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Dauphine of France


Dauphine of France

The Dauphine of France (French pronunciation: ​) was the wife of the Dauphin of France (the heir apparent to the French throne). The position was analogous to the Princess of Wales (the wife of the heir apparent to the British throne).


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List of Dauphines of France

House of Valois

Picture Name Father Birth Marriage Became Dauphine Ceased to be Dauphine Death Husband
Joan of Bourbon
Peter I, Duke of Bourbon
3 February 1338 8 April 1350 22 August 1350
husband became the Dauphin
8 April 1364
became Queen
6 February 1378 Charles, 1st Dauphin
Margaret of Burgundy
John the Fearless, Duke of Burgundy
1393 31 August 1412 18 December 1415
husband's death
2 February 1441 Louis, 6th Dauphin
Jacqueline, Countess of Hainaut
William II, Duke of Bavaria
16 August 1401 6 August 1415 18 December 1415
husband became the Dauphin
4 April 1417
husband's death
8 October 1436 John, 7th Dauphin
Margaret Stewart of Scotland
James I of Scotland
25 December 1424 24 June 1436 16 August 1445 Louis, 9th Dauphin
Charlotte of Savoy
Louis, Duke of Savoy
11 November 1443/5 14 February 1451 22 July 1461
became Queen
1 December 1483
Catherine de' Medici
Lorenzo II de' Medici, Duke of Urbino
13 April 1519 28 October 1533 10 August 1536
husband became the Dauphin
31 March 1547
became Queen
5 January 1589 Henry, 16th Dauphin
Mary, Queen of Scots
James V of Scotland
8 December 1542 24 April 1558 10 July 1559
became Queen
8 February 1587 Francis, 17th Dauphin

House of Bourbon

Picture Name Father Birth Marriage Became Dauphine Ceased to be Dauphine Death Husband
Duchess Maria Anna Victoria of Bavaria
Ferdinand Maria, Elector of Bavaria
28 November 1660 7 March 1680 20 April 1690 Louis,
"le Grand Dauphin", 20th Dauphin
Princess Marie Adélaïde of Savoy
Victor Amadeus II of Sardinia
6 December 1685 7 December 1697 14 April 1711
husband became the Dauphin
12 February 1712 Louis,
"le Petit Dauphin", 21st Dauphin
Infanta Maria Teresa Rafaela of Spain
Philip V of Spain
11 June 1726 23 February 1745 22 July 1746 Louis, 24th Dauphin
Princess Maria Josepha of Saxony
Augustus III of Poland
4 November 1731 9 February 1747 20 December 1765
husband death
13 March 1767
Archduchess Maria Antonia of Austria
Francis I, Holy Roman Emperor
2 November 1755 16 May 1770 10 May 1774
became Queen
16 October 1793 Louis Auguste, 25th Dauphin
Princess Marie Thérèse of France
Louis XVI of France
19 December 1778 10 June 1799 16 September 1824
husband became the Dauphin
2 August 1830
became Queen
19 October 1851 Louis Antoine, Duke of Angoulême

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