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1995 in NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series

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Title: 1995 in NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series  
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Subject: Roush Fenway Racing, Hendrick Motorsports, Richard Childress Racing, Steve Portenga, NEMCO-Jay Robinson Racing, Sammy Swindell
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1995 in NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series

1995 NASCAR SuperTruck Series presented by Craftsman season
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Champions | Seasons

The 1995 NASCAR SuperTruck Series season was the inaugural season of the NASCAR SuperTruck Series. The season began on February 5, 1995 and ended on October 28. Mike Skinner of Richard Childress Racing won the championship.

Teams and drivers

Team Truck(s) No. Driver(s) Primary Sponsor(s) Owner(s) Crew Chief
Akins-Sutton Motorsports Ford F-150 38 Sammy Swindell Channellock Tools Brad Akins Roland Wlodyka
Chesrown Racing Chevrolet C/K 6 Rick Carelli Total Petroleum Marshall Chesrown
Clark Racing Chevrolet C/K 23 T. J. Clark ASE/American Racing Wheels Debbie Clark
Dale Earnhardt, Inc. Chevrolet C/K 16 Ron Hornaday RCCA/Papa John's Pizza Dale Earnhardt Doug Richert
Geoff Bodine Racing Ford F-150 7 Geoff Bodine Exide Batteries Geoff Bodine Dave Rezendes
Dave Rezendes
Glanville Motorsports Ford F-150 81 Jerry Glanville n/a Jerry Glanville
Griffin Racing Chevrolet C/K 31 Jack Sprague Performance Race Cars Bruce Griffin
Hendrick Motorsports Chevrolet C/K 24 Scott Lagasse DuPont Refinishes Rick Hendrick Dennis Conner
25 Jack Sprague Budweiser Rick Hendrick
Irvan-Simo Motorsports Ford F-150 84 Joe Ruttman Coca-Cola Mark Simo Sammy Houston
K Automotive Racing Dodge Ram 29 Bob Keselowski Winnebago Ron Keselowski Ron Keselowski
L&M Racing Chevrolet C/K 83 Steve Portenga Coffee Critic Steve Portenga Rob Dehoney
Liberty Racing Ford F-150 98 Butch Miller Raybestos Brakes Jim Herrick
NEMCO Motorsports Chevrolet C/K 87 John Nemechek Burger King/Delco Remy Andrea Nemechek
Richard Childress Racing Chevrolet C/K 3 Mike Skinner GM Goodwrench Richard Childress Rich Burgess
Rosenblum Motorsports Chevrolet C/K 51 Kerry Teague n/a Jim Rosenblum
RPM Racing Ford F-150 11 Mike Hurlbert n/a Mike Hurlbert
Spears Motorsports Chevrolet C/K 75 Bill Sedgwick Spears Manufacturing Wayne Spears
Strait Racing Ford F-150 37 Bob Strait Target Expediting Bob Strait
Stroppe Motorsports Ford F-150 14 John Kinder n/a Bill Stroppe
Ultra Motorsports Ford F-150 08 Mike Bliss Ultra Custom Wheels Jim Smith
2 Barry Dodson
Venable Racing Ford F-150 21 Tobey Butler Ortho Jim Venable
Vestar Motorsports Chevrolet C/K 1 P. J. Jones Sears Diehard Scoop Vessels Leon Ruther
Mike Chase
Walker Evans Racing Dodge Ram 20 Walker Evans Barbery Coast Phyllis Evans

Skoal Bandit Copper World Classic

The Skoal Bandit Copper World Classic, the first SuperTruck race to be run, was an 80 lap race held February 5 at Phoenix International Raceway. Ron Hornaday won the pole.

Top Ten Results

  1. 3-Mike Skinner
  2. 5-Terry Labonte
  3. 52-Ken Schrader
  4. 30-Joe Bessey
  5. 07-Geoff Bodine
  6. 31-Jack Sprague
  7. 98-Butch Miller
  8. 84-Joe Ruttman
  9. 16-Ron Hornaday
  10. 18-Johnny Benson

Racing Champions 200

The Racing Champions 200* was held April 8 at Tucson Raceway Park. The #3 of Mike Skinner won the pole.

Top Ten Results

  1. 16-Ron Hornaday
  2. 1-P. J. Jones
  3. 6-Rick Carelli
  4. 84-Joe Ruttman
  5. 31-Jack Sprague
  6. 24-Scott Lagasse
  7. 38-Sammy Swindell
  8. 75-Bill Sedgwick
  9. 98-Butch Miller
  10. 7-Dave Rezendes 1 lap down
  • This was the first Truck race to have a Green-White-Checker finish. The official distance was 203 laps.

Scott Irvin Chevrolet/Craftsman 200

The Scott Irvin Chevrolet/Craftsman 200 was held April 15 at Saugus Speedway. Mike Skinner won the pole.

