Christmas in love

Christmas in Love
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poster of the film
Directed by Neri Parenti
Produced by Aurelio De Laurentiis
Written by Fausto Brizzi
Marco Martani
Neri Parenti
Narrated by Christian De Sica and Massimo Boldi (introdution)
Starring Christian De Sica, Danny De Vito, Massimo Boldi, Ronn Moss, Sabrina Ferilli
Music by Bruno Zambrini
Editing by Luca Montanari
Studio Cinecittà
Distributed by Filmauro
Release date(s) 2004
Running time 118 minutes
Country Italy - Switzerland
Language Italian

Christmas in Love is a 2004 film starring Christian De Sica, Danny De Vito, Massimo Boldi, Cristiana Capotondi and Ronn Moss. The film was directed by Neri Parenti.

The film was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song at the 63rd Golden Globe Awards.


Fabrizio Barbetti (Christian De Sica) and Lisa Pinzoni (Sabrina Ferilli) are two remarried doctors who, since divorce, have been simply unable to get along with each other. They hate one another to such an extent that they argue and fight in public, even on television, but their lives as a divorced couple are going to change as they establish, with their respective new partners, to spend their Christmas holidays in Gstaad, Switzerland. Here, after a difficult start, the two end up falling again for each other and begin planning to make their partners do so as well, so that they can end their current relationships and start a new life together. However, they ignore that Angela (Fabrizio's new wife) and Gabriele (Lisa's current husband) have been cheating on them for a year and are already in a relationship. In fact, the vacation was planned by them in order to make Fabrizio and Lisa want to get back together.


The saga of cinepanettoni (the Italian comedies of Christmas)

From 1983 until 2011 in Italy will be made every year around Christmas time a series of comedies, baptized with the name of cinepanettoni (comedy film released on Christmas time). These films are focused on the holidays of the typical Italians bungling, enriched and presumptuous of the middle class who do the real countries most famous and stylish in the world. These can be as India (Christmas in India - Natale in India, 2003), Egypt (Christmas in Egypt - Natale sul Nilo, 2002), America (Christmas in New York - 2006, or Christmas in Miami - 2005), Cortina d'Ampezzo (Christmas holidays in Cortina - Vacanze di Natale a Cortina, 2011) or Holland (Merry Christmas, 2001). However often in various stories of the plays themes are anything but Christmas (except for movies set in Italy). The protagonists (almost always Massimo Boldi and Christian De Sica) joined by other comic couples (Sabrina Ferilli, Danny DeVito, Ricky Memphis, Biagio Izzo, Alberto Sordi, Claudio Bisio, Alessandro Gassman, Michelle Hunziker, Luke Perry, Ezio Greggio) find themselves struggling with their holidays and the various messes that combine abroad. The children of these will often be at the end of the story the only ones to solve complicated situations that create their own fathers, who do nothing but get involved in intrigues with glue underworld stories of betrayal and love.
Italian critics have often considered of little value ethical and educational uan such films because they contain large amounts of scurrilous and vulgar phrases and characters provide a bad example of education to young viewers. It often happens in stories that De Sica and Boldi, mature and elderly people, too giganteggino on the scene, preventing young people appeared to perform. Critics have also said that this line of films, including the authors, actors and directors, represents and emphasizes the era and the power of Silvio Berlusconi.

Filmography complete of cinepanettoni

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