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1995 in American television

The following is a list of events affecting American television during 1995. Events listed include television show debuts, finales, cancellations, and channel initiations, closures and rebrandings, as well as information about controversies and disputes.


Date Event
January 1 The History Channel is launched.
January 2 WBZ-TV Channel 4 switched from NBC to CBS as a CBS owned-and-operated station in Boston. In Baltimore, CBS switched affiliations to WJZ-TV Channel 13 after 46 years as an ABC affiliate. ABC transferred its affiliation to WMAR Channel 2. NBC returned to WBAL-TV Channel 11 after 13 years, during which it was a CBS affiliate.
January 5 All My Children celebrates 25th Anniversary and broadcasts a primetime special.
January 11 The WB Television Network launches.
Former SNL cast member, Ellen Cleghorne broadcasts her television series, Cleghorne!, on The WB (with other African American family situation comedies, The Wayans Bros. and The Parent 'Hood, the series is only broadcast for one entire season); it also features past Saturday Night Live cast member, Garrett Morris, who would be featuring with Jamie Foxx on The Jamie Foxx Show which is broadcast a year later.
January 16 The United Paramount Network (UPN) launches, with a 2-hour premiere of Star Trek: Voyager.
In Bay City, Michigan, WNEM-TV and WEYI-TV swapped affiliations with CBS and NBC. With CBS affiliation moved to WNEM-TV and NBC affiliation moved to former CBS outlet, WEYI.
January 16 Hercules: The Legendary Journeys debutes starring Kevin Sorbo as "Hercules" and Michael Hurst as "Iolaus".
January 24 Live broadcasts of the O. J. Simpson trial begin; as a result, many network soap operas are partially pre-empted, more or less, for nine months
January 27 The Golf Channel, a TV channel dedicated to the sport of golf, launches.
February 1 ESPN Classic (formerly known as Classic Sports Network) launches.
February 2 Seinfeld broadcasts its the 100th episode.
February 20 What a Cartoon! launches on Cartoon Network as "World Premiere Toons" with the first short being "Changes", a pilot for Dexter's Laboratory. The show became a massive success and launched the careers of many individuals in animation such as Butch Hartman, Craig McCracken, and Seth MacFarlane.
March 13 In Seattle-Tacoma, KSTW gains the CBS affiliation for the second time while KIRO-TV gains the UPN affiliation.
April 12 Drew Barrymore appears on the Late Show with David Letterman. In honor of Letterman's birthday, guest Barrymore dances on his desk and flashes him "on-air".
April 18 Rox becomes first television series distributed via internet.[1][2][3]
May 12 As the World Turns broadcasts its milestone 10,000th episode.
May 24 ABC announced that an episode of the soap opera All My Children was deleted from broadcasting due to the then-recent Oklahoma City bombing; in the story, villainess Janet Green was supposed to explode the church in which her ex Trevor Dillon was to marry her rival Laurel Banning.
July 1 After being purchased by New World Communications from Argyle Television, three additional stations switch to Fox as part of the 1994 United States broadcast TV realignment, KDFW (channel 4) in Dallas-Ft. Worth, KTBC (channel 7) in Austin, Texas and KTVI (channel 2) in St. Louis all defect their respective longtime CBS and ABC affiliations. As a result, independent station KTVT (channel 11) in Dallas takes the CBS affiliation, as do former Fox affiliates KBVO (channel 42) in Austin, which changed its calls to KEYE, and KDNL (channel 30) in St. Louis. Additionally, former Fox-owned station KDAF-TV (channel 33) in Dallas-Fort Worth took over The WB affiliation from KXTX-TV (channel 39), which went independent again; due to a temporary arrangement in which KXTX would carry WB programming, until such time Fox was cleared to move to channel 4.
Outdoor Life Network is launched.
July 24 WFMZ-TV initiates their very first daytime Berks Edition at 5:30pm and the First Nighttime Newscast at 10:30pm, covering the entire Berks County and all across the Lehigh Valley of Eastern Pennsylvania and Western New Jersey.
July 31 The Walt Disney Company announces that it will purchase ABC and ESPN; the deal is finalized during 1996 January.
August 21 As a result of the 1994 United States broadcast TV realignment, longtime NBC affiliate WLUK-TV in Green Bay becomes the first of four "Big three" affiliates that SF Broadcasting (a joint venture of Savoy Communications and Fox Broadcasting) had purchased from Burnham Broadcasting to switch its affiliation to Fox. Two mor NBC-affiliated stations WALA-TV in Mobile, Alabama and KHON-TV in Honolulu, along with ABC affiliated WVUE in New Orleans switched their affiliations to Fox on January 1, 1996.
August 22 Larry Hagman, former main actor of Dallas and I Dream of Jeannie, undergoes a liver transplant.
September 4 Xena: Warrior Princess debuts featuring Lucy Lawless as "Xena" and Renee O'Connor as "Gabrielle".
September 5 Alan Kalter becomes the second announcer of the Late Show with David Letterman replacing Bill Wendell.
September 8 After longtime ABC affiliate WGHP-TV (channel 8) in High Point, North Carolina was sold directly to Fox (which originally acquired by New World Communications from Citicasters, along with WBRC-TV and the latter due to ownership conflicts) and resulting became a Fox-owned station. The ABC affiliation swapped to WNRW-TV (channel 45, which changes its current callsign to WXLV-TV). The UPN affiliation went to WGGT-TV (channel 48, now WMYV-TV).
September 9 Kids WB debuts, including Animaniacs which transferred over from Fox Kids.
September 10 WPRI-TV and WLNE-TV reverse their 1977 swap, with WPRI, becoming a CBS-owned station after the network purchased it and WLNE rejoining the ABC.
A major compensation deal between NBC and CBS after the Westinghouse-Group W/CBS deal as a result of the 1994 United States broadcast TV realignment becomes effective: KCNC-TV, KUTV-TV and KYW-TV become CBS-affiliated stations (and quickly after that CBS-owned stations after Westinghouse merged with CBS.), KUSA-TV, KSL-TV and WCAU become NBC affiliates (and WCAU an NBC-owned station), and CBS's WCIX (channel 6) and NBC's WTVJ (channel 4) in Miami swap channel positions, with WCIX becoming WFOR-TV as a result of the change. KMGH-TV switches to ABC in Denver as well.
The 47th Primetime Emmy Awards are aired on Fox.
September 11 UPN Kids is launched on some stations, featuring two new series, Space Strikers and Teknoman.
Sailor Moon premieres in the United States for the first time.
September 17 Part 2 of "Who Shot Mr. Burns?" serves as the season 7 premiere of The Simpsons on Fox. This was after an America's Most Wanted special, Springfield's Most Wanted.
October 3 More than 150 million people tuned in to watched the verdict for the O.J. Simpson murder trial, which ended with Simpson being found not guilty of murdering his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman. The verdict was met with both praise and criticism.
October 28 In Toledo, Ohio, WTVG becomes an owned-and-operated ABC station. Former ABC affiliate, WNWO, affiliates with NBC.
November 8 Stone Cates dies of AIDS on General Hospital soon after his lover, Robin Scorpio, confesses that he infected her with HIV.
November 13 ABC's 30-minute soap opera Loving (1983–1995) is turned into The City.
November 18 Will Ferrell, Cheri Oteri, and Darrell Hammond, join the cast of Saturday Night Live.
November 20 One Life to Live broadcasts its 7,000th episode and has a new opening sequence.
ROX and Computer Chronicles are broadcast via the Internet—these are the first Internet broadcasts in the history of television.
December 1 WHBQ-TV (channel 13) in Memphis, Tennessee ended its ABC affiliation after 45 years, as it was acquired by Fox Television Stations from Communications Corporation of America and joins Fox. Former Fox station WPTY-TV (channel 24) joins ABC.
December 11 The Today Show becomes the highest-rated morning news program (and would remain so until 2012).
December 29 CNNfn, a financial news network from CNN, launches.
Robert MacNeil anchors The MacNeil/Lehrer Newshour for the last time.