Top Ten Results

  1. 52-Ken Schrader
  2. 7-Geoff Bodine
  3. 75-Bill Sedgwick
  4. 98-Butch Miller
  5. 3-Mike Skinner
  6. 16-Ron Hornaday
  7. 06-Butch Gilliland
  8. 21-Tobey Butler
  9. 6-Rick Carelli
  10. 37-Bob Strait 1 lap down

Ford Credit 125

The Ford Credit 125 was held April 22 at Mesa Marin Raceway. Mike Skinner won the pole.

Top Ten Results

  1. 16-Ron Hornaday
  2. 75-Bill Sedgwick
  3. 08-Mike Bliss
  4. 3-Mike Skinner
  5. 98-Butch Miller
  6. 31-Jack Sprague
  7. 29-Bob Keselowski
  8. 84-Joe Ruttman
  9. 24-Scott Lagasse
  10. 38-Sammy Swindell 1 lap down

Maxx Race Cards 200

The Maxx Race Cards 200 was held May 5 at Portland Speedway. Mike Skinner won the pole.

Top Ten Results

  1. 3-Mike Skinner*
  2. 84-Joe Ruttman
  3. 98-Butch Miller
  4. 21-Tobey Butler
  5. 08-Mike Bliss
  6. 7-Geoff Bodine
  7. 75-Bill Sedgwick
  8. 6-Rick Carelli
  9. 16-Ron Hornaday
  10. 31-Jack Sprague
  • Mike Skinner led this race from flag to flag (all 200 laps).
  • The #58 of Wayne Jacks rolled over after hitting a large tractor tire that separated pit road from the race track.

Jerr Dan/Nelson 150

The Jerr Dan/Nelson 150 was held May 13 at Evergreen Speedway. The #83 of Steve Portenga won the pole.

Top Ten Results

  1. 16-Ron Hornaday
  2. 84-Joe Ruttman
  3. 98-Butch Miller
  4. 3-Mike Skinner
  5. 08-Mike Bliss
  6. 1-P. J. Jones
  7. 7-Dave Rezendes 1 lap down
  8. 6-Rick Carelli 1 lap down
  9. 52-Ron Esau* 1 lap down
  10. 74-Gary Collins 1 lap down
  • Driver and owner Ken Schrader cut his thumb in the pits during the race weekend, Esau took over him and finished ninth.

Western Auto 200

The Western Auto 200 was held May 27 at I-70 Speedway. The #16 of Ron Hornaday won the pole.

Top Ten Results

  1. 3-Mike Skinner
  2. 7-Dave Rezendes
  3. 98-Butch Miller
  4. 84-Joe Ruttman
  5. 83-Steve Portenga
  6. 6-Rick Carelli
  7. 31-Jack Sprague
  8. 75-Bill Sedgwick
  9. 37-Bob Strait 1 lap down
  10. 29-Bob Keselowski 2 laps down

Ford Credit 200

The Ford Credit 200 was held June 3 at Louisville Motor Speedway. Jack Sprague won the pole.

Top Ten Results

  1. 3-Mike Skinner
  2. 84-Joe Ruttman
  3. 98-Butch Miller
  4. 21-Tobey Butler
  5. 6-Rick Carelli
  6. 83-Steve Portenga
  7. 08-Mike Bliss
  8. 37-Bob Strait
  9. 31-Jack Sprague 1 lap down
  10. 88-Randy Churchill 1 lap down

Pizza Plus 150

The Pizza Plus 150 was held June 23 at Bristol Motor Speedway. Mike Skinner won the pole, but was forced to start at the rear of the field after missing the drivers' meeting.

Top Ten Results

  1. 84-Joe Ruttman
  2. 7-Geoff Bodine
  3. 98-Butch Miller
  4. 38-Sammy Swindell
  5. 75-Bill Sedgwick
  6. 31-Jack Sprague
  7. 37-Bob Strait
  8. 24-Scott Lagasse
  9. 16-Ron Hornaday
  10. 29-Bob Keselowski 1 lap down

Sears Auto Center 125

The Sears Auto Center 125 was held July 1 at The Milwaukee Mile. Mike Skinner won the pole.

Top Ten Results

  1. 3-Mike Skinner
  2. 30-Dennis Setzer
  3. 16-Ron Hornaday
  4. 6-Rick Carelli
  5. 75-Bill Sedgwick
  6. 84-Joe Ruttman
  7. 18-Johnny Benson
  8. 7-Dave Rezendes
  9. 31-Jack Sprague
  10. 43-Rodney Combs

Total Petroleum 200

The Total Petroleum 200 was held July 15 at Colorado National Speedway. Ron Hornaday won the pole.

