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FC Lida

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Title: FC Lida  
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Subject: Belarusian Premier League, Belarusian First League, Alyaksandr Yurevich, 2008–09 Belarusian Cup, Igor Kriushenko, Alyaksandr Lyantsevich, Syarhey Kavalyuk
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FC Lida

Full name Football Club Lida
Founded 1962
Ground City Stadium / Start, Lida Belarus
Ground Capacity 2870 / 3000
Chairman Eduard Sechko
Manager Andrey Petrov
League Belarusian 1st League
2012 Belarusian 2nd League, 11th
Website Club home page
Home colours
Away colours

FC Lida is a Belarusian football club based in Lida, Hrodna Voblast. Founded in 1962. He was one of the strongest clubs since the Belarusian SSR. Becomes four-time champion of the Belarusian SSR (1983, 1985, 1986, 1989.), two-time winner of the Super Bowl the Belarusian SSR (1984, 1986). Winner of various competitions Belarusian SSR. Currently, the team plays in the First League Championship Belarus Cup.


1962-1971 - origins

Football club in Lida was formed in 1962 under the name "Red Flag" ("Chyrvony stsyag"). Already this year, the team showed up in the championship of the BSSR. The team came into the first zone (of at that time there were two zones of 10 teams), which eventually took 8th place, ahead of team "Rocket" (Zhodino) and Baranavichy "Salute", which withdrew from the competition. In the play-off for 15th place, our team withstood Polotsk "Star", which in the end the team lost 0:2 and 1:2. As a result, in his debut season, the team finished 16th out of 20 teams announced. The following season, the club itself has changed its name and became known as "Vympel", but the name change did not help the team - the next season was frankly fail. The championship team finished next to last for himself 15th place out of 16 teams. In the future, the club has spent two years in the strongest division championship of the Byelorussian SSR, and after changing the formula of the championship in 1966, in which there were two leagues - our team began performing in the second largest division. For five seasons, "Vympel" was a middle peasant leagues, until 1971, when the team has taken under his wing a local shoe factory.

1971-1982 - the formation of the club

In 1971, a team sponsor was "Lida Shoe Factory." It is from this year, the team has a new name, which she wore 35 years - "Shoemaker." In his debut season in the strongest division championship of the Byelorussian SSR, the club failed to gain a foothold, finishing 12th last. However, a year later, he returned there a foothold there until the end of time Akad. In 1972, the front runner in the second division, the team managed to reach the first major step in its history - the Byelorussian SSR Cup final. Opponent of the match was one of the leaders of Belarusian football Zhodino "Torpedo". Alas, beat a strong opponent failed, our team lost 0-2. Also, in 1982, the team met again in the final of the same cup Akad. And again, like 10 years ago was won Zhodinskaya players - 3-0. Note that the team from 1977 to 1979 did not act on the national level, in connection with the renovation of its stadium. When he returned to the championship in 1980, the club is very fortunate, because it was not necessary to begin the path to zero - the Belorussian SSR became a championship again odnodivizionnoy league. However, the team began a painful period in the development team. The results were again very grim. All in the same 1980, won in the end at 22nd place out of 23 teams starters. For three seasons, the team could not catch-10 of the strongest, but the black stripe, white always start. It is from 1983, began a streak of light for Lida football.

1983-1991 - among the best

This period could easily be called the best in the club's history. The team reached its perfection in 1983. Finishing first in their zone, "Shoemaker" in the final match for the championship meet with Minsk "Torpedo". In opposition to the two-legged teams played twice in a draw 0:0 and 1:1. And Lida team won only because of the greater discipline ... (two yellow cards against six of the Minsk team). The following season the team managed to win the Super Bowl for the first time the Byelorussian SSR. In the final match victory was won over the sworn enemies of Zhodzina "Torpedo". But this personal goodbye teams did not complete. The following 1985, "Shoemaker" was a two-time champion of the Byelorussian SSR, winning in the final at the same Zhodinskaya players on aggregate 3-2. The most successful season in the history can be called in 1986. Then the team was confident chempionatnuyu distance and in the final confrontation for the championship twice defeated Bobruisk "Saturn" 1:0. Also in that year, the team won the Super Bowl the second time the Byelorussian SSR. In the final, was beaten Soligorsk "Shakhtar". If the first meeting was an equal game and ended in a draw 1-1, in the second match Lida players defeated rivals 4-1! Also, the team had two failed and Super Cup final in the Byelorussian SSR. First, the following 1987, the players Salihorsk "Shakhtar" avenged last year's defeat by beating our team on aggregate 4-1, and in 1990, with even bigger 0:6 gave Minsk "Sputnik." In the championship in 1987 and 1988, our team has completed performance with the bronze medal, and in 1989, won the championship for the fourth time the Byelorussian SSR, beating all the same Ming "Satellite" by only one point. In the last two seasons championship Byelorussian SSR, the team has completed and passed the speech on the 8th and 12th places respectively.

1992-2000 - independent times

Belarus gained its independence, automatically meant strengthening the championship, because the top teams do not play in tournaments USSR, all appeared one single event in a sovereign country - Belarus national football championship. Since its inception in 1992, "Shoemaker" began to act in the strongest division. However, this is was not the last of the last championship team. In the first sovereign championship team was able to gain a foothold there, finishing in 12th place out of 16 teams. But next season the club finished performance in the penultimate place and flew to the second division. However, it did not linger team, winning the tournament outright in the first league. When he returned to the top flight, the team was able to gain a foothold in it for three seasons, after which sank to the bottom again. Second fall happened in a year in the renaming of the club FC "Lida." In 1998, our team once again won the first league. That year, the team set an absolute record, unbeaten and now - 20 rounds with the start of the championship undefeated. In those days, particularly shone main scorer of the club - Zviad Burdzenidze that chop in the championships for the club 68 goals (23 of them in 1998). Returning to the elite, the team did not linger there for long. In 2000, "Lida" again flew out of the league. Prior to saving the 13th place team did not have three points. The stars at the time were also Witold Khokhlach Sergei Petrushevsky and only starts while its way into adult football future captain and player of FC BATE Borisov of Belarus Alexander Yurevich.

