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Croatian-North American Soccer Tournament

The Croatian-North American Soccer Tournament is a Croatian National Soccer Federation of Canada & the U.S., and hosted annually by a CNSF member club.

It is traditionally played on the Labour Day weekend to accommodate teams who have to travel long distances. There is no prize money for winning the tournament. The event attracts large Croatian crowds and is intended to allow each host club to gain financially so that they can maintain stability and promote their Croatian name and heritage in their own cities.

The dynasties of the competition are Toronto Croatia and Chicago CBP. Similar tournaments for Croatian diaspora teams are held in the west coast of North America and in Australia.

Tournament Winners

  • Toronto Croatia, 14 titles
  • Chicago CBP, 12 titles
  • Hrvat Chicago, 7 titles
  • Cleveland Croatia, 4 titles
  • Hamilton Croatia, 2 titles
  • Chicago Zrinski, 1 title
  • Kitchener Hrvat, 1 title
  • London Croatia, 1 title
  • Oakville Velebit, 1 title
  • Windsor Croatia, 1 title
  • Vancouver Croatia, 1 title
  • Cleveland Zagreb, 1 title
  • New York Croatia, 1 title

History of Tournaments

Year Winner Host
2013 Chicago CBP Zrinski - Vitezovi Chicago
2012 New York Croatia Livno Oakville
2011 Vitezovi Chicago Hamilton Croatia
2010 vacated as a result of match fixing by Toronto Croatia St. Catherine's Hrvat
2009 Hrvat Chicago Cleveland Croatia
2008 Cleveland Croatia London Croatia
2007 Chicago CBP Windsor Croatia
2006 vacated as a result of match fixing by Toronto Croatia Florida Croatia
2005 Chicago Zrinjski Adria Sudbury
2004 Chicago CBP Sault Ste. Marie Croatia
2003 Chicago CBP Toronto Zagreb
2002 Chicago CBP Norval Croatia
2001 Chicago CBP Hrvatski Orlovi Milwaukee
2000 Toronto Croatia New York Croatia
1999 Kitchener Hrvat Kitchener Hrvat
1998 Chicago CBP Oshawa Adria
1997 London Croatia Oakville Velebit
1996 Oakville Velebit Chicago CBP
1995 Toronto Croatia Detroit Croatia
1994 Chicago CBP Toronto Croatia
1993 Vancouver Croatia Hamilton Croatia
1992 Toronto Croatia HNNK Hrvat Chicago
1991 Cleveland Croatia Cleveland Croatia
1990 Toronto Croatia London Croatia
1989 Toronto Croatia Windsor Croatia
1988 Toronto Croatia Adria Sudbury
1987 Cleveland Croatia Ottawa Jadran
1986 Hrvat Chicago Toronto Zagreb
1985 Chicago CBP Hrvatski Orlovi Milwaukee
1984 Chicago CBP Kitchener Hrvat
1983 Toronto Croatia Oshawa Adria
1982 Chicago CBP Oakville Velebit
1981 Windsor Croatia Chicago CBP
1980 Chicago CBP Cleveland Hrvat
1979 Hrvat Chicago Toronto Croatia
1978 Toronto Croatia Hamilton Croatia
1977 Hrvat Chicago Hrvat Chicago
1976 Hrvat Chicago London Croatia
1975 Hrvat Chicago Cleveland Croatia
1974 Toronto Croatia Croatia Windsor
1973 Toronto Croatia Adria Sudbury
1972 Toronto Croatia Hamilton Croatia
1971 Toronto Croatia Chicago CBP
1970 Toronto Croatia Croatia New York
1969 Hamilton Croatia Toronto Croatia
1968 Hrvat Chicago Cleveland Zagreb
1967 Cleveland Zagreb Hrvatski Orlovi Milwaukee
1966 Chicago CBP Hamilton Croatia
1965 Hamilton Croatia Hrvat Chicago
1964 Cleveland Croatia Cleveland Croatia

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