15 September 1940
Chomley, John Allison George Plt Off RHO 257 Sqn MIA 12 August 1940
Choran, Maurice Philipe Cesar Adj FR 64 Sqn MIA 10 April 1942
Christie, George Patterson Fg Off CAN 242 & 66 Sqns DFC* KIA 6 July 1942
Christie, John McBean Sgt BR 152 Sqn KIA 26 September 1940
Christmas, Beverley E Plt Off CAN 1 Sqn RCAF 17 May 1988
Chrystal(l), Colin Sgt NZ 235 Sqn Killed 28 July 1961
Churches, Edward Walter Gillies Plt Off NZ 74 Sqn MIA 19 April 1941[69]
Churchill, Walter Myers Sqn Ldr BR 605 Sqn (CO) DSO DFC 1907-1942 KIA 27 August 1942
Cizek, Evzen Plt Off CZ 1 Sqn KIFA 26 November 1942 (By then a Gp Capt)[70]
Clackson, David Lawrence Flt Lt BR 600 Sqn MBE
Clandillon, James Albert Sgt BR 219 Sqn KIA 18 February 1943
Clark, Colin Anthony Gordon Plt Off SA FIU KIA 30 October 1941
Clark, David de Brassey Sqn Ldr BR 600 Sqn CBE
Clark, Godfrey Percival Sgt BR 604 Sqn DFC
Clark, Henry Reginald Flt Lt BR 66 & 610 Sqns 'Surviving aircrew
Clark, William Terence Montague "Terry" Sgt BR 219 Sqn DFM Surviving aircrew
Beaufighter radar navigator.[71]
Clarke, Arthur William Plt Off BR 504 Sqn KIA 7 April 1940 [72]
Clarke, Gordon Stuart Sgt BR 248 Sqn MIA 1 October 1940
Clarke, Gordon Thomas Sgt BR 151 Sqn AFC KIFA 11 August 1953
Clarke, Henry Reginald Sgt BR 66 & 610 Sqns AE (1918-26 July 2010)
Clarke, Ronald Neville Sqn Ldr BR 235 Sqn DFC Possibly KIA 4 March 1941
Clarke, Raymond Walter Fg Off BR 79 & 238 Sqns MIA 16 November 1940
Cleaver, Gordon Neil S "Mouse" Fg Off BR 610 Sqn DFC Official Ace Died 1994[73] [74] [75]
Clenshaw, Ian Charles Cooper Sgt BR 253 Sqn KIA 10 July 1940; First Casualty of the Battle of Britain,
Clerke, Rupert Francis Henry Flt Lt BR 32 & 79 Sqns DFC
Clift, Douglas Gerald "Duggie" Fg Off BR 79 Sqn Official Ace Died 2008[76]
Clifton, John Kenneth Graham Plt Off BR 253 Sqn KIA 1 September 1940
Clouston, Arthur Edmond Sqn Ldr NZ 219 Sqn DSO, DFC, AFC
Clouston, Wilfred Greville Fg Off NZ 19 Sqn DFC Died 24 May 1980[77]
Clowes, Arthur Victor Plt Off BR 1 Sqn DFC, DFM Died 7 December 1949
Clyde, William Pancoast "Billy" Fg Off BR 601 Sqn Official Ace
Coates, James Patrick Lt (FAA) BR 804 NAS KIA 6 November 1940
Cobden, Donald Gordon Plt Off NZ 74 Sqn KIA 11 August 1940[78]
Cochrane, Arthur Charles "Cocky" Plt Off CAN 257 Sqn DFC MIA 31 March 1943[65]
Cock, John Reynolds Fg Off AUS 87 Sqn DFC Died 29 August 1988
Cockburn, John Clayton Lt Cdr (FAA) BR 804 NAS
Cockburn, Richard Cockburn Lt (FAA) BR 808 NAS
Coggins, John Plt Off BR 235 Sqn MBE, DFM* MIA 16 December 1940
Coghlan, John Hunter Fg Off BR 56 Sqn DFC KIA 17 August 1940
Coke, The Hon. David Arthur Fg Off BR 257 Sqn KIA 9 December 1941
Cole, Charles Frederick John Sgt BR 236 Sqn
Colebrook, Christopher Plt Off BR 54 Sqn MIA 21 April 1941[79]
Coleman, Edward Jack Plt Off BR 54 Sqn KIA 7 February 1941[80]
Collard, Peter Fg Off BR 615 Sqn DFC KIA 14 August 1940
Collett, George Richard Sgt BR 54 Sqn KIA 22 August 1940[81]
Collingbridge, Leon William Plt Off BR 66 Sqn Also spelt Collingridge
Collins, Anthony Roland Sqn Ldr BR 72 Sqn (CO) & 46 Sqn Died 21 February 1976
