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Bruce Gowers

Bruce Gowers
Born England, United Kingdom
Occupation Television director and producer

Bruce Gowers is an English television director and producer, best known for work on large-scale live music and event productions.[1][2][3][4]

Gowers started his career in his native England where his landmark music video for Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" brought him international recognition leading to his relocation to the U.S. in the late 1970s.

His career includes credits for the live episodes of American Idol (2001–2010) which he has directed from its inception, and awards shows including the Emmys, The MTV Awards, the Billboard Awards and the American Music Awards, event specials including Live Earth, Live 8 and President Bill Clinton’s Inaugural Concert at the Lincoln Memorial. He has also directed musical specials for Michael Jackson and The Jacksons, The Rolling Stones, Ray Charles, Paul McCartney, Rod Stewart and Britney Spears.


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Television series


2009 Emmy Award Winner - Best Musical Variety Director. 5 Emmy Award Nominations, DGA Award Nominee




Award shows

Television specials


  • Michael Jackson: 30th Anniversary Celebration, The Solo Years (CBS) 2001
  • Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve (ABC) 2007, 2008
  • I Walk the Line: A Night for Johnny Cash (CBS) 2005
  • An All-Star Salute to Patti LaBelle: Live From Atlantis (UPN) 2005
  • Live 8 Philadelphia (MTV/VH1, ABC) 2005
  • Genius: A Night for Ray Charles (CBS) 2004 – Winner of the 2004 DGA Award for Best Musical Variety Director. Emmy Award Nominee, Best Director
  • Prince Musicology (PPV) 2004
  • Ultimate Manilow (CBS) 2002
  • All Star Tribute to Brian Wilson (TNT) 2001
  • NSYNC - Atlantis Concert 2001
  • Women Rock: Girls with Guitars (Lifetime) 2001, 2000
  • Experience Music Project (VH1) 2000 (2 nights)
  • Arista’s 25th Anniversary (NBC) 2000
  • Sarah Brightman: La Luna Concert (PBS) 2000
  • Britney Spears in Hawaii (FOX) 2000
  • Britney Spears: There’s No Place Like Home (FOX) 2000
  • A Home for the Holidays (CBS) 2001, 2000
  • Radio City Grand Re-Opening (FOX) 1999
  • Ricky Martin: One Night Only (CBS) 1999
  • American Express Concert in Central Park (UPN) 1999
  • L’Oreal Summer Music Mania (UPN) 1999
  • Fleetwood Mac: The Dance (MTV) 1997 B DGA & EMMY Nominee for Best Director
  • Rolling Stones: Bridges to Babylon (Pay Per View) 1997
  • Woodstock (Pay Per View) 1994
  • An American Reunion: The Lincoln Memorial Inaugural Concert (HBO) 1993
  • MTV'S Inaugural Gala Ball (MTV) 1993
  • Up-close: Paul McCartney (MTV & ABC) 1993
  • Rod Stewart Valentine Vagabond (Live Pay Per View Concert) 1992
  • Dwight Yokum (Live Pay Per View Concert) 1991
  • MTV Unplugged With Paul McCartney (MTV) 1991—Ace Award Nominee
  • Arista's 15th Anniversary "That's What Friends Are For" (CBS) 1990
  • Huey Lewis and the News (Showtime) 1985—Grammy Award winner for Best Director
  • Men at Work "Live in San Francisco" (HBO) 1984—Monitor Award winner
  • Soul Session: James Brown & Friends (Cinemax) -- 1987 Ace Award for Best Director
  • Harry Belafonte: Don’t Stop the Carnival (HBO) 1985
  • The Doobie Brothers Farewell Concert (Showtime) 1985
  • Rod Stewart, Tonight He’s Yours (Syndication) 1981
  • Legends of Rock 'N Roll (Cinemax) 1989


  • 3 Cats From Miami (HBO) 1998
  • Rodney Dangerfield’s 75th Birthday Toast (HBO) 1997
  • Paula Poundstone Goes to Harvard (HBO) 1995
  • TV's All Time Classic Comedy (Fox) 1994
  • Dame Edna's Hollywood I, II & III (NBC) (Three 1 Hour Specials) 1992, 1991
  • Paul Rodriguez Special (Fox) 1992
  • The 14th Annual Young Comedians Show (HBO) 1991 with Richard Lewis
  • Paula Poundstone: Cats, Cops and Stuff (HBO) 1990 -- Ace Award nominee 1991
  • Richard Lewis "I'm Doomed" (HBO) 1990—Ace Award nominee 1990
  • Harry Anderson's Sideshow (NBC) 1987
  • This Is Your Life, 30th Anniversary Special (NBC) 1987
  • Richard Lewis: "I'm Exhausted" (HBO) 1988
  • (HBO) 1988
  • The 11th Annual Young Comedian's Special (HBO) 1988
  • Robin Williams, an Evening at The Met (HBO) -- 1988 Monitor Award nominee and 1987 Ace Award nominee, both for Best Director
  • Harry Anderson "Hello Sucker" (Showtime) 1986
  • Jerry Seinfeld Special (HBO) 1987
  • Greater Tuna (HBO) 1984—Monitor Award Winner for Best Cable Program, Ace Award Nominee for Best Director
  • Billy Crystal - A Comic’s Line (HBO) 1984
  • Richard Belzer Caught in the Act (Cinemax) 1984
  • Eddie Murphy Delirious (HBO) 1983

Miscellaneous specials

  • Explosion! (ABC) 1997
  • City Kids All-star Celebration (ABC) 1995
  • World of Entertainment (Syndication) 1982
  • All-Star Salute to Mother’s Day (NBC) 1981
  • The II, III, IV & V International Guinness Book of World Records (ABC)
  • David Frost with The Shah of Iran (ABC) 1980


Selected music videos directed by Bruce Gowers:


  • Hello Dalí (1973)
  • Finnan Games (1975)

Television pilots

  • George Lopez Talk Show (WAD Productions) 2008
  • Glam Me Up (CW Network) 2008
  • Roundhouse (Nickelodeon) 1992
  • America's Funniest People (ABC) 1990
  • The Kidsongs TV Show (Syndication) 1988
  • Dancin' to The Hits (Syndication) 1986
  • Footlight Follies 1988
  • Double Takes 1987


Grammy Award Winner:

Emmy Award Winner :

  • American Idol (FOX) 2009 - Best Musical Variety Director
  • Hello Dalí (1973) – Documentary Director
  • The 4th International Guinness Book of World Records; (1982) - Editor

Emmy Nominations: American Idol (2006–2007, 2009), Genius: A Night for Ray Charles (2004), Fleetwood Mac: The Dance (1997)

DGA Award Winner:

  • Genius: A Night for Ray Charles (CBS) 2004 –Best Musical Variety Director

DGA Award Nominations: American Idol (2006), Fleetwood Mac: The Dance (1997)

Ace Award Winner:

Monitor Award Winner:

Monitor Award nominations: The MTV Video Music Awards, Robin Williams: An Evening at The Met (HBO) 1988, The Kidsongs TV Show (PBS)1988

NAACP Image Award Winner:

  • The Essence Awards 1995: Best Special

Golden Harp Award Winner: Finnan Games

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