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Australian cricket team in England in 1956

Australian cricket team in England in 1956
Date 7 June 1956 – 28 August 1956
Location England
Result England won the 5-Test series 2–1
 England  Australia
PBH May IWG Johnson
Most runs
PBH May (453)
PE Richardson (364)
JW Burke (271)
CC McDonald (243)
Most wickets
JC Laker (46)
GAR Lock (15)
KR Miller (21)
RG Archer (18)

The Australian cricket team toured England in the 1956 season to play a five-match Test series against England for The Ashes.

England won the series 2-1 with 2 matches drawn and therefore retained The Ashes.

The series is most notable for off-spinner [2] The second line refers to the Australian complaints that the grass had been shaved off the Old Trafford wicket to help the England spinners.[3]


  • Test series summary 1
    • First Test: Trent Bridge 1.1
    • Second Test: Lord's 1.2
    • Third Test: Headingley 1.3
    • Fourth Test: Old Trafford 1.4
    • Fifth Test: The Oval 1.5
  • References 2
  • Annual reviews 3
  • Further reading 4
  • External links 5

Test series summary

First Test: Trent Bridge

7–12 June 1956
217/8 (dec) (103.4 overs)
PE Richardson 81
PBH May 73
KR Miller 4/69
148 (83.1 overs)
RN Harvey 64
JC Laker 4/58
188/3 (dec) (61 overs)
MC Cowdrey 81
PE Richardson 73
KR Miller 2/58
120/3 (86 overs)
JW Burke 58
JC Laker 2/29
Match drawn
Trent Bridge
Umpires: TS Bartley (ENG) and JS Buller (ENG)

Second Test: Lord's

21–26 June 1956
285 (146.1 overs)
CC McDonald 78
JW Burke 65
JC Laker 3/47
171 (82 overs)
PBH May 63
KR Miller 5/72
257 (92.5 overs)
R Benaud 97
FS Trueman 5/90
186 (99.2 overs)
PBH May 53
KR Miller 5/80
RG Archer 4/71
 Australia won by 185 runs
Lord's Cricket Ground
Umpires: DE Davies (ENG) and FS Lee (ENG)

Third Test: Headingley

12–17 July 1956
325 (167.4 overs)
PBH May 101
C Washbrook 98
RR Lindwall 3/67
RG Archer 3/68
R Benaud 3/89
143 (71.1 overs)
JW Burke 41
KR Miller 41
Jim Laker 5/58
GAR Lock 4/41
140 (follow-on) (99.3 overs)
RN Harvey 69
JC Laker 6/55
GAR Lock 3/40
 England won by an innings and 42 runs
Umpires: JS Buller (ENG) and DE Davies (ENG)

Fourth Test: Old Trafford

26–31 July 1956
459 (158.3 overs)
DS Sheppard 113
PE Richardson 104
MC Cowdrey 80
IW Johnson 4/151
84 (40.4 overs)
CC McDonald 32
JC Laker 9/37
205 (follow-on) (150.2 overs)
CC McDonald 89
JC Laker 10/53
 England won by an innings and 170 runs
Old Trafford
Umpires: DE Davies (ENG) and FS Lee (ENG)

Fifth Test: The Oval

23–28 August 1956
247 (109.2 overs)
DCS Compton 94
PBH May 83
RG Archer 5/53
KR Miller 4/91
202 (92 overs)
KR Miller 61
JC Laker 4/80
182/3 (dec) (61 overs)
DS Sheppard 62
RR Lindwall 1/29
27/5 (38.1 overs)
IWG Johnson 10
JC Laker 3/8
Match drawn
The Oval
Umpires: TJ Bartley (ENG) and DE Davies (ENG)


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Annual reviews

Further reading

  • Bill Frindall, The Wisden Book of Test Cricket 1877-1978, Wisden, 1979
  • Chris Harte, A History of Australian Cricket, Andre Deutsch, 1993
  • Ray Robinson, On Top Down Under, Cassell, 1975

External links

  • CricketArchive – tour summaries
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