Date Show Network
January 1 Modern Marvels The History Channel
Taxicab Confessions HBO
January 2 Cybill CBS
The Shnookums and Meat Funny Cartoon Show Syndication
January 4 Washington Journal C-SPAN
January 9 The Late Late Show with Tom Snyder CBS
January 11 Muscle The WB
Unhappily Ever After
The Wayans Bros.
January 15 Get Smart Fox
January 16 The Puzzle Place PTV
Star Trek: Voyager UPN
January 17 Marker
The Watcher
Golf Central Golf Channel
January 18 The Parent 'Hood The WB
January 23 Pig Sty UPN
Platypus Man
January 26 Pointman PTEN
January 31 The Marshal ABC
February 11 The Big Comfy Couch PBS
February 20 What a Cartoon! (World Premiere Toons) Cartoon Network
March 4 NHL 2Night ESPN2
March 10 VR.5 Fox
March 14 Under One Roof CBS
March 21 NewsRadio NBC
March 22 Sliders Fox
March 26 Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child HBO
The Outer Limits Showtime
March 31 The Wright Verdicts CBS
April 2 Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel HBO
April 8 The Maxx MTV
April 10 In The House NBC
April 14 Colby's Clubhouse TBN
May 28 Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist Comedy Central
June 5 Singled Out MTV
July 19 Road Rules
August 7 Squawk Box CNBC
August 8 Aeon Flux MTV
August 23 Kirk The WB
August 28 Nowhere Man UPN
August 29 Live Shot
August 31 The Crew Fox
September 2 Wild About Animals Syndication
September 4 WCW Monday Nitro TNT
September 5 Deadly Games UPN
September 6 Carnie! Syndication
September 9 Earthworm Jim Kids' WB
Pinky and the Brain
The Sylvester & Tweety Mysteries
September 10 Cleghorne! The WB
First Time Out
Space Strikers UPN Kids
September 11 Ned & Stacey Fox
September 12 The Monroes ABC
The Client CBS
September 13 Central Park West
The Drew Carey Show ABC
The Naked Truth
September 15 Maybe This Time
Strange Luck Fox
The Bonnie Hunt Show CBS
September 16 Santo Bugito CBS Toontastic
The Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat
Masked Rider Fox Kids
September 17 Almost Perfect CBS
September 18 Can't Hurry Love
George & Alana Syndication
September 19 Hudson Street ABC
The Pursuit of Happiness NBC
September 20 Bless This House CBS
September 21 Charlie Grace ABC
Murder One
Caroline in the City NBC
The Single Guy
September 22 American Gothic CBS
September 23 8-Track Flashback VH1
September 24 Space: Above and Beyond Fox
September 25 Timon and Pumbaa Syndication
September 28 New York News CBS
October 2 Family Challenge Family Channel
October 9 Wishbone PTV
October 14 MADtv Fox
October 21 Street Fighter: The Animated Series USA Network
October 22 The Little Lulu Show HBO
October 27 Goosebumps Fox Kids
October 28 Dumb and Dumber ABC
November 3 Mr. Show with Bob and David HBO
November 6 Little Bear Nick Jr.
November 13 The City ABC
Exit 57 Comedy Central

