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1954 NFL season


1954 NFL season

The 1954 NFL season was the 35th regular season of the National Football League. The season ended when the Cleveland Browns defeated the Detroit Lions in the NFL Championship Game.

Major rule changes

  • Whenever it is raining, or whenever the field is wet and slippery, the offensive team can request a new, dry playable ball at any time.

Conference races

In the Western Division, the 49ers pulled ahead in Week Five (October 24) with a 37–31 win over the Lions, but they lost four of their remaining seven games and finished 7–4–1. The Lions, on the other hand, lost only one game in their last seven, and finished 9–2–1. In the Eastern race, the Eagles got off to a 4–0 start, until dropping games to Pittsburgh (17–7) and Green Bay (37–14) to fall into a 3 way tie with the Giants and Steelers. The Browns, who got off to a 1–2 start, went on an 8-game winning streak, gradually catching up with a Halloween win over New York (24–14). A 6–0 win over Philadelphia on November 21 gave them the conference lead, and a 16–7 rematch win in New York the next week extended the margin. The Browns' streak was ended on December 19 with a 14–10 loss to the Lions. When the teams met in Cleveland again the next week (this time for the championship), the Browns won 56–10.

Week Western Eastern
1 3 teams (Det, LA, SF) 1–0–0 3 teams (NYG, Phi, Pit) 1–0–0
2 3 teams (Det, LA, SF) 1–0–1 Tie (Phi, Pit) 2–0–0
3 Tie (Det, SF) 2–0–1 Philadelphia Eagles 3–0–0
4 Tie (Det, SF) 3–0–1 Philadelphia Eagles 4–0–0
5 San Francisco 49ers 4–0–1 3 teams (NYG, PHI, PIT) 4–1–0
6 Tie (Det, SF) 4–1–1 3 teams (NYG, PHI, PIT) 4–2–0
7 Detroit Lions 5–1–0 Tie (NYG, PHI) 5–2–0
8 Detroit Lions 6–1–0 New York Giants 6–2–0
9 Detroit Lions 7–1–0 Cleveland Browns 6–2–0
10 Detroit Lions 8–1–0 Cleveland Browns 7–2–0
11 Detroit Lions 8–1–1 Cleveland Browns 8–2–0
12 Detroit Lions 8–2–1 Cleveland Browns 9–2–0
13 Detroit Lions 9–2–1 Cleveland Browns 9–3–0

Final standings

W = Wins, L = Losses, T = Ties, PCT= Winning Percentage, PF= Points For, PA = Points Against

Note: The NFL did not officially count tie games in the standings until 1972

Eastern Conference
Cleveland Browns 9 3 0 .750 336 162
Philadelphia Eagles 7 4 1 .636 284 230
New York Giants 7 5 0 .583 293 184
Pittsburgh Steelers 5 7 0 .417 219 263
Washington Redskins 3 9 0 .250 207 432
Chicago Cardinals 2 10 0 .167 183 347
Western Conference
Detroit Lions 9 2 1 .818 337 189
Chicago Bears 8 4 0 .667 301 279
San Francisco 49ers 7 4 1 .636 313 251
Los Angeles Rams 6 5 1 .545 314 285
Green Bay Packers 4 8 0 .333 234 251
Baltimore Colts 3 9 0 .250 131 279

NFL Championship Game

Cleveland 56, Detroit 10 at Cleveland Stadium, Cleveland, Ohio, December 26, 1954

League leaders

Statistic Name Team Yards
Passing Norm Van Brocklin Los Angeles 2637
Rushing Joe Perry San Francisco 1049
Receiving Bob Boyd Los Angeles 1212


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