Top Ten Results

  1. 98-Butch Miller
  2. 3-Mike Skinner
  3. 16-Ron Hornaday
  4. 75-Bill Sedgwick
  5. 7-Dave Rezendes
  6. 84-Joe Ruttman
  7. 6-Rick Carelli
  8. 31-Jack Sprague
  9. 83-Steve Portenga
  10. 20-Walker Evans 1 lap down
  • The margin of victory of this race is officially .001 of a second. Replays during the telecast on CBS showed a virtual dead heat between Miller and Skinner at the Checkered Flag.

Heartland Tailgate 175

The Heartland Tailgate 175 was held July 29 at Heartland Park Topeka. Ron Hornaday won the pole.

Top Ten Results

  1. 16-Ron Hornaday
  2. 84-Joe Ruttman
  3. 5-Terry Labonte
  4. 61-Todd Bodine
  5. 3-Mike Skinner
  6. 52-Darrell Waltrip
  7. 31-Jack Sprague
  8. 98-Butch Miller
  9. 2-Mike Bliss
  10. 03-Tommy Archer
  • Hornaday led 58 of the 60 laps. The only laps he didn't lead, the two laps before the halfway break, were led by Ruttman.
  • The #51 of Kerry Teague was injured in a crash on lap 9 after the throttle hung on his Chevrolet. His truck then spun driver's side first into the wall, making the truck slightly airborne. Teague was airlifted to a local hospital for precautionary reasons.

Action Packed Racing Cards 150

The Action Packed Racing Cards 150 was held August 3 at Indianapolis Raceway Park. Mike Skinner won the pole.

Top Ten Results

  1. 3-Mike Skinner
  2. 18-Johnny Benson
  3. 6-Rick Carelli
  4. 43-Rodney Combs
  5. 24-Scott Lagasse
  6. 84-Joe Ruttman
  7. 2-Mike Bliss
  8. 87-John Nemechek
  9. 37-Bob Strait
  10. 30-Dennis Setzer
  • On the last lap of the race, the #77 of Gary St. Amant (who finished 11th) spun out off of turn 2 and hit a light pole in the infield, knocking out a cluster of lights in the process. The same exact lights were knocked out the next evening during the Busch Grand National race by Chris Diamond.
  • Mike Skinner lead flag to flag again (All 150 Laps)

Stevens Bell/Genuine Car Parts 150

The Stevens Bell/Genuine Car Parts 150* was held August 19 at Flemington Speedway. Joe Ruttman won the pole.

Top Ten Results

  1. 16-Ron Hornaday
  2. 6-Rick Carelli
  3. 3-Mike Skinner
  4. 25-Jack Sprague*
  5. 75-Bill Sedgwick
  6. 2-Mike Bliss
  7. 84-Joe Ruttman
  8. 21-Tobey Butler
  9. 7-Dave Rezendes
  10. 38-Sammy Swindell
  • The race was lengthened to 151 laps due to a Green-White-Checker finish.
  • This race was Jack Sprague's debut for Hendrick Motorsports.
  • Rick Carelli was passed in the final laps for the win by Hornaday, but charged hard, making up ground. He made contact with Hornaday on the final straigtaway, spinning him after the race finished.

Fas Mart SuperTruck Shootout

The Fas Mart SuperTruck Shootout was a 150 lap race held September 7 at Richmond International Raceway. Terry Labonte won the pole.

Top Ten Results

  1. 5-Terry Labonte
  2. 7-Geoff Bodine
  3. 3-Mike Skinner
  4. 84-Joe Ruttman
  5. 52-Ken Schrader
  6. 61-Todd Bodine
  7. 32-Derrike Cope
  8. 17-Darrell Waltrip
  9. 2-Mike Bliss
  10. 25-Jack Sprague

Goody's 150

The Goody's 150 was held September 25 at Martinsville Speedway. Mike Skinner won the pole.

Top Ten Results

  1. 84-Joe Ruttman
  2. 3-Mike Skinner
  3. 18-Johnny Benson
  4. 90-Kenny Wallace
  5. 00-Hermie Sadler
  6. 61-Todd Bodine
  7. 2-Mike Bliss
  8. 75-Bill Sedgwick
  9. 87-John Nemechek
  10. 29-Bob Keselowski

Lowe's 150

The Lowe's 150 was held September 30 at North Wilkesboro Speedway. Mike Skinner won the pole.