Resumed this year

Show Last aired Network Retitled as Return date
Square One TV 1994 PTV Square One TV Math Talk Unknown

Ending this year

Date Show Debut
January 6 SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron 1993
January 27 The New Price is Right 1994
February 1 Hearts Afire 1992
Love & War
February 2 My Brother and Me 1994
March 12 The Brothers Grunt
April 13 Rugrats (returned in 1996) 1991
April 29 Empty Nest 1988
May 6 Sonic the Hedgehog 1993
May 7 Matlock 1986
May 15 2 Stupid Dogs 1993
May 20 Star Search 1983
May 22 Blossom 1991
May 23 Full House 1987
May 28 Tiny Toon Adventures 1990
June 19 The Maxx 1995
June 30 Eureeka's Castle 1989
Love Connection 1983
July 10 Platypus Man 1995
July 26 Northern Exposure 1990
August 17 Yo! MTV Raps 1988
August 27 WWF Wrestling Challenge 1986
September 8 Family Feud 1988
September 15 Batman: The Animated Series 1992
November 9 Dweebs 1995
November 10 Loving 1983
December 17 First Time Out 1995
December 22 Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego? 1991

Changes of network affiliation

Show Moved from Moved to
Animaniacs Fox Kids (Fox) Kids' WB (The WB)
Dog City Fox PBS Kids (PBS)
Sister, Sister ABC The WB


Date Name Notability
May 12 Sawyer Sweeten Actor (Everybody Loves Raymond)
Sullivan Sweeten
August 18 Parker McKenna Posey Actress (My Wife and Kids)
September 20 Sammi Hanratty Actress


Date Name Age Notability
February 5 Doug McClure 59 Actor (The Virginian)
April 23 Howard Cosell 77 Sports journalist/commentator (Monday Night Football)
April 25 Art Fleming 70 Original host of (Jeopardy!)
May 18 Elizabeth Montgomery 62 Actress (Bewitched)
May 26 Friz Freleng 88 Animator (Looney Tunes)
June 30 Gale Gordon 89 Actor (The Lucy Show)
July 4 Eva Gabor 76 Hungarian-born actress (Green Acres)
August 3 Ida Lupino 81 Actress, director
August 11 Phil Harris 91 Actor (The Phil Harris-Alice Faye Show)
August 24 Gary Crosby 62 Actor (Adam-12)
September 12 Jeremy Brett 61 Actor (The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes)
December 25 Dean Martin 78 Singer, actor and host (The Dean Martin Show)


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