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2001–02 Copa del Rey

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Title: 2001–02 Copa del Rey  
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Subject: Real Madrid C.F., Zinedine Zidane, Sporting de Gijón, Copa del Rey, Real Zaragoza, Real Sociedad, Deportivo de La Coruña, Levante UD, Juan Carlos Valerón, Roy Makaay
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2001–02 Copa del Rey

2001–02 Copa del Rey
Country Spain
Champions Deportivo de La Coruña
Runners-up Real Madrid
Top goal scorer(s) Spain Guti, Raúl González (6)

The Copa del Rey 2001–02 is the 98th staging of the Copa del Rey.

The competition started on September 6, 2001 and concluded on March 6, 2002 with the Final, held at the Bernabéu in Madrid, in which Deportivo de La Coruña lifted the trophy for the first time since 1995 with a 2–1 victory over Real Madrid.

Preliminary round

First leg:

September 6, 2001
SD Lemona 3–0 Zamora CF
CF Palencia 0–2 Marino de Luanco
SD Noja 1–0 CD Ourense
C.D. Endesa As Pontes 0–0 Amurrio Club
CF Gava 1–1 CE L'Hospitalet
CD Teruel 1–2 UE Figueres
CE Sabadell 0–0 CD Logroñés
UDA Gramenet 1–0 SD Beasain
Majadahonda 0–0 UD Vecindario
Quintanar 1–1 Pajara
CD Castellón 0–2 Novelda CF
UD Lanzarote 2–0 Alicante CF
CD Toledo 2–0 CD Calahorra
Lucena CF 2–1 Ciudad Murcia
UD Marbella 0–1 CD Diter Zafra
Granada CF 0–2 Cadiz CF
CD Atletico Baleares 2–1 AD Ceuta

Second leg:

September 20, 2001
Zamora CF 1–1 SD Lemona agg:1–4
Marino de Luanco 2–1 CF Palencia agg:4–1
CD Ourense 4–1 SD Noja agg:4–2
Amurrio Club 2–0 C.D. Endesa As Pontes agg:2–0
CE L'Hospitalet 1–0 CF Gava agg:2–1
UE Figueres 8–0 CD Teruel agg:10–1
CD Logroñés 2–1 CE Sabadell agg:2–1
SD Beasain 1–1 UDA Gramenet agg:1–2
UD Vecindario 2–0 CF Rayo Majadahonda agg:2–0
Pajara 2–0 CD Quintanar del Rey agg:3–1
Novelda CF 0–1 CD Castellón agg:2–1
Alicante CF 1–0 UD Lanzarote agg:1–2
CD Calahorra 0–2 CD Toledo agg:0–4
(ag)Ciudad Murcia 1–0 Lucena CF agg:2–2
CD Diter Zafra 0–0 UD Marbella agg:1–0
Cadiz CF 4–1 Granada CF agg:6–1
AD Ceuta 5–0 CD Atletico Baleares agg:6–2

Round of 64

October 9, 2001
SD Lemona 2–3 Celta Vigo(aet)
October 10, 2001
Amurrio Club 1–3 Athletic Bilbao
Cultural Leonesa 1–0 Racing Santander
Racing Ferrol 1–0 Burgos CF
Nastic 1–0 SD Eibar
UD Salamanca 2–0 CD Numancia
Atlético Madrid 1–3 Rayo Vallecano
UE Lleida 1–0 RCD Espanyol
CD Diter Zafra 0–1 RCD Mallorca
(5–4 pen)CD Logrones 0–0 Real Zaragoza
CE L'Hospitalet 2–1 Real Sociedad
Getafe CF 1–2 Villarreal CF
Sporting 4–2 Real Oviedo
Albacete 1–0 Elche CF
Levante UD 2–1 CD Leganes
Cadiz CF 1–2 Málaga CF
Real Jaén 2–0 Xerez CD
Poli Ejido 1–2 Recreativo
CF Extremadura 1–1 CD Badajoz(2–4 pen)
(aet)Córdoba CF 1–0 Real Murcia
Novelda CF 0–1 Valencia CF Valencia lost automatically since 4 from its players were outside the EU
Ciudad Murcia 2–1 Sevilla FC
(aet)AD Ceuta 4–1 Real Betis
Pajara 0–4 Real Madrid
UD Vecindario 1–2 UD Las Palmas
UD Lanzarote 5–1 CD Tenerife
October 11, 2001
CD Ourense 1–1 Real Valladolid(3–5 pen) stopped at the 110' minute on October 10 and continued on October 11 for 10 minutes of Extra time.
November 7, 2001
(aet)UE Figueres 1–0 FC Barcelona
Marino de Luanco 1–4 Deportivo
SD Compostela 1–2 Deportivo Alavés
UDA Gramenet 1–2 CA Osasuna

