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2007 CPBL season


2007 CPBL season

The 2007 Chinese Professional Baseball League (CPBL) season began on March 17 in Kaohsiung County when the defending champion La New Bears played host to the Uni-President Lions. The season concluded in late October with the Uni-President Lions defeating the La New Bears in Game 7 of the Taiwan Series.


Six teams, the La New Bears, Uni-President Lions, Sinon Bulls, Chinatrust Whales, Brother Elephants and Macoto Cobras will contest the CPBL, the highest level of professional baseball played in Taiwan. The season is divided into two halves, with each team playing fifty games in each half. The winners for each half-season plus the non-winner with the best overall record will qualify for the playoffs. In the event that the same team wins both halves, the next two teams with the best overall records will advance.

Game results


First Half Standings

Team G W T L Pct. GB
Macoto Cobras 50 28 1 21 .571 --
Uni-President Lions 50 27 0 23 .540 1.5
La New Bears 50 26 0 24 .520 2.5
Sinon Bulls 50 24 1 25 .490 4.0
Brother Elephants 50 24 1 25 .490 4.0
Chinatrust Whales 50 19 1 30 .388 9.0

Second Half Standings

Team G W T L Pct. GB
La New Bears 50 32 0 18 .640 --
Uni-President Lions 50 31 1 18 .633 0.5
Chinatrust Whales 50 27 1 19 .551 4.5
Brother Elephants 50 25 0 25 .500 7.0
Sinon Bulls 50 18 0 32 .360 14.0
Macoto Cobras 50 16 0 34 .320 16.0

Overall Standings

The team among the non-half-season-winners with the best overall record will gain the wild card spot and the third seed in the playoffs.

Team G W T L Pct. GB RS RA
Uni-President Lions 100 58 1 41 .586 -- 614 442
La New Bears 100 58 0 42 .580 0.5 474 443
Brother Elephants 100 49 1 50 .495 9.0 480 535
Chinatrust Whales 100 46 2 52 .469 11.5 446 491
Macoto Cobras 100 44 1 55 .444 14.0 561 588
Sinon Bulls 100 42 1 57 .424 16.0 466 545
  • Green denotes first half or second half champion.
  • Yellow denotes wild card position.
  • Bold denotes clinching the playoff qualiftication.

Statistical leaders


Stat Player Team Total
HR Tilson Brito* Uni-President Lions 33
AVG Chen Chin-feng La New Bears 0.382
H Kao Kuo-ching* Uni-President Lions 152
RBIs Tilson Brito Uni-President Lions 107
SB Huang Lung-yi La New Bears 27


Stat Player Team Total
W Pan Wei-lun Uni-President Lions 16
ERA Peter Munro Uni-President Lions 2.03
SO Joe Dawley Brother Elephants 153
SV Todd Moser Brother Elephants 13
Hld Wang Ching-li Brother Elephants 12

Month MVP

Month Item Player Team
March Pitcher Huang Chun-chung La New Bears
Hitter Peng Cheng-min Brother Elephants
April Pitcher Iba Tomokazu Sinon Bulls
Hitter Peng Cheng-min Brother Elephants
May Pitcher Pan Wei-lun Uni-President Lions
Hitter Kao Kuo-ching Uni-President Lions
June Pitcher Jeremy Hill Macoto Cobras
Hitter Tilson Brito Uni-President Lions
July Pitcher Peter Munro Uni-President Lions
Hitter Yang Sen Uni-President Lions
August Pitcher Shen Yu-chieh Chinatrust Whales
Hitter Chen Chin-feng La New Bears
September Pitcher Pan Wei-lun Uni-President Lions
Hitter Carlos Villalobos Chinatrust Whales
October Pitcher Huang Chun-chung La New Bears
Hitter Kao Kuo-ching Uni-President Lions



  1st Round     Taiwan Series
    1  La New Bears 3
  2  Macoto Cobras 0     3  Uni-President Lions 4
  3  Uni-President Lions 3  

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