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Hilltop Hospital

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Title: Hilltop Hospital  
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Subject: Calon (TV production company), List of voice actors, Fictional hospitals, Folimage, Joanna Quinn
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Hilltop Hospital

Hilltop Hospital
Also known as Hôpital Hilltop
Klinik Hügelheim
Genre Animated television series
Written by Nicholas Allan
Directed by Pascal Le Nôtre
Voices of Kevin Whately
Sally Ann Marsh
Celia Imrie
Paul Shane
Brian Murphy
Julie Higginson
Jonathan Kydd
Dame Thora Hird
Theme music composer Ben Heneghan and Ian Lawson (English version)
Country of origin United Kingdom
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 52
Running time 10 minutes
Production company(s) Millimages, Siriol
Original channel ITV Network (CITV),
France 3, ZDF, Rai Uno
First shown in 1999
Original release 1999 – 2001
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Hilltop Hospital is a claymation children's television programme made in 1999. It consists of 52 ten-minute shorts. The series is directed by Pascal Le Nôtre and produced in English, French (Hôpital Hilltop), German (Klinik Hügelheim) and Dutch (Heuvellandziekenhuis). The series is adapted from a series of books by Nicholas Allan of the same name. ZDF started broadcasting the shorts in 2003. The theme tune and incidental music for the English version of the series was composed by Ben Heneghan and Ian Lawson who also composed the music for the original Fireman Sam series and Joshua Jones.

It was released by Disney Videos for 1 volume in 2000 and Maverick Entertainment in 2006 in the UK.


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  • Series 1: 1999 2
  • Series 2: 2001 3
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List of Characters

It was about a hospital staffed by animals with mainly young animals as patients. Regular characters include:

  • Dr. Matthews, a dog, who seeks the romantic attention of Surgeon Sally.
  • Nurse Kitty, a cat, who seeks the romantic attention of Dr. Matthews, who for the most part does not notice.
  • Surgeon Sally, a hippo, a workaholic surgeon who has no time for Dr Matthews' attention.
  • Clare and Arthur, two rats, who provide technical and laboratory services.
  • Dr Atticus, a tortoise, the anesthetist who often is sleeping.
  • The two Teds, two identical twin bears, who drive the hospital ambulance and work as orderlies.

The English-language version featured the voices of Kevin Whately (Dr. Matthews), Sally Ann Marsh (nurse Kitty), Celia Imrie (Surgeon Sally), Paul Shane (the two Teds), Brian Murphy (Dr. Atticus), Julie Higginson (Clare the lab rat) and Jonathan Kydd (Arthur the lab rat). Guest voices included Dame Thora Hird as Gracey Greyshell in Gracey Greyshell's last day.

Series 1: 1999

  1. Heart Trouble
  2. Easter Bunnies
  3. Blood Bank
  4. The Big Event
  5. Rag Week at Hilltop
  6. The Big Match (Le Grand Match)
  7. Gracey Greyshell's Last Day
  8. Fire Alert
  9. Happy Birthday, Dr Matthews!
  10. The Mystery Illness
  11. Radio Hilltop
  12. Nurse Kitty's a Star
  13. The Ghost of Hilltop
  14. Blind as a Bat
  15. Accidents Will Happen
  16. Lift-off at Hilltop
  17. A Perfect Wedding
  18. Flower-Power
  19. Dogs Dinner
  20. Weasel Kneasal
  21. Mouth-to-Mouth
  22. All Creatures Great and Small
  23. Butterflies in My Tummy
  24. The Bear Who Wouldn't Share
  25. Press-ups and Bunny Hops
  26. Pamela's Secret

Series 2: 2001

  1. Secret Beds
  2. Saving Your Bacon
  3. Teething Trouble
  4. The Hyper Hedgehog
  5. Lazy Eye
  6. Laughter is the Best Medecine
  7. Bully For You
  8. Hot and Bothered
  9. Nits
  10. Nightmare at Hilltop
  11. A Good Sketch
  12. Fond Memory
  13. C-C-Caspar
  14. Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
  15. Safety First
  16. Wee Trouble
  17. Testing Time
  18. Earache at Hilltop
  19. Larger Than Life
  20. Smile
  21. New Talent
  22. Skin Deep
  23. An Extra Pair of Hands
  24. Siamese Twins
  25. Cold Feet
  26. The Blues


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