Top Ten Results

  1. 2-Mike Bliss
  2. 98-Butch Miller
  3. 7-Geoff Bodine
  4. 25-Jack Sprague
  5. 16-Ron Hornaday
  6. 84-Joe Ruttman
  7. 61-Todd Bodine
  8. 90-Kenny Wallace
  9. 24-Scott Lagasse
  10. 3-Mike Skinner
  • This race marked the truck debut of Ernie Irvan, who had been out of racing for over a year because of critical injuries suffered in practice for the 1994 GM Goodwrench 400 at Michigan International Speedway. Irvan qualified his #28 on the outside pole and led 24 laps. However, his truck was unable to answer the call after the Halftime Break and was credited with a 30th place finish. The next day, Irvan made his comeback to the Winston Cup Series in a second Texaco Havoline Ford for Robert Yates Racing, the #88.

Subway 100

The Subway 100 was held October 7 at Sears Point International Raceway. Ron Hornaday won the pole.

Top Ten Results

  1. 16-Ron Hornaday
  2. 18-Wally Dallenbach
  3. 3-Mike Skinner
  4. 24-Scott Lagasse
  5. 21-Tobey Butler
  6. 75-Bill Sedgwick
  7. 98-Butch Miller
  8. 2-Mike Bliss
  9. 7-Dave Rezendes
  10. 38-Sammy Swindell
  • Ray Daniels in the #34 truck flipped out of the course coming to rest on the tire wall after hitting the tires coming out of Turn 10. Daniels was uninjured.
  • Ron Hornaday, Jr. Lead flag to flag (All 40 Laps)

Spears Manufacturing 200

The Spears Manufacturing 200 was held October 15 at Mesa Marin Raceway. Bill Sedgwick won the pole.

Top Ten Results

  1. 3-Mike Skinner
  2. 2-Mike Bliss
  3. 28-Ernie Irvan
  4. 25-Jack Sprague
  5. 84-Joe Ruttman
  6. 98-Butch Miller
  7. 24-Scott Lagasse
  8. 61-Todd Bodine
  9. 75-Bill Sedgwick 1 lap down
  10. 18-Johnny Benson 1 lap down

The 2006 Busch Series champion and 2007 Daytona 500 winner Kevin Harvick makes his debut in the truck series starting and finishing in 27th place, 24 laps down in the #72 racing truck. He was 19 years old when he made his first truck series start.

GM Goodwrench/Delco Battery 200

The GM Goodwrench/Delco Battery 200 was held October 28 at Phoenix International Raceway. Jack Sprague won the pole.

Top Ten Results

  1. 3-Mike Skinner
  2. 28-Ernie Irvan
  3. 7-Geoff Bodine
  4. 61-Ted Musgrave
  5. 16-Ron Hornaday
  6. 25-Jack Sprague
  7. 31-Dave Marcis
  8. 84-Joe Ruttman
  9. 76-David Green
  10. 75-Bill Sedgwick

Drivers' standings

  1. 3-Mike Skinner - 3224
  2. 84-Joe Ruttman - 3098
  3. 16-Ron Hornaday - 2986
  4. 98-Butch Miller - 2812
  5. 31/25-Jack Sprague - 2740
  6. 6-Rick Carelli - 2683
  7. 75-Bill Sedgwick - 2681
  8. 08/2-Mike Bliss - 2636
  9. 24-Scott Lagasse - 2470
  10. 21-Tobey Butler - 2358
  11. 37-Bob Strait - 2182
  12. 38-Sammy Swindell - 2109
  13. 83-Steve Portenga - 2048
  14. 20-Walker Evans - 1744
  15. 29-Bob Keselowski - 1742
  16. 87-John Nemechek - 1674
  17. 1-P. J. Jones - 1519
  18. 81-Jerry Glanville - 1482
  19. 7-Dave Rezendes - 1453
  20. 07/7-Geoff Bodine - 1436
  21. 23-T.J. Clark - 1235
  22. 51-Kerry Teague - 1221
  23. 14-John Kinder - 1183
  24. 34-Bob Brevak - 1182
  25. 11-Mike Hurlbert - 1146
  26. 18-Johnny Benson - 1049
  27. 65-Kenny Allen - 992
  28. 30-Dennis Setzer - 850
  29. 52-Ken Schrader - 828
  30. 1-Mike Chase - 767
  31. 64-Michael Dokken - 753
  32. 61-Todd Bodine - 748
  33. 88-Jerry Churchill - 715
  34. 43-Rodney Combs - 660
  35. 54-Steve McEachern - 613
  36. 34-Ray Daniels - 543
  37. 5-Terry Labonte - 515
  38. 58-Wayne Jacks - 506
  39. 06-Butch Gilliland - 501
  40. 89-Troy Beebe - 491
  41. Darrell Waltrip - 450
  42. 74-Gary Collins - 440
  43. Ron Esau - 427
  44. 90-Kenny Wallace - 420
  45. 28-Ernie Irvan - 408
  46. 5-Roger Mears - 382
  47. 55/88-Randy Churchill - 370
  48. 0-Frank Davis - 368
  49. 99-Pancho Carter - 349
  50. 03-Tommy Archer - 325

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