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2007-08 A1 Grand Prix of Nations, New Zealand

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Title: 2007-08 A1 Grand Prix of Nations, New Zealand  
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2007-08 A1 Grand Prix of Nations, New Zealand

The 2007–08 A1 Grand Prix of Nations, New Zealand is an A1 Grand Prix race, to be held on 20 January 2008 at the Taupo Motorsport Park, New Zealand. This will be the fifth meeting in the 2007-08 A1 Grand Prix season.


The Taupo circuit changes one of the circuit’s corners.[1] The turn 12 at the end of the longest straight will be much slower with a 90 degree left-hander. A1GP will inaugurate the new changes.

It was announced that the Taupo round switch to a 30 per cent biofuel mix.[2] This environmental initiative its the first initiatives to help reduce its environmental footprint in motorsport series. The new fuel its an ethanol based product Hiperflo E30 sourced from sugar beet in Europe and produced by Petrochem Carless. The prediction are a CO2 emissions reduction by 21% per car.

A1 Team Indonesia and Performance Racing announce their new partnership.[3] The racing team managed by Bobby Issazadhe provide now the technical and race services like it does with A1 Team Pakistan since 2006-07. Dave Luff is the new new race engineer and Bagoes Hermanto became the new Team Principal.

To avoid what happen in the last race when safety car was out during feature race, a new light close to the entry of pit lane is introuce this weekend.[4] When the lights are on, drivers can pit but its not counted as one of the two mandatory stops. Pits are allowed for mechanical work or to be carried out.


A1 Team France dominate the two practice sessions Friday afternoon[5] and Saturday morning.[6]

Sprint race qualifications
Pos Team Time Gap
1 New Zealand New Zealand 1'15.241 -
2 South Africa South Africa 1'15.522 +0.281
3 France France 1'15.628 +0.387
4 Germany Germany 1'15.724 +0.483
5 Netherlands Netherlands 1'16.036 +0.795
6 United States USA 1'16.101 +0.860
7 Republic of Ireland Ireland 1'16.182 +0.941
8 Canada Canada 1'16.201 +0.960
9 Malaysia Malaysia 1'16.386 +1.145
10 Brazil Brazil 1'16.408 +1.167
11 Switzerland Switzerland 1'16.423 +1.182
12 Italy Italy 1'16.472 +1.231
13 United Kingdom Great Britain 1'16.731 +1.490
14 Portugal Portugal 1'17.147 +1.906
15 Australia Australia 1'17.309 +2.068
16 China China 1'17.340 +2.099
17 Lebanon Lebanon 1'17.682 +2.441
18 Mexico Mexico 1'17.809 +2.568
19 Czech Republic Czech Republic 1'17.811 +2.570
20 India India 1'17.961 +2.720
21 Indonesia Indonesia 1'18.421 +3.180
22 Pakistan Pakistan 1'18.635 +3.394
Main race qualifications
Pos Team Time Gap
1 France France 1'15.296 -
2 Germany Germany 1'15.331 +0.035
3 Switzerland Switzerland 1'15.476 +0.180
4 Canada Canada 1'15.588 +0.292
5 New Zealand New Zealand 1'15.618 +0.322
6 Portugal Portugal 1'15.620 +0.324
7 South Africa South Africa 1'15.651 +0.355
8 Netherlands Netherlands 1'15.795 +0.499
9 United Kingdom Great Britain 1'15.895 +0.599
10 United States USA 1'15.898 +0.602
11 Brazil Brazil 1'16.024 +0.728
12 Australia Australia 1'16.106 +0.810
13 Republic of Ireland Ireland 1'16.115 +0.819
14 Malaysia Malaysia 1'16.198 +0.902
15 Mexico Mexico 1'16.313 +1.017
16 Italy Italy 1'16.524 +1.228
17 Lebanon Lebanon 1'16.556 +1.260
18 China China 1'16.761 +1.465
19 India India 1'16.791 +1.495
20 Czech Republic Czech Republic 1'17.526 +2.230
21 Pakistan Pakistan 1'17.556 +2.260
22 Indonesia Indonesia 1'18.106 +2.810

Sprint race

For this sprint race, the time is sunny with a 19°C but wind made the track dusty.[7] At first turn, a big collision between Malaysia, Switzerland involve also Canadian and Brazilian drivers. Alex Yoong (Malaysia) and Neel Jani (Switzerland) are out of their own cars and renounce the race. Safety car is out until lap 4. Brazil and Canada have reach the tail of the field.
New Zealand lead the race ahead of Germany, South Africa and France. Pakistan passed Indonesia for 14th. In lap 6, turn 11, Robbie Kerr (Great Britain) attempt to passes Jonathan Summerton (USA) for seventh but the two cars collide. Great Britain has suspension damage and retires.
France passes South Africa for third at turn 12, lap 10. Next lap, Tomas Enge (Czech Republic) crash into Chris Alajajian (Lebanon) who ran tenth and was able to score the first ever point for the Lebanese team. Robert Wickens is off in lap 13, turn 1. Jonny Reid (New Zealand) won the sprint race as home victory ahead of Germany, France, South Africa, Netherlands, Ireland, USA, Portugal, Australia and India. The extra point for fastest lap is scored by Christian Vietoris for Germany.

