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Gulf Coast Red Sox

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Title: Gulf Coast Red Sox  
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Gulf Coast Red Sox

Template:MiLB infobox The Gulf Coast League Red Sox are the Rookie Level minor league affiliate of the Boston Red Sox. The team plays in Fort Myers, Florida, at the new jetBlue Park in the Fenway South complex. Previously they played City of Palms Park.

Gulf Coast League team rosters are thirty players, and cannot have more than twelve players over 20 years old, and no more than four players over 21. No player can have more than two years of prior service, excluding Rookie leagues outside the United States and Canada. The team is composed mainly of players who are in their first year of professional baseball either as draftees or non-drafted free agents from the United States, Canada, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, and other countries. Injured players from the Red Sox and their farm teams occasionally play for the GCL Red Sox as their first step in rehab.


In 1992, the team finished 4th in the Gulf Coast League Central division, with a final record of 18–41.

In 1993, the team finished 3rd in the Gulf Coast League Western division, with a final record of 32–28.

In 1994, the team finished in 2nd place in the Western division with a final record of 40–20.

In 1995, the team finished 5th in the Southwest Division with a final record of 21–36.

In 1996, the team finished 4th in the Southwest Division with a final record of 24–36.

In 1997, the team finished 3rd in the Western Division with a record of 31–28.

In 1998, the team finished 5th in the Western Division with a record of 27–33.

In 1999, the team finished 4th in the Western Division with a record of 30–29.

In 2000, the team finished 3rd with a record of 29–26.

In 2001, the team finished 1st with a record of 37–22, and lost to the Gulf Coast Yankees 1–0 in the Semifinal game.

In 2002, the team finished 5th in the Western Division with a record of 26–34.

In 2003, the team finished 1st with a record of 33–26, but lost to the Gulf Coast Braves in the Semifinals 1–0.

In 2004, the team finished 1st in the Gulf Coast League South, beating the Gulf Coast Mets in the Semifinals but losing to the Gulf Coast Yankees in the Finals.

In 2005, the team made the playoffs again, but lost in the first round of the Gulf Coast League playoffs, again to the Gulf Coast Yankees.

In 2006, the team won the Gulf Coast League Championship, defeating the GCL Dodgers in game 3 of the series, on August 25, 2006. They won the final game, 11–2. The team finished the season with a 35–19 record, best in the GCL.

In 2007, the team finished 3rd in the Southern Division, with a record of 30–26.

In 2008, the team finished 3rd again in the Southern Division, With a record of 28–27

GCL Red Sox Roster

Players Coaches/Other


  • 62 Trey Ball
  • -- Dylan Chavez
  • 59 Jake Drehoff
  • 51 Willie Ethington
  • -- Jeffry Fernandez
  • 64 Edwar Garcia
  • 53 Pat Goetze
  • 39 Keivin Heras
  • 56 Enfember Martinez
  • 38 Luis Ortega
  • 61 Christian Perdomo
  • 26 Oscar Perez
  • 48 Randy Perez
  • 52 Dioscar Romero
  • 58 Gabe Speier
  • 55 German Taveras
  • 71 K. J. Trader
  • 68 Jalen Williams
  • 22 Stephen Williams


  • 10 Carlos Coste
  • 50 Jon Denney
  • 37 Alixon Suarez


  • 16 Jake Davies
  • 40 Mauricio Dubon
  • 15 Aneudis Peralta


  • -- Forrestt Allday
  • 44 Jordon Austin
  • 23 Iseha Conklin
  • 43 Bryan Hudson
  • 29 Nick Longhi
  • 41 Joseph Monge


  • -- Darren Fenster


7-day disabled list
* On Boston Red Sox 40-man roster
∞ Reserve list
§ Suspended list
‡ Restricted list
# Rehab assignment
Roster updated October 24, 2013
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Boston Red Sox minor league players

2008 GCL South Final Standings

Club Wins Losses PCT GB Home Away L10 Streak
GCL Pirates 37 19 .661 19–9 18–10 7–3 L1
GCL Twins 35 21 .625 2.0 17–11 18–10 6–4 L2
GCL Red Sox 28 27 .509 8.5 12–15 16–12 7–3 W3
GCL Reds 25 31 .446 12.0 11–17 14–14 3–7 W1
GCL Orioles 14 41 .225 22.5 7–21 7–20 1–9 L6

Division Winner- GCL Pirates
Wild Card Winner- GCL Twins

"Star" Player

Though many current and former Boston Red Sox players began their professional careers with the GCL Sox, perhaps their most famous player was John Henry Williams-- son of Boston legend, Ted Williams. In 2002, at 33 years old, Williams used his father's pull to secure himself a roster spot in the Red Sox organization.

After just two games with the GCL Red Sox (going 0 – 6), he broke two ribs crashing into the stands in an attempt to catch a foul ball, ending his season. His father died on July 5, 2002, while Williams was still on the GCL Sox roster.

Notable alumni

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