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Kodenshi AUK Group

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Title: Kodenshi AUK Group  
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Subject: Science and technology in South Korea, Home automation
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Kodenshi AUK Group

Kodenshi AUK Group
Type Public/Conglomerate
Industry Electronic component Manufacturing
Founded May 1972
Founders Hirokazu Nakajima
Headquarters Korea, Japan
Products Optoelectronic/Semiconductors/Electronics/LED
Subsidiaries Kodenshi America, Inc.
Website .asp/main/

Kodenshi AUK Group is a conglomerate of two companies, Kodenshi Corporation based in Kyoto, Japan and AUK Corporation based in Iksan, South Korea.


Kodenshi Corporation was established in May 1972, in Uji-shi, Kyoto, Japan as a semiconductor producing company. The Company has been active in the optical semiconductor market for the past forty years through continual research, development, production, and sales of solar cells. Since the establishment of Kodenshi Corp, the Company has been developing new forms of photo diodes, light receiving element of photo transistors, red LEDs, photo ICs, etc. “The company’s products are used for mobile devices, digital home appliance, lighting, office automation, amusement, robot, and automobile applications.” [1]

AUK Corp

The AUK Corp. was founded on 1984 in Iksan, South Korea and has since become a global electronic component company. AUK Corp. engages in the research, development, and provision of nonmemory semiconductor products primarily in Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, and Singapore. However, “as of July 1, 2010, AUK Corp was acquired by Kodenshi Korea Corp. & Knowledge*On, Inc. in a reverse merger transaction.” [2] “Also, AUK Corp announced that its Co-Chief Executive Officer (Co-CEO), Gwak Hun Yeong, has resigned from the Company, effective September 5, 2011. Its current Co-CEO, Nakajima Hirokazu, continues his duty as Chief Executive Officer in the Company.” [3]


Kodenshi AUK Group manufactures a wide variety of optoelectronic, semiconductors, and LEDs. According to the Kodenshi AUK Group they are currently the largest optoelectronic manufacturer in South Korea.

A breakdown of some of their main products:
Photodetectors Encoders Semiconductors
Power semiconductor device Ambient Light Sensors Proximity Sensors
Infrared Emitters & Detectors Optical Compound Devices Photo Interrupter


According to the Kodenshi AUK Group website, they offer applications for the following devices:


Kodenshi America, Inc.

Kodenshi America Inc. is a branch office of the international Optoelectronic and semiconductor manufacturer, Kodenshi AUK Group. This particular subsidiary is in charge of marketing, developing plans for new products, targeting top manufacturing territories in their territory.

Territories served

Territories covered by Kodenshi America, Inc. are:

Notable mentions

  • Kodenshi wins Trade Award from South Korea for exportation of goods in excess of $100 million[4]
  • Kodenshi AUK Corp. is the main supplier for Nintendo DS IRDA ports.[5]
  • Kodenshi AUK Corp. “announced that it has declared an annual cash dividend of KRW 110(0.0975 US Dollars) per share of common stock to shareholders of record on December 31, 2010, for the fiscal year 2010. The dividend rate of market price is 2.4% and the total amount of the cash dividend is KRW 5,231,702,740(4639.23 USD). The dividend payment date is April 25, 2011. The Company's annual cash dividend for the fiscal year 2009 was KRW 20(0.0177 USD) per share.” [6]
  • In 2009 Kodenshi AUK introduces a newly developed sensors to detect floor space and objects for use in products such as iRobots'. The various sensors can detect almost anything and was a first of its kind in South Korea. They were able to develop this new, first of a kind technology at a cost of 50% less than other imported sensors.[7]


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