Graph algorithm

The following is a list of algorithms along with one-line descriptions for each.


Combinatorial algorithms

General combinatorial algorithms

Graph algorithms

Graph drawing

  • Force-based algorithms (also known as force-directed algorithms or spring-based algorithm)
  • Spectral layout

Network theory

Routing for Graphs

Graph Search


Sequence algorithms

Approximate sequence matching

Sequence search

Sequence Merging

Main article: Merge algorithm
  • Simple Merge algorithm
  • k-way Merge algorithm
  • Union (merge, with elements on the output not repeated)

Sequence Permutations

Sequence alignment

Sequence Sorting

Main article: Sorting algorithms



Computational mathematics

Abstract algebra

Computer algebra


Number theoretic algorithms

Numerical algorithms

Differential equation solving

Elementary and special functions


Interpolation and extrapolation

Linear algebra

Monte Carlo

Numerical integration

Root finding

Optimization algorithms

Computational science




  • Vincenty's formulae: a fast algorithm to calculate the distance between two latitude/longitude points on an ellipsoid


  • Lesk algorithm: word sense disambiguation
  • Stemming algorithm: a method of reducing words to their stem, base, or root form
  • Sukhotin's algorithm: a statistical classification algorithm for classifying characters in a text as vowels or consonants




Computer science

Computer architecture

  • Tomasulo algorithm: allows sequential instructions that would normally be stalled due to certain dependencies to execute non-sequentially

Computer graphics


Digital logic

Machine learning and statistical classification

Programming language theory


Quantum algorithms

Theory of computation and automata

Information theory and signal processing

Coding theory

Error detection and correction

Lossless compression algorithms

Lossy compression algorithms

Digital signal processing

Image processing

Software engineering

Database algorithms

Distributed systems algorithms

Memory allocation and deallocation algorithms

Operating systems algorithms


Process synchronization


Disk scheduling

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