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Deputy (legislator)

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Title: Deputy (legislator)  
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Subject: Member of parliament, Juan Temístocles Montás, Commissioner (Scottish Parliament), Buenos Aires City Legislature, Federal electoral districts of Mexico
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Deputy (legislator)

A deputy is a legislator in many countries, particularly those with legislatures styled as a 'Chamber of Deputies' or 'National Assembly'.

List of countries

This is an (incomplete) list of countries using the term 'deputy' or one of its cognates.

Country Title Legislature
 Argentina Diputado Nacional Chamber of Deputies
 Belarus Дэпутат ("deputat") House of Representatives
 Belgium Gedeputeerde/Volksvertegenwoordiger



Provincial Council of Deputees (executive body)
 Bolivia Diputado Chamber of Deputies
 Brazil Deputado Federal Chamber of Deputies of Brazil
 Bulgaria Депутат(Deputat)l National Assembly (Bulgaria)
 Canada Député[1] Canadian House of Commons and provincial and territorial legislatures
 Chile Diputado Chamber of Deputies
 China Deputy (人大代表) National People's Congress
 Colombia Diputado Departamental Assemblies
 Costa Rica Diputado Asamblea Legislativa
 Czech Republic poslanec Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic
 Ecuador Asambleista Asamblea Nacional de la República del Ecuador
 El Salvador Diputado Asamblea Legislativa
 France Député National Assembly
 Guatemala Diputado Congreso de la República de Guatemala
 Guernsey People's Deputy States of Guernsey
 Honduras Diputado National Congress of Honduras
 Iran مجلس شورای اسلامی Islamic Consultative Assembly (Iran)
 Republic of Ireland Deputy / Teachta Dála Dáil Éireann
 Italy Deputato Camera dei Deputati
 Jersey Deputy States of Jersey
 Latvia Deputāts Saeima (Parliament)
 Lebanon Député/النواب (Nuwwab, or deputy) Parliament
 Luxembourg Deputéierten / Député Chambre des Députés/d'Chamber (Chamber of Deputies)
 Mexico Diputado Camara de Diputados
 Netherlands Gedeputeerde Gedeputeerde Staten (executive body)
 Nicaragua Diputado Asamblea Nacional
 Panama Diputado National Assembly
 Paraguay Diputado Chamber of Deputies of Paraguay
 Poland Poseł Sejm of the Republic of Poland
 Portugal Deputado Assembly of the Republic
 Romania Deputat Camera Deputatilor
 Russia Депутат ("deputat") State Duma and regional legislative bodies
 Serbia Narodni poslanici (Народни посланици) National Assembly
 Somalia Deputy Federal Parliament
 Spain Diputado Congress of Deputies
 Ukraine People's Deputy of Ukraine (Депутат) Verkhovna Rada
 Venezuela Diputado National Assembly of Venezuela


  1. ^ English: Member of Parliament (MP) (federal), Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) (most provinces and territories), Member of the Provincial Parliament (MPP) (Ontario), Member of the National Assembly (MNA) (Quebec), Member of the House of Assembly (MHA) (Newfoundland and Labrador)

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