Collyns, Basil Gordon Plt Off NZ 238 Sqn DFC KIA 20 August 1944[82] (Pilot) Buried in France[83][84]
Comely, Peter Woodruff Plt Off BR 87 Sqn MIA 15 August 1940
Comerford, Harry Alfred George Flt Lt BR 312 Sqn AFC
Compton, John William AC2 BR 25 Sqn
Connell, William Charles Plt Off CAN 32 Sqn
Connor, Francis Hebblethwaite Powell Fg Off BR 234 Sqn Died 1 May 1982
Connors, Stanley Dudley Pierce Flt Lt BR 111 Sqn DFC* KIA 18 August 1940
Considene, Brian Bertram Plt Off IRE 238 Sqn
Constable-Maxwell, Michael Hugh Fg Off BR 56 Sqn DSO, DFC
Constantine, Alexander Noel Plt Off AUS 141 Sqn KIFA 29 July 1947
Cook, Arthur Willson Sgt BR 604 Sqn DFM
Cook, Harry Sgt BR 66 & 266 Sqns Born Grimsby, 31 August 1920. Commissioned June 1942, demobilised 1946
Cook, Robert Vincent Sgt BR 219 Sqn
Cooke, Charles Alfred Plt Off BR 66 Sqn DFC Died 28 January 1985
Cooke, Herbert Reginald Sgt BR 23 Sqn DFC
Coombes, Eric Sgt BR 219 Sqn
Coombs, Robert Johnson Sgt BR 600 Sqn DFC Died 1951
Cooney, Cecil John FSgt BR 56 Sqn MIA 29 July 1940
Coope, William Edwin Sqn Ldr BR 17 Sqn KIA 4 June 1941
Cooper, Charles Fredrick AC2 BR 600 Sqn KIA 3 October 1940
Cooper, Douglas Clifford Sgt BR 235 Sqn
Cooper, James Enerton Sgt BR 610 Sqn KIA 9 September 1941
Cooper, Roy Norman Sgt BR 610 & 65 Sqns KIA 28 October 1945
Cooper, Sidney Frederick Sgt BR 253 Sqn AFC
Cooper, Thomas Arthur Sgt BR 266 & 92 Sqns
Cooper-Key, Aston Maurice Plt Off BR 46 Sqn KIA 24 July 1940
Cooper-Slipper, Thomas Paul Michael Fg Off BR 605 Sqn DFC Died 23 February 2004 [85]
Coote, Leonard Edward Morgan Sgt BR 600 Sqn KIA 23 October 1943
Copcutt, Richard Sgt BR 248 Sqn MIA 20 October 1940; Blenheim P6952 shot down attacking enemy aircraft off Norwegian coast; Flt Lt G M Baird captured, Sgt D L Burton captured wounded, Copcutt missing, W/O S V Wood captured wounded.[17]
Copeland, Norman Downey Sgt BR 235 Sqn
Copeland, Percy Sgt BR 616, 66 & 73 Sqns DFC KIA 26 June 1942 [86]
Copeman, Jack Harry Hamilton Plt Off BR 111 Sqn KIA 11 August 1940 aged 27 when he was shotdown in Hurricane P3105 in combat off Margate.[10]
Corbett, George Henry Plt Off CAN 66 Sqn KIA 8 October 1940 aged 21 when as a Pilot of Spitfire R6779 he was shot down in combat by BF 109s and crashed Bayfors Marshes.[10]
Corbett, Vaughan Bowerman Flt Lt CAN 401 Sqn DFC KIA 20 February 1945, by then a Gp Capt, buried in Toronto, Canada.[87]
Corbin, William James Sgt BR 610 & 66 Sqns DFC Died 8 December 2012
Corcoran, Henry Sgt BR 236 Sqn MIA 20 July 1940
Cordell, Horace Arthur Sgt BR 64 & 616 Sqns
Corfe, Douglas Fredrick Sgt BR 73, 66 & 610 Sqns KIA 25 April 1942
Cork, Richard John "Dickie" Sub Lt (FAA) BR 242 Sqn DFC Official Ace, KIA 14 April 1944
Corkett, Allan Henry Plt Off BR 253 Sqn
Corner, Malcolm Charles Plt Off CAN 254 Sqn WIA 23 April 1945
Cory, Noel Henry Plt Off BR 25 Sqn Also spelt "Corry"
Cory, Guy Webster Fg Off BR 41 Sqn AFC Died 20 June 1981
Cosby, Eric Thomas Sgt BR 3 & 615 Sqns Died 26 April 1978
Cosby, Ivor Henry Plt Off BR 610, 72 & 222 Sqns DFC
Cotes-Preedy, Digby Vawdre Cartmel Plt Off BR 236 Sqn GM [88] Died 1972
