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Abierto del Litoral

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Title: Abierto del Litoral  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: Roberto De Vicenzo, Ángel Cabrera, Eduardo Romero, Vicente Fernandez (golfer), Ricardo González (golfer), César Monasterio, Andrés Romero
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

Abierto del Litoral

Coast Open
Tournament information
Location Rosario, Argentina
Established 1932
Course(s) Rosario Golf Club
Par 70
Tour(s) TPG Tour (Argentina)
Format Stroke play
Tournament record score
Aggregate 261 Andrés Romero (2006)
Current champion
Argentina Santiago Bauni

The Coast Open, or Abierto del Litoral, is a golf tournament played in Argentina. Founded in 1932 as the Torneo de Profesionales (Professional Tournament), a name only used for the first two editions, it has always been played at the Rosario Golf Club in Rosario, Santa Fe.

The tournament has been an annual stop on the Tour de las Americas since 2000, having been an event on that tours predecessor, the South American Tour, between 1993 and 1999. It was also included on the European Challenge Tour schedule in 2007 (2008 season), being one of five tournaments held in Latin America, and four in Argentina, that season.

Fidel de Luca has the most victories, with eight. In 1932, 1952 and 1983 the championship ended in a tie, with no playoff being held to determine an outright winner.


Year Winner Score Runner-up Amateur winner
2012 Santiago Bauni (amateur) 273 Marco Ruiz
2010 Ricardo González 273 Mauricio Molina, Rafael Gomez Martin Flores Lazdin
2009 Ricardo González 277 Andrés Romero Emiliano Grillo
2008 Andrés Romero 268 Mauricio Molina Emiliano Grillo
2007 Miguel Rodríguez 271 Andrés Romero Luciano Dodda
2006 Andrés Romero 261 Ricardo González Estanislao Goya
2005 Ricardo González 204 Julio Zapata
2004 No tournament Estanislao Goya
2003 Ricardo González 267 Eduardo Romero Fernando Chiesa
2002 Rodolfo González 282 José Cantero
2001 Marco Ruiz 278 Rodolfo González, Ariel Cañete, Rafael Gómez, Gustavo Acosta
2000 Jesús Amaya 134 Gustavo Rojas Pablo Del Grosso
1999 César Monasterio 275 Omar Solis, Rigoberto Velazquez P. Lopez Vilaclara
1998 Tim Hegna 272 Armando Saavedra Ernesto Rivas
1997 Armando Saavedra 266 David Morland IV
1996 Scott Dunlap 267 Trevor Dodds, Rodolfo Rodriguez Jorge Nicolosi
1995 Ángel Cabrera Miguel Fernández, Gustavo Piovano Jorge Nicolosi
1994 César Monasterio 271 Gustavo Rojas, Brad Klaportt
1993 Luis Carbonetti Miguel Guzmán, Ricardo Montenegro
1992 Adan Sowa Luis Carbonetti
1991 Jorge Berendt
1990 Miguel Guzmán
1989 Jorge Berendt
1988 Miguel Fernández
1987 Miguel Fernández 279 Antonio Ortiz Federico McNeil
1986 Armando Saavedra 276 Vicente Fernández A. Fergusson
1985 Armando Saavedra 275 Jorge Soto Fernando Chiesa
1984 Eduardo Romero
1983 Adan Sowa, Jorge Soto 278 Jorge Nicolosi
1982 Adan Sowa
1981 No tournament Fernando Chiesa
1980 Vicente Fernández Luis Carbonetti
1979 No tournament Fernando Chiesa
1978 Vicente Fernández 282 Adan Sowa Antonio Chiesa
1977 Florentino Molina 280 Juan Carlos Cabrera Horacio Carbonetti
1976 Juan Carlos Molina Jorge Soto
1975 Florentino Molina 282 Juan Carlos Devoto
1974 Fidel de Luca 279 Armando Saavedra Carlos Lagruta
1973 Juan Monroy 280 Roberto de Vicenzo, Fidel de Luca Luis Daneri
1972 Vicente Fernández 279 J. Diaz Green
1971 Fidel de Luca 279 Horacio Carbonetti
1970 Vicente Fernández 289 Jorge De Azcuenaga
1969 Fidel de Luca 283 Juan Carlos Devoto
1968 Roberto de Vicenzo 278 Alberto Barreira
1967 Leopoldo Ruiz 219 Luis Daneri
1966 Fidel de Luca 280 Jorge De Azcuenaga
1965 Rodolfo Sereda 284 Roberto de Vicenzo Valerio Gerbaudo
1964 Romualdo Barbieri 292 Hugo Nicora
1963 Elcido Nari 293 Hugo Nicora
1962 Fidel de Luca 282 Hernan Fernandez
1961 Fidel de Luca 288 Jorge Ledesma
1960 Fidel de Luca 281 Juan Sugasti
1959 Fidel de Luca 297 Carlos Brachts
1958 Leopoldo Ruiz 286 Hernan Fernandez
1957 Leopoldo Ruiz 289 Juan Sugasti
1956 Orlando Tudino 296 Juan Sugasti
1955 Arturo Soto 293 Carlos Brachts
1954 Sebastian Nicolosi 294 Alberto Texier
1953 Enrique Bertolino 287 J. Dunazet, A. Soto Juan Segura
1952 Arturo Soto, J.C. Posse 294 J. Segura, T. Martini
1951 Juan Anzaldo 287 Roberto de Vicenzo A. Juarez Beltran
1950 Romualdo Barbieri 278 Juan Segura (amateur) Juan Segura
1949 Roberto de Vicenzo 286 Juan Segura
1948 Romualdo Barbieri 283 Carlos Brachts
1947 Roberto de Vicenzo 282 Arturo Soto Pedro Ledesma
1946 Roberto de Vicenzo 283 Alfonso Esposito
1945 Martin Pose 282 F. Osinalde
1944 Arturo Soto 290 J.A. Barbera
1943 Enrique Bertolino 293 Pedro Ledesma
1942 Roberto de Vicenzo 277 Jose Jurado H. Favario
1941 Marcos Churio 282 Pedro Ledesma
1940 Martin Pose 292 Luis Herrera
1939 Emilio Serra 291 Pedro Ledesma
1938 Emilio Serra 291 J.A. Barbera
1937 Martin Pose 292 J.A. Barbera
1935-36 No tournament
1934 Emilio Serra 283
1933 No tournament
1932 Marcos Churio, Andres Perez 288

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