Comorian national anthem

Udzima wa ya Masiwa
English: The Union of the Great Islands

National anthem of

Lyrics Said Hachim Sidi Abderemane
Music Said Hachim Sidi Abderemane / Kamildine Abdallah
Adopted 1978

"Udzima wa ya Masiwa" (Comorian for "The Union of the Great Islands") is the national anthem of Comoros. Adopted upon independence in 1978, it was written by Said Hachim Sidi Abderemane who also composed the music, along with Kamildine Abdallah.

Mayotte (claimed by the Comoros, but under French administration) is also mentioned in the song.


Shimasiwa lyrics French lyrics
I béramu isi pépéza
I nadi ukombozi piya
I daula ivénuha
Tasiba bu ya i dini voya trangaya hunu Komoriya
Narikéni na mahaba ya huveindza ya masiwa
Yatruwasiwa Komoro damu ndzima
Wasiwa Komoro dini ndzima
Ya masiwa radzali wa
Ya masiwa yarileya
Mola né ari sayidiya
Narikéni ha niya
Riveindzé uwataniya
Mahaba ya dine na duniya.
I béramu isi pépéza
Rang mwési sita wa Zuiye
I daula ivénuha
Zisiwa zatru zi pangwi ha
Maoré na Nzuani, Mwalina Ngaziya
Narikéni na mahaba ya huveindza ya masiwa.
Au faîte le Drapeau flotte
Apelle à la Liberté totale.
La nation apparaît,
Force d'une même religion au sein des Comores.
Vivons dans l'amour réciproque dans nos îles.
Les Comoriens issus de même sang,
Nous embrassons la même idéologie religieuse.
Les îles où nous somme nés !
Les îles qui nous ont prodigué la bonne éducation.
Dieu y a apporté son aide.
Conservons notre unité pour l'amour de la patrie,
Amour pour la religion
Et pour l'évolution.
Au faîte le Drapeau flotte
Depuis le 6 du mois de juillet
La nation apparaît,
Les îles devenues souveraines;
Maore - N'Dzouani - Mouwali - et N'Gazidja.
Gardons notre amour pour les îles.
Arabic lyrics English translation
العلم يرفرف
ليعلن الإستقلال التام
ترتقي الأمة
بسبب إيماننا
في جزرنا القمرية
دعنا نتحلى بالإخلاص
لحب جزرنا العظيمة
نحن القمريون من دم ٍ واحد
نحن القمريون من إيمانٍ واحد
على هذه الجزر قد ولدنا
هذه الجزر قد رعتنا
نرجوا من الله مساعدتنا دائماً
لحب أرضنا الأم
ولحب ديننا والعالم
العلم يرفرف
من السادس من يوليو
ترتقي الأمة
جزرنا موحدة
ماوري وأنزون موهيلي والقمر
دعنا نتحلى بالإخلاص
لحب جزرنا العظيمة

The flag is flying,
Announcing complete independence;
The nation rises up
Because of the faith we have
In this our Comoria.
Let us always have devotion
To love our Great Islands.
We Comorians are of one blood,
We Comorians are of one faith.
On these Islands we were born,
These Islands brought us up.
May God always help us;
Let us always have the firm resolve
To love our fatherland,
Love our religion and the world.
The flag is flying.
From the Sixth of July
The Nation rises up;
Our Islands are lined up.
Maori and Anzuan, Moheli and Comore,
Let us always have devotion
To love our Great Islands.

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