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Dennis Law (film director)

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Title: Dennis Law (film director)  
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Subject: Election (2005 film), SPL: Sha Po Lang, Warriors of Virtue, Election 2, Fatal Contact (film), Fatal Move, List of Hong Kong films of 2010
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Dennis Law (film director)

Dennis Law
Chinese name 羅守耀 (traditional)
Chinese name 罗守耀 (simplified)
Pinyin luo2 shou3 yao4 (Mandarin)
Jyutping lo4 sau2 yiu6 (Cantonese)
Origin Hong Kong
Born 1963
Other name(s) Dennis S.Y. Law
Dennis Law Sau-yiu
Occupation film director, film producer, screenwriter, presenter, actor
Children Yoyo Law

Dennis Law Sau-yiu (born 1963) is a Hong Kong film producer, screenwriter and director. He is the former chairman and executive director of Milkyway Image, and a founder of its subsidiary company Point of View Movie Production Co. Ltd. Films directed by Law include teen comedies such as The Unusual Youth and Love @ First Note, and martial arts action films that include Fatal Contact and Fatal Move.

Early life

Law studied filmmaking at university in Los Angeles. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications from Loyola Marymount University.[1]


On his return to Hong Kong, rather than pursue his career in film, Law decided to go into real estate. He later befriended Charles Heung, who advised him to learn from veteran filmmakers such as Herman Yau.[2] In 2003, Law befriended prolific filmmaker Johnnie To and became his financial partner at Milkyway Image, serving as a chairman and executive director. Law had many opportunities to travel to the world's film markets and festivals, meet film industry personnel from different parts of the globe, find out their views of Hong Kong cinema, as well as seeing To on set as a director. Apart from filmmaking, Law is currently a managing director of the Yu Tai Hing Company Ltd., which is a well-established private property investment and development group in Hong Kong.[3][4]

Point of View Movie Production Co. Ltd.
Type Production company
Industry Film production
Founded 2005
Founders Dennis Law
Headquarters Hong Kong, China
Key people Dennis Law
Herman Yau
Products Films
Parent Brilliant Arts

Point of View Movie Production Co. Ltd.

Apart from producing Election with To in 2005, along with its 2006 sequel, Law formed his own production company, Point of View Movie Production Co. Ltd. (影視點制作有限公司), a subsidiary of Milkyway Image.[5] Point of View was one of two companies established by Law after Milkyway Image split from its parent company, Brilliant Arts. Since its establishment, Point of View has notably been a frequent production partner for Charles Heung's company China Star Entertainment Group, producing films in which Law has served as a producer and director.


Law made his directorial debut with the 2005 teen comedy-drama The Unusual Youth.[2] Law's next two films saw the director collaborating with entertainers managed by Gold Label Records. He wrote, produced and directed the teen comedy, Love @ First Note, which starred Justin Lo, Kary Ng, Stephy Tang and Miki Yeung. He later made the martial arts romance film Fatal Contact, hoping to establish his lead actor Wu Jing as a martial arts icon.[6] His next film was the 2008 film Fatal Move, which was originally his idea for a sequel to SPL: Sha Po Lang. The film featured an ensemble cast that included SPL stars Sammo Hung, Wu Jing and Simon Yam, and marked the return of veteran Hong Kong actor Danny Lee who once again plays a just policeman in the film. Of the casting, Law wanted to cast a series of familiar Hong Kong actors as the film was aimed at a foreign market.

Upon its release, Fatal Move was awarded a Category III rating in Hong Kong for its extreme violence. His next film was A Very Short Life, a film about child abuse and molestation. The film was also awarded with a Category III rating for its subject matter.


Law uses the same production crew for all of his films as well as having an ensemble cast of popular Chinese actors. Law also uses computer-generated imagery to create blood, as seen in films such as A Very Short Life and Fatal Move.

Recurring actors

Actor The Unusual Youth (2005) Love @ First Note (2006) Fatal Contact (2006) Fatal Move (2007) A Very Short Life (2009) Bad Blood (2010) Womb Ghosts (2010)
Lam Suet N N N N N N
Simon Yam N N N
Wu Jing N N
Maggie Siu N N N
Hui Shiu-Hung N N N
Cheung Siu-Fai N N N N N
Miki Yeung N N
Theresa Fu N N
Tien Niu N N
Ken Lo N N N
Pinky Cheung N N N
Marco Lok N N
Johnny Lu N N N
Wong Tin-Lam N N
Lai Lok Yi N N


Year Film Chinese title Role Notes
2005 Election 黑社會 Producer and presenter
The Unusual Youth 非常青春期 Writer, producer, director and presenter
2006 Election 2 黑社會以和為貴 Producer and executive producer Also known as Triad Election
Love @ First Note 戀愛初歌 Writer, producer, director and presenter
Fatal Contact 黑拳 Writer, producer, director and executive producer
The Shopaholics 最愛女人購物狂 "Property developer" Cameo appearance
2007 Gong Tau 降頭 Producer and executive producer Also known as
Gong Tau: An Oriental Black Magic
Triangle 鐵三角 Executive producer
2008 Fatal Move 奪帥 Writer, producer, director and executive producer
2009 A Very Short Life 短暫的生命 Writer, producer, director and executive producer
2010 Bad Blood 滅門 Writer, producer, director
Womb Ghosts 惡胎 Director
Vampire Warriors 殭屍新戰士 Director
2013 The Constable 衝鋒戰警 Director


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