2001-today - fall

Since 2001, the team settled for a long time in the second division. The team has always had a goal to get to the big leagues, but in 2006 the situation has changed - the team at all flew to the third division. At that time the club has not been thinking about the return to the elite of the Belarusian football. However, in 2007, the team immediately went back to the first league, finishing in the third division-through in second place. However, in 2010 the team once again there was a serious failure - the first team again left the league, finishing the championship in last place in the first division. The following season, the team was confident the distance in the second division, having walked all the opponents and easily won the championship. The main striking force of that season was Dmitry Denysiuk, chop in 30 games 30 goals. It is the best in the history of bombardirsky figure for the season. Initially, the 2012 season, the club made it to the finals ¼ cup of Belarus, where he lost to Naftan Novopolotsk. Thus, it is the achievement of the cup is still the best in history (such achievement was only in 2000). In the championship that season managed to gain a foothold in the first division, finishing 11th.


FC Lida has played under several different names:

  • «Krasnoye Znamya» - 1962
  • «Vympel» - 1963-1970
  • «Obuvshchik» - 1971-1996
  • «Lida» - 1997-today


  • Belarusian SSR:
    • Belarusian SSR League
      • Winners (4): 1983, 1985, 1986, 1989
      • 3rd place (1): 1987, 1988
    • Belarusian SSR Super Cup
      • Winners (2): 1984, 1986
      • Runners-up (2): 1987, 1990
    • Belarusian SSR Cup
      • Runners-up (2): 1972, 1982
  • Belarus:

League and cup history

Season Level Pos Pld W D L Goals Points Domestic Cup Notes
1992 1st 12 15 4 3 8 13–18 11 Round of 16
1992–93 1st 16 32 4 9 19 13–45 17 Rounf of 32 Relegated
1993–94 2nd 1 28 20 6 2 49–14 46 Round of 32 Promoted
1994–95 1st 8 30 10 10 10 32–36 30 Round of 16
1995 1st 12 15 4 4 7 15–23 16 Rounf of 32
1996 1st 15 30 6 6 18 26–43 24 Relegated
1997 2nd 3 30 20 5 5 59–24 65 Round of 32
1998 2nd 1 30 23 5 2 65–19 74 Round of 16 Promoted
1999 1st 13 30 7 4 19 27–64 25 Rounf of 32
2000 1st 14 30 3 10 17 16–60 19 Quarterfinals Relegated
2001 2nd 9 28 9 7 12 27–33 34 Round of 32
2002 2nd 6 30 14 4 12 39–39 46 Round of 64
2003 2nd 8 30 13 4 13 45–35 43 Round of 64
2004 2nd 8 30 11 7 12 37–30 40 -
2005 2nd 10 30 10 7 13 41–43 37 Round of 16
2006 2nd 13 26 6 5 15 23–45 23 Round of 32 Relegated
2007 3rd 2 30 20 5 5 78–34 65 Round of 32 Promoted
2008 2nd 11 26 6 7 13 24–45 25 Round of 32
2009 2nd 11 26 6 8 12 19–31 26 Round of 32
2010 2nd 16 30 4 7 19 23–59 19 Round of 64 Relegated
2011 3rd 1 30 23 4 3 60-21 73 Round of 32 Promoted
2012 2nd 11 28 8 6 14 32-49 30 Quarterfinals
2013 2nd Round of 32

Current squad

As of September 2013

Note: Flags indicate national team as has been defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
1 Belarus GK Dmitry Asnin
2 Belarus DF Dmitry Taraschik
3 Belarus DF Leonid Kulakovsky
4 Belarus DF Vital Nadziewski
5 Belarus DF Anton Matsveenka
6 Belarus MF Vital Tarashchyk
7 Belarus MF Alyaksey Dabravolski
8 Belarus MF Dzmiry Safronaw
9 Belarus DF Yury Karatai (captain)
10 Belarus FW Dzmitry Kavalyonak
11 Belarus DF Denis Korzun
12 Belarus MF Yury Khodyko
13 Belarus MF Boris Yazevich
No. Position Player
14 Belarus DF Yevgeny Vaskan
15 Belarus MF Dmitry Dubatovka
16 Belarus GK Yevgeny Gremza
17 Belarus MF Syarhey Kavalyuk
18 Belarus DF Dmitry Petrov
19 Belarus DF Aleksandr Shostak
20 Belarus MF Aleksey Tischenko
21 Belarus FW Aleksandr Tatarnikov
22 Belarus FW Aleksandr Dovgilevich
23 Belarus MF Aleksey Yarmantovich
24 Belarus MF Viktor Zhebrik
25 Belarus GK Oleg Davlyud
27 Belarus DF Andrey Kuzmich


Notable players

  • Belarus Sergei Petrushevsky
  • Belarus Witold Khokhlach
  • Belarus Alexander Yurevich

Former USSR countries
  • Georgia (country) Zviad Burdzenidze
  • Ukraine Igor Krivobok

External links

  • Official website
  • YouTube Channel
  • Official Facebook
  • Official Twitter
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