Pos Team Driver Laps Time Grid Points
1 New Zealand New Zealand Jonny Reid 14 19'25.408 1 15
2 Germany Germany Christian Vietoris 14 +3.192 4 12+1
3 France France Loïc Duval 14 +4.899 3 10
4 South Africa South Africa Adrian Zaugg 14 +7.823 2 8
5 Netherlands Netherlands Jeroen Bleekemolen 14 +9.581 5 6
6 Republic of Ireland Ireland Adam Carroll 14 +10.912 7 5
7 United States USA Jonathan Summerton 14 +11.417 6 4
8 Portugal Portugal João Urbano 14 +13.315 14 3
9 Australia Australia John Martin 14 +15.580 15 2
10 India India Narain Karthikeyan 14 +22.968 20 1
11 Pakistan Pakistan Adam Langley-Khan 14 +25.773 22
12 Italy Italy Edoardo Piscopo 14 +26.048 12
13 Brazil Brazil Sérgio Jimenez 14 +26.541 10
14 China China Cong Fu Cheng 14 +26.773 16
15 Lebanon Lebanon Chris Alajajian 14 +29.483 17
16 Indonesia Indonesia Satrio Hermanto 14 +31.107 21
17 Mexico Mexico David Garza Perez 14 +31.349 18
Ret Canada Canada Robert Wickens 11 Spun off 8
Ret Czech Republic Czech Republic Tomas Enge 10 Collision 19
Ret United Kingdom Great Britain Robbie Kerr 9 Damage 13
Ret Malaysia Malaysia Alex Yoong 0 Collision 9
Ret Switzerland Switzerland Neel Jani 0 Collision 11

Main race

Weather is still sunny for the main race and the mandatory pit is announced between laps 34 to 42 (the first pit stop is always included between laps 8 and 16).[8]
New Zealand make a bad start and loses several places meanwhile Switzerland take the lead but have jumped the start. In the first lap, Safety car is out because of an accident involving India at turn 7. Safety car is back in on lap 3 and Canada passes South Africa for sixth. Next lap, Chris Alajajian (Lebanon) and Edoardo Piscopo (Italy) collide and retire, Safety car is again in track. USA and Ireland take advantage to enter in pit to repair some aerodynamics damages. Switzerland receive a drive-through penalty for Neel Jani jump-start. Robbie Kerr (Great Britain) retire in garage for mechanical problems. Safety car is in on lap 7.
The first mandatory pit stops are now available and Germany passes France in pits. In lap 16, Switzerland break its front wing moving around the outside of Pakistan, and running into the grass. Next lap, USA makes its pit stop but the mandatory window is already closed. The current order is now Germany, France, Netherlands, Canada, Portugal, South Africa, New Zealand, Brazil, China and USA. Some laps later, in lap 22, oil is in the track in turn 7 and Indonesia, Australia and Netherlands spin off resulting Safety car back out for the third time on this race. Indonesia retire and Netherlands loses two places and is now fifth. Safety car is on on lap 27. Jonny Reid (New Zealand) passes Adrian Zaugg (South Africa) on turn 11, lap 28 and press now Jeroen Bleekemolen (Netherlands). For overtaking behind the Safety car, Switzerland receive a second drive-through penalty. Adam Carroll (Ireland) take the tenth after Jonathan Summerton (USA) runs wide in lap 34. Same lap, the second window for mandatory stops is open.
Portugal is given a drive-through penalty for crossing the white line on entering the pit lane. On lap 39, Brazil passes South Africa for seventh. After mandatory pit stop, Germany lead Canada, France, New Zealand, Ireland, Brazil, South Africa, China, USA and Netherlands. Malaysia and Pakistan collide in lap 41, turn 12. Alex Yoong (Malaysia) retire in pits. In lap 43, Cong Fu Cheng (China) spin off and stop its race.
In lap 49, Switzerland take the fastest lap of the race and the bonus point. Germany win front of Canada, only 1.180 seconds behind, followed by France, New Zealand, Ireland, Brazil, South Africa, USA, Netherlands, Mexico and Pakistan in eleventh.

USA has been penalised 70 seconds for making its mandatory pit stop outside of the proper window.[9] The team loses is 8th final positions and was classified 14th. Therefore, Pakistan score its first point of the season.

Pos Team Driver Laps Time Points
1 Germany Germany Christian Vietoris 50 1:10'40.168 15
2 Canada Canada Robert Wickens 50 +1.180 12
3 France France Loïc Duval 50 +2.025 10
4 New Zealand New Zealand Jonny Reid 50 +3.031 8
5 Republic of Ireland Ireland Adam Carroll 50 +4.088 6
6 Brazil Brazil Sérgio Jimenez 50 +5.117 5
7 South Africa South Africa Adrian Zaugg 50 +10.107 4
8 Netherlands Netherlands Jeroen Bleekemolen 50 +11.175 3
9 Mexico Mexico David Garza Perez 50 +19.478 2
10 Pakistan Pakistan Adam Langley-Khan 50 +25.559 1
11 Czech Republic Czech Republic Tomas Enge 50 +26.506
12 Portugal Portugal João Urbano 50 +29.848
13 Switzerland Switzerland Neel Jani 50 +34.451 +1
14 United States USA Jonathan Summerton 49 +1 lap
Ret China China Cong Fu Cheng 43 +7 laps
Ret Malaysia Malaysia Alex Yoong 38 +12 laps
Ret Australia Australia John Martin 37 +13 laps
Ret Indonesia Indonesia Satrio Hermanto 21 +29 laps
Ret United Kingdom Great Britain Robbie Kerr 4 +46 laps
Ret Italy Italy Edoardo Piscopo 3 +47 laps
Ret Lebanon Lebanon Chris Alajajian 3 +47 laps
Ret India India Narain Karthikeyan 1 +49 laps

After race

Neel Jani announce he's available for the rest of the season for Switzerland.[10] Its priority is won the A1GP championship and don't want to return in Champ Car World Series this year.

Tony Teixeira, A1GP chairman, congratulate Alex Yoong with a cake to mark his 50th race in the series.[11]



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