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Eric Kot

Eric Kot
Eric Kot at the 2008 Hong Kong Innovation and Technology and Design Expo theme seminar.
Chinese name 葛民輝 (traditional)
Chinese name 葛民辉 (simplified)
Pinyin Gé Mǐnhuī (Mandarin)
Jyutping got3 man4 fai1 (Cantonese)
Ancestry Boluo, Guangdong, China
Origin Hong Kong
Born (1966-12-30) 30 December 1966
Hong Kong
Occupation MC, actor, singer, comedian, DJ, lyricist, parody lyricist
Genre(s) Hong Kong hip hop, electronic, Parodies
Years active 1988–present
Associated acts Softhard

Eric Kot Man-fai is a Hong Kong celebrity in the Chinese hip hop industry. Hi is a popular MC/pop singer/actor who studied in California and is the youngest of three brothers. He is also known to his fans by his loud clowny voice.

He formed a comedic music duo with fellow DJ and comedian Jan Lamb, called 'Softhard' (軟硬天師) in the 1980s.


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Eric Kot wearing a "Long Time No See" concert commemorating T-shirt at a public event.


Year Title Chinese title Role
1990 Brief Encounter in Shinjuku 錯在新宿 "Deliver boy"
A Tale from the East 漫畫奇俠 "Electrician"
To Spy with Love!! 小心間諜 "Soft Fujiyama"
1991 The Banquet 豪門夜宴 "English Teacher"
1992 Justice, My Foot! 審死官 "Assassin in drag"
1993 City Hunter 城市獵人 "DJ Hard"
1994 Oh! My Three Guys 三個相愛的少年 "Kau Ku Leung"
1994 仙人掌 "Leung"
The New Age of Living Together 新同居時代 "Keung"
1995 The Saint of Gamblers 賭聖2街頭賭聖 "God Bless You"
Tricky Business 整蠱王 "Lau Huet"
Super Mischieves 無敵反斗星 "Gumm"
The World of Treasure 富貴人間 "Chu Fat"
Mean Street Story 廟街故事 "Crab"
Love in the Time of Twilight 花月佳期 "Little Shrimp"
Out of the Blue 天空小說
Jacky Cheung's Music Special Edition: Los Angeles of Love 1995 張學友音樂特輯之洛杉磯戀曲1995
1996 Blind Romance 偷偷愛你 "Yim Sai Chung"
Feel 100% 百分百感覺 "Hui Lok"
Feel 100%, Once More 百分百岩Feel "Monster"
Bodyguards of Last Governor 港督最後一個保鑣 "Lugo"
4 Faces of Eve 4面夏娃 "Chan Giu's husband"
1997 He Comes from Planet K 戇星先生 "PK"
A Chinese Ghost Story: The Tsui Hark Animation 小倩 "Siu Fong" (voice)
Ah Fai, the Dumb 天才與白痴 "Fai"
L - O - V - E ..... LOVE 超級無敵追女仔 "Dick"
Love, Amoeba Style 愛情Amoeba "Yam Chi Long"
First Love: The Litter on the Breeze 初纏戀后的二人世界 "Supporting role"
Lawyer, Lawyer 算死草 "Ho Foon"
1998 Tricky King 超級整蠱霸王 "Ohmygod"
The Lucky Guy 行運一條龍 "Fuk"
1999 Gorgeous 玻璃樽 "Man at pier"
Afraid of Nothing, the Jobless King 失業皇帝 "Brother Jing"
Fly Me to Polaris 星願 "Angel"
2000 Dragon Heat 龍火 "Supporting role"
Gen-Y Cops 特警新人類2 "Dr. Lai Shung Fung"
Sausalito 一見鍾情 "Bob"
Juliet in Love 朱麗葉與梁山伯 "Master Fong"
2001 You Shoot, I Shoot 買兇拍人 "Bart"
Feel 100% II 百分百感覺2 "Sunshine"
Everyday Is Valentine 情迷大話王 "Mr. Piggy Chu"
2002 July Rhapsody 男人四十 "Wong Yui"
Chinese Odyssey 2002 天下無雙
Just One Look 一碌蔗 "Master Kok Pow"
If U Care ... 賤精先生 "Biggie"
2003 The Spy Dad 絕種鐵金剛 "Dr. Donno"
Men Suddenly in Black 大丈夫 "Man in lift"
Dream & Desire 愛火花 "Jesus"
Sound of Color 地下鐵 "Sing"
Honesty 絕種好男人 "Romeo"
2004 Butterfly 蝴蝶 "Ming"
A-1 A-1頭條 "Ma Chai"
Elixir of Love 花好月圓 "Fishy"
Fantasia 鬼馬狂想曲 "Muo Street Cleaner"
2005 AV AV "Loans Officer"
August Story 八月的故事
2006 Heavenly Mission 天行者 "CL Hui"
Bet to Basics 打雀英雄傳 "Scott"
Half Twin 半邊靈 "Ching Kwok Wing"
Cocktail 半醉人間 "Vincent"
Feel It Say It ... 談談情、說說性 "Dr. Zmong Heung"
2007 Super Fans 甜心粉絲王 "Sochaux"
2010 Perfect Wedding 抱抱俏佳人 "Kelvin Cheng Wing Hong"
2013 Hotel Deluxe 百星酒店
2014 Temporary Family 失戀急讓
2015 Lost in Hong Kong

TV Dramas

Year Title Chinese title Role Country & channel
2001 Thank You Grandpa 祖先開眼 "Leslie"  Hong Kong – ATV
2002 The Monkey King: Quest for the Sutra 齊天大聖孫悟空 "Chu Pat Kwai"  Hong Kong – TVB
2007 Tutor Queen 補習天后 "Morris"  Hong Kong – Cable TV Hong Kong

Award nominations

Hong Kong Film Awards

(1 Best Actor Nomination, 2 Best Supporting Actor Nominations)

Golden Horse Awards

(1 Best Supporting Actor Nomination)

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