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Bor Airport

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Title: Bor Airport  
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Subject: List of airports and airstrips in Serbia including Kosovo, Airports in Serbia, Subotica Airport, Smederevska Palanka Airport, Sremska Mitrovica Airport
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Bor Airport

Bor Airport (Serbian Аеродром Бор, Serbian Latin alphabet: Aerodrom Bor) is an airport near the town of Bor, Serbia and 13 km far from town Zaječar, Serbia.

The Airport was built during 1984/1986. Basically it is a civil airport for sports, and it is planned to be used for tourists. This airport can handle light and light commercial (business) planes. Initially it was built with 800 m of runway, but it was subsequently extended and now has over 1.000 m of concrete runway, 30 meters wide. It remains the best small civil airport in Serbia. There is a hangar, a control tower, a saloon and accommodation for crew. The airport was operated by Aero klub Bor (Bor Aero Club) and Bor Sports Center. Sections of the Aero club include skydiving, parachuting, and training for pilots. The club used to have one airplane Utva 75 and a few parachutists. The airplane crashed at Paracin airport in 1988. and was repaired, but it had another accident Bor airport in 1990. Later it was sent for maintenance to the factory in Pancevo, and later based in Batajnica.

In 1992. in short period of time the airport was base for eskadrila of J-21 from Skopje airport. Two An-26s were stationed in 1999. during NATO intervention on Serbia from Niš airport. In 2011 the new Aero klub Bor was founded, and there is now an effort to build a general aviation maintenance center and obtain light airplane for training and parachuting.

Reconstruction and development (2011)

Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport is creating a regional airport network in Serbia. Bor airport has been reconstructed and is now able to accept passenger aircraft. Bor Airport has a good runway, modern control tower and hangars. Belgrade Airport would transport some equipment from Terminal 1 from Belgrade.

The Airport is near the mountain resort Crni Vrh (Black Peak, 1043 meters high) with an unfinished large complex Ski resort Crni Vrh on the peak of the mountain. Bor seeks for investors to continue with the construction. The Hotel at the Lake of Bor is in restoration.

Development (2012)

Since 2012 Bor Airport is permitted for movements of light/medium aircraft, recreational and training flights. On 19 March 2012 the first aeroplane, a Cessna 172 landed at the airport. This is the first aeroplane after a 15-year hiatus. Bor plans to improve their facilities, especially on approach lights for night operation.

Airlines and destinations

Note: Non-scheduled Executive Airline Operations

Traffic Statistics

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See also

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