Cottam, Gerald AC2 BR 25 Sqn
Cottam, Hubert Weatherby Plt Off BR 213 Sqn Killed active service 5 December 1941
Courtis, Jack Burall Sgt NZ 111 Sqn KIA 5 December 1940
Courtney, Ronald Noel Hamilton Fg Off BR 151 Sqn DFC, AFC
Coussens, Herbert William Sgt BR 601 Sqn
Couzens, George Walter Plt Off BR 54 Sqn Died June 1978[89]
Coverley, William Hugh Fg Off BR 602 Sqn KIA 7 September 1940
Covington, Aubrey Richard Plt Off BR 238 Sqn
Coward, James Baird Flt Lt BR 19 Sqn AFC Surviving aircrew; Retired from the RAF at the rank of Air Cdre (Born 1915) [90]
Cowen, William AC2 BR 25 Sqn Died 20 June 1979
Cowley, James Sgt BR 87 Sqn
Cowsill, James Roy Sgt BR 56 Sqn MIA 13 July 1940
Cox, David George Samuel Richardson Sgt BR 19 Sqn DFC*, CdeG [91]
Craig, George Dudley Flt Lt BR 607 Sqn OBE Died 1974
Craig, John Teasdale "Bobby" Sgt BR 111 Sqn Official Ace, KIA 2 June 1941
Crew, Edward Dixon Fg Off BR 604 Sqn DFC*, DSO*, CB Official Ace, Retired with the rank of AVM. 1917-2002 [92]
Crockett, Ronald Frederick Plt Off BR 236 Sqn KIA 17 September 1942 [93]
Crook, David Moore Plt Off BR 609 Sqn DFC Official Ace, MIA 18 December 1944
Croskell, Michael Ernest Sgt BR 213 Sqn Surviving aircrew
Crossley, Michael Nicholson Flt Lt BR 32 Sqn (CO) DSO, OBE, DFC Official Ace
Crowley-Milling, Denis W "Crow" Plt Off BR 242 Sqn KCB, CBE, DSO, DFC*, AE [94]
Cuddie, William Arthur Plt Off CAN 141 Sqn MIA 3 October 1943 [95]
Cukr, Vaclav Sgt CZ 43 & 253 Sqns Died 14 October 1989
Cullen, R W AC2 BR 23 Sqn
Culmer, J D Sgt BR 25 Sqn
Culverwell, John Henry Sgt BR 87 Sqn KIA 25 July 1940
Cumbers, A B Sgt BR 141 Sqn
Cunningham, J Sgt BR 29 Sqn
Cunningham, John "Cat's Eyes" Flt Lt BR 604 Sqn OBE, CBE, DSO**, DFC*, AE [96] Official Ace, Left the RAF with the rank of Gp Capt to become chief test pilot for de Havilland. Died 21 July 2002.[97]
Cunningham, John Laurence Gilchrist Flt Lt BR 603 Sqn MIA 28 August 1940
Cunningham, W Flt Lt BR 43 Sqn
Cunningham, Wallace Flt Lt BR 19 Sqn Official Ace, Surviving aircrew[98]
Cunnington, William George Sgt BR 607 Sqn MIA 16 November 1940
Cupitt, T Sgt BR 29 Sqn
Curchin, John Plt Off BR 609 Sqn DFC Official Ace, KIA 4 June 1941 [99]
Sgt BR 141 Sqn MIA 19 July 1940
Currant, Christopher Frederick "Bunny" Flt Lt BR 605 Sqn DFC*, DSO, CDeG [100] Official Ace, Died 12 March 2006 [101]
Curtis, F W Sgt BR 25 Sqn
Cutts, John Wintringham Fg Off BR 222 Sqn MIA 4 September 1940
Czajkowski, Franciszek Plt Off POL 151 Sqn Died 25 October 1942 (Hospital bombed)
Czerniak, Jerzy Plt Off POL 302 Sqn KIA 9 August 1941
Czernin, Count Manfred Beckett Fg Off BR 17 Sqn DSO, MC, DFC Official Ace Born Berlin, Germany, 18 January 1913. Changed name from Count Manfred Marie Ralph Edmund Czernin to Manfred Beckett (Mother's maiden name), Nov 1931; changed name from Manfred Beckett to Count Manfred Beckett Czernin (part of original name), Nov 1936; involved in secret missions in Italian-speaking territory for Special Operations Executive, 1943–1945; retired Jan 1958, died in London, 6 October 1962
Czerny, Jan Flt Lt POL 302 Sqn Died 18 February 1991 in Poland.