Round of 32

November 27, 2001
(4–2 pen)UE Figueres 0–0 CA Osasuna
Novelda CF 1–0 UD Las Palmas
November 28, 2001
Cultural Leonesa 1–2 Deportivo
(aet)UD Salamanca 1–0 Celta Vigo
Racing Ferrol 1–2 Real Valladolid
Sporting 2–0 Deportivo Alavés
UD Lanzarote 1–3 Real Madrid
CD Logrones 0–3 CE L'Hospitalet
CD Toledo 2–3 Athletic Bilbao(aet)
Albacete Balompie 1–3 Rayo Vallecano
Córdoba CF 1–0 Real Jaén
CD Badajoz 0–0 Recreativo
AD Ceuta 0–0 RCD Mallorca(4–5pen)
November 29, 2001
UE Lleida 1–2 Nastic
Levante UD 1–1 Villarreal CF(3–4pen)
(3–1pen)Ciudad Murcia 1–1 Málaga CF

Round of 16

First leg:

December 12, 2001
CD Badajoz 1–3 Real Valladolid
Ciudad de Murcia 0–0 Rayo Vallecano
Córdoba CF 2–1 RCD Mallorca
UE Figueres 2–1 Novelda CF
Nastic 1–0 Real Madrid
UD Salamanca 2–2 Athletic Bilbao
Sporting 2–4 Villarreal CF
CE L'Hospitalet -* Deportivo

Second leg:

December 18, 2001
Real Madrid 4–2 Nastic agg:4–3
December 19, 2001
Real Valladolid 3–0 CD Badajoz agg:6–1
Rayo Vallecano 1–0 Ciudad Murcia agg:1–0
RCD Mallorca 1–1 Córdoba CF agg:2–3
Novelda CF 0–0 UE Figueres agg:1–2
Athletic Bilbao 2–0 UD Salamanca agg:4–2
Villarreal CF 3–1 Sporting agg:7–3
Deportivo -* CE L'Hospitalet
  • Deportivo successfully protested against having to play the 1st leg on

Dec 11 on Hospitalet's artificial pitch; when ordered to play in the 'Mini Estadí' of Barcelona, Hospitalet forfeited the tie.


First leg:

January 8, 2002
Real Madrid 4–0 Rayo Vallecano
January 9, 2002
Villarreal CF 0–2 Athletic Bilbao
Deportivo 2–0 Real Valladolid
Córdoba CF 0–2 UE Figueres

Second leg:

January 15, 2002
Athletic Bilbao 1–0 Villarreal CF agg:3–0
January 16, 2002
Rayo Vallecano 1–0 Real Madrid agg:1–4
Real Valladolid 2–1 Deportivo agg:2–3
UE Figueres 0–0 Córdoba CF agg:2–0


First leg:

January 23, 2002
Athletic Bilbao 2–1 Real Madrid
January 24, 2002
UE Figueres 0–1 Deportivo

Second leg:

January 30, 2002
Deportivo 1–1 UE Figueres agg:2–1
January 31, 2002
Real Madrid 3–0 Athletic Bilbao agg:4–2


Copa del Rey 2001–02 Winners
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