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Albatros Flugzeugwerke

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Title: Albatros Flugzeugwerke  
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Subject: Albatros D.I, Albatros D.IV, Albatros D.IX, Albatros D.XI, Albatros D.XII
Collection: Defunct Aircraft Manufacturers of Germany
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Albatros Flugzeugwerke

Albatros F-2

Albatros-Flugzeugwerke GmbH was a German aircraft manufacturer best known for supplying the German airforces during World War I.

The company was based in Johannisthal, Berlin, where it was founded by Walter Huth and Otto Wiener on December 20, 1909.[1] It produced some of the most capable fighter aircraft of World War I, notably the Albatros D.III and Albatros D.V, both designed by Robert Thelen for the firm. The works continued to operate until 1931, when it was merged into Focke-Wulf.


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The company was founded in Berlin-Johannisthal the end of 1909, by Enno Walther Huth, as Albatros Werke AG. The initial activity of the company was the licensed production of French Antoinette monoplane.

He also produced some versions of the Etrich Taube monoplane, including a biplane called Albatros Doppeltaube.

In 1912 five Albatros F-2 were built. This was a modified version of the French Farman III biplane (therefore the letter F) with a gondola for the crew and an Argus in-line engine instead of the original Gnome rotary engine. Four of these planes were sold to Bulgaria and they took active part in the Balkan wars of 1912-1913. One of them performed on October 16, 1912 the first military mission in the skies of Europe.[2]

During World War I produced about 10,300 aircraft.


Summary of aircraft built by Albatros Flugzeugwerke
Model name First flight Number built Type
Albatros Al 101 1930 71 Trainer
Albatros Al 102
Albatros Al 103
Albatros B.I 1913 Military reconnaissance
Albatros B.II 1914 Military reconnaissance
Albatros B.III 1917 Military reconnaissance
Albatros C.I 1915 Military reconnaissance
Albatros C.II Military reconnaissance
Albatros C.III Military reconnaissance
Albatros C.IV Military reconnaissance
Albatros C.V 1916 Approx. 400 Military reconnaissance
Albatros C.VII More than 600 Military reconnaissance
Albatros C.VIII
Albatros C.IX
Albatros C.X 1917 More than 300 Military reconnaissance
Albatros C.XII Military reconnaissance
Albatros C.XIV Military reconnaissance
Albatros C.XV 1918 Military reconnaissance
Albatros D.I 1916 50 Fighter
Albatros D.II 1916 291 Fighter
Albatros D.III August 1916 1,866 Fighter
Albatros D.IV 1917 3 Fighter
Albatros D.V May 1917 Approx. 2,500 Fighter
Albatros D.VI 1917 1 Fighter
Albatros D.VII August 1917 1 Fighter
Albatros D.VIII
Albatros D.IX 1917 1 Fighter
Albatros D.X 1918 1 Fighter
Albatros D.XI February 1918 2 Fighter
Albatros D.XII March 1918 2 Fighter
Albatros Dr.I 1917 1 Triplane fighter
Albatros Dr.II 1918 1 Triplane fighter
Albatros G.I
Albatros G.II 1916 1 Bomber
Albatros G.III 1916 Bomber
Albatros H 1
Albatros J.I Approx. 240 Ground attack
Albatros J.II Ground attack
Albatros L 30
Albatros L 56
Albatros L 57
Albatros L 58 1923 7 Airliner
Albatros L 59 1923 Utility
Albatros L 60 1923 Utility
Albatros L 65 1925 2 Military reconnaissance
Albatros L 66
Albatros L 67
Albatros L 68 1920s Trainer
Albatros L 69 1925 4 Trainer
Albatros L 70
Albatros L 71
Albatros L 72 1925? pusher biplane[3] designed for a light aircraft competition
Albatros L 72A 1926 4 biplane cargo aircraft for newspaper distribution
Albatros L 73 1926 4 Airliner
Albatros L 74
Albatros L 75 Ass 1928 43 Trainer
Albatros L 76
Albatros L 77 1928 4 Fighter / reconnaissance
Albatros L 78
Albatros L 79 1929 2 Aerobatic display
Albatros L 81
Albatros L 82 1929 72 Trainer
Albatros L 83
Albatros L 84 1935 5 Fighter
Albatros L 100 1930 1 Racing
Albatros L 102 1932 10 Trainer
Albatros L 103 1933 1 Experimental aircraft
Albatros Doppeltaube 1910 General purpose military aircraft
Albatros Taube General purpose military aircraft
Albatros W.4 1916 128 Floatplane fighter
Albatros W.5 5 Floatplane torpedo bomber
Albatros W.8 1918 Floatplane fighter


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