Czerwinski, Tadeusz Fg Off POL 302 Sqn KIA 22 August 1942
Czternastek, Stanislaw Plt Off POL 32 Sqn KIA 5 February 1941

Notes on table

  • Ranks given are those held during the Battle of Britain, although a higher rank may have been achieved after the Battle.
  • All individuals listed in bold and highlighted in silver are believed to be still alive.
  • Aircrew listed as KIA, MIA, WIA or KIFA during the Battle of Britain are highlighted in blue.
  • The awards listed include those made during the Battle of Britain and during the remainder of World War II, as well as any made post-war.
  • In order to limit the numbers of footnotes which would otherwise be required, the symbol under "Notes" indicates several entries in the text of Ramsay 1989, while the symbol indicates that information on the circumstances under which an airman became a casualty during the Battle is included in the text of the book. Where more than one crew member of a multi place aircraft was involved this is included as a cross-reference under "Notes"
  • In addition to 2,353 British aircrew, the RAF Roll of Honour recognises 574 personnel from other countries;[3] namely:
Australia, Barbados, Belgium, Canada, Czechoslovakia, France, Ireland, Jamaica, Newfoundland, New Zealand, Poland, Rhodesia, South Africa and the United States.[102]



AME American
AUS Australian
BEL Belgian
BR British
CAN Canadian
CZ Czechoslovakian
FR French
IRE Irish
NZ New Zealander
POL Polish
RHO Rhodesian
SA South African


Award Title Notes
AE Air Efficiency Award Awarded for ten years' efficient service in the Royal Auxiliary Air Force
AFC Air Force Cross Awarded for "an act or acts of valour, courage or devotion to duty whilst flying, though not in active operations against the enemy".
CB Companion in The Order of the Bath Awarded at the monarch's pleasure
CDeG Croix de guerre A military decoration of both France and Belgium, also commonly bestowed to foreign military forces allied to France and Belgium.
CdeL Croix de la Libération A decoration of France awarded for very meritorious conduct with the Free French Forces during World War II.
CdeLd'H Croix de Légion d'honneur A decoration of France awarded for excellent civil or military conduct delivered, upon official investigation.
CdeLL Croix de L'Ordre de Leopold Awarded to Belgian nationals or some distinguished foreign persons who made very important contributions to the Belgian state or society.
DFC Distinguished Flying Cross Awarded to Royal Air Force commissioned officers and Warrant Officers for "an act or acts of valour, courage or devotion to duty whilst flying in active operations against the enemy".
DFC* Distinguished Flying Cross and Bar A bar is added to the ribbon for holders of the DFC who received a second award.
DFC** Distinguished Flying Cross and Two Bars A second bar is added to the ribbon for holders of the DFC and Bar who received a third award.
DFM Distinguished Flying Medal Awarded to military below commissioned rank, for "an act or acts of valour, courage or devotion to duty whilst flying in active operations against the enemy".
DSO Distinguished Service Order Awarded for meritorious or distinguished service by officers of the armed forces during wartime, typically in actual combat.
DSO* Distinguished Service Order and Bar A bar is added to the ribbon for holders of the DSO who received a second award.
DSO** Distinguished Service Order and Two Bars A second bar is added to the ribbon for holders of the DSO and Bar who received a third award.
GCB Knight Grand Cross of The Order of the Bath Awarded at the monarch's pleasure
KCVO Knight Commander of the Royal Victorian Order Awarded for personal service to the sovereign
KStJ Knight of the Order of Saint John
KZ Krzyz Zaslugi, Polish "Cross of Merit" Awarded for exemplary public service or humanitarian work that goes above and beyond the call of duty.
MBE Member of the Order of the British Empire Awarded at the monarch's pleasure
MC Military Cross Awarded for "an act or acts of exemplary gallantry during active operations against the enemy on land to all members, of any rank".
MM Military Medal Awarded for acts of gallantry and devotion to duty under fire
OBE Officer of the Order of the British Empire Awarded at the monarch's pleasure
OStJ Officer of the Order of Saint John
VC Victoria Cross Highest British military decoration, awarded for valour in the face of the enemy.
VM Virtuti Militari Highest Polish military award for courage in the face of the enemy.

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