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BC Andorra

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Title: BC Andorra  
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BC Andorra

MoraBanc Andorra
MoraBanc Andorra logo
Leagues LEB Oro
Founded 1970
History CB Les Escaldes
BC Andorra
Arena Poliesportiu d'Andorra
(capacity: 5,000)
Location Andorra la Vella, Andorra
Team colors Blue, White
President Gorka Aixàs
Vice-president(s) Xavi Mujal
David Eudal
Head coach Joan Peñarroya
Championships 1 LEB Oro championship
1 LEB Plata championship
1 Copa Príncipe
Home jersey
Team colours
Away jersey
Team colours

Bàsquet Club Andorra S.A., also known as MoraBanc Andorra by sponsorship reasons, is a basketball club based in Andorra la Vella, Andorra which plays in the Spanish basketball league system.

From 1992 to 1996, BC Andorra played in the top league, the Liga ACB and also the Korać Cup during the 1995–96 season. After being relegated and playing one season in LEB league, the club resigned to its berth and came back to regional competitions.

After several promotions, the team came back to Liga ACB in 2014, 18 years later.


On 12 June 1970 the club was founded as Club de Basket Les Escaldes. On 12 April 1971 changed its name as Bàsquet Club Andorra.

BC Andorra began playing in the regional competitions of Lleida, being promoted in the 1975–76 season to Primera Catalana. The following season the club resigned the category due the financial problems, but achieved a promotion again during the 1980–81 season. The club was promoted to the Spanish Third Division at the end of 1981–82 season and the Spanish Second Division during the 1983–84 season. In the 1985–86 season, Andorra reached the Primera Division B after 6 seasons and won the promotion to the Liga ACB, where BC Andorra remained four seasons. During the 1995–96 season the Andorran club participated in the FIBA Korać Cup. In 1996, the club was relegated to LEB and in the following seasons, competed at the low levels of Catalonia and Spain until 2009–10, when BC Andorra participated in the LEB Plata.[1]

In the 2012–13 season, BC Andorra participated in the LEB Oro, the second division of the Spanish basketball, reaching the play-off final promotion to the Liga ACB and being finalist of the Copa Príncipe.

The following season the Andorran club achieved the Copa Príncipe and the promotion to the top league of Spain after becoming winners of the 2013–14 LEB Oro.[2]


BC Andorra is one of the most followed club of Andorra with approximately 1200 associates[3] and a reference of the Andorran basketball. In 2014 was founded the first official fan-club supporter Penya Tricolor.[4] Some notable club supporters include Albert Llovera, Joaquim Rodriguez, José Luis Llorente, Roberto Dueñas or Cédric Gracia.[5][6]


  • Joan Alay Pujolàs - Honorific and Founder
  • Magí Maestre Campderrós - 1970/1971 Founder
  • Eduard Molné Sauquet - 1971/1990 Founder
  • Carles Fiñana Pifarré - 1990/1994
  • Manel Arajol Mir - 1994/2007
  • Gorka Aixàs Olea - 2007/present

Sponsorship naming

  • Festina Andorra - 1991–1996
  • Quick Andorra - 2000–2002
  • River Andorra - 2002–2013
  • River Andorra MoraBanc - 2013–2014
  • MoraBanc Andorra – 2014–present



Team colours
Team colours
Traditional "tricolor" uniform.
Festina Andorra away uniform. jersey
Team colours
Team colours
Festina Andorra away uniform.
River Andorra uniform (2002-2006). jersey
Team colours
River Andorra uniform (2002-2006).
River Andorra away uniform (2002-2013). jersey
Team colours
River Andorra away uniform (2002-2013).
Team colours
Alternative "tricolor" uniform.


Season by season

Season Tier Division Pos. Postseason RS PO Copa del Rey Other cups Europe
1980–81 5 1ª Catalana 6
1981–82 5 1ª Catalana Promoted
1982–83 4 3ª División 5
1983–84 4 3ª División 1 Promoted
1984–85 3 2ª División 6
1985–86 3 2ª División 1 Promoted
1986–87 2 1ª División B 22 6–16 6–6
1987–88 2 1ª División B 20 Relegation playoffs 19–19 3–1
1988–89 2 1ª División B 10 15–15
1989–90 2 1ª División B 5 Quarterfinalist 18–12
1990–91 2 1ª División 4 Semifinalist 21–15
1991–92 2 1ª División 1 Promoted 21–9 8–3
1992–93 1 Liga ACB 12 Round of 16 15–16 0–2 First Round
1993–94 1 Liga ACB 9 Round of 16 18–10 2–2 First Round
1994–95 1 Liga ACB 8 Quarterfinalist 20–18 0–2 Quarterfinalist
1995–96 1 Liga ACB 19 Relegated 10–28 1–3 3 Korać Cup GS 3–7
1996–97 2 LEB 4 Semifinalist 13–13 8–6
1997–98 7 3ª Catalana 1 Promoted
1998–99 6 2ª Catalana 1 Promoted
1999–00 5 1ª Catalana 1 Promoted
2000–01 5 Copa Catalunya 7 18–12
2001–02 5 Copa Catalunya 2 Promotion playoffs 21–9 0–2
2002–03 5 Copa Catalunya 6 17–13
2003–04 5 Copa Catalunya 4 21–9
2004–05 5 Copa Catalunya 1 Promoted 24–6 2–0
2005–06 4 Liga EBA 7 16–14
2006–07 4 Liga EBA 9 13–13
2007–08 4 Liga EBA 5 20–10
2008–09 4 Liga EBA 2 PromotedRunner-up 20–10 3–0
2009–10 3 LEB Plata 6 Quarterfinalist 20–12 1–3
2010–11 3 LEB Plata 3 Finalist 19–9 8–5 Copa LEB Plata RU
2011–12 3 LEB Plata 1 Promoted 19–5 Copa LEB Plata RU
2012–13 2 LEB Oro 3 Finalist 22–4 8–6 Copa Príncipe RU
2013–14 2 LEB Oro 1 Promoted 21–5 Copa Príncipe C
2014–15 1 Liga ACB

Notable players

To appear in this section a player must have either:
  • Played at least one season for the club.
  • Set a club record or won an individual award while at the club.
  • Played at least one official international match for their national team at any time.
  • To perform very successfully during period in the club or at later/previous stages of his career.

Trophies and awards


Individual awards


All LEB Oro First Team


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