Cypress Semiconductor Corp
Type CY)
Industry Semiconductors
Founded California, U.S. (1982)
Founder(s) T. J. Rodgers
Headquarters San Jose, California, U.S.
Number of locations 14 Design Centers, 40 Sales Offices (2000)
Revenue Decrease US$973 million (2011)
Employees 3,600 (2012) [1]
Divisions Memory Product Division, Data Communications Division, Consumer and Computations Division

Cypress Semiconductor Corporation is a Silicon Valley-based semiconductor design and manufacturing company founded by T. J. Rodgers and others from Advanced Micro Devices. It was formed in 1982 with backing by Sevin Rosen and went public in 1986. The company initially focused on the design and development of high speed CMOS SRAMs, EEPROMs, PAL devices, and TTL logic devices. Two years after going public the company switched from the NASDAQ to the New York Stock Exchange. In October 2009, the company announced it would switch its listing to the NASDAQ on November 12, 2009.[2] Its headquarters are in San Jose, California, and it has divisions in the United States, Ireland, India and the Philippines as well as a fabrication plant in Minnesota.

Some of its main competitors include Microchip Technology, Integrated Device Technology, Samsung Electronics, and Xilinx.

Acquisition strategy

Since its founding, Cypress has acted as an incubator for wholly owned subsidiaries which are given a degree of autonomy and has acquired other small technology companies. In addition, Cypress has been an active acquirer of smaller technology companies; since the early-1990s these acquisitions have included:

  • Timing Technology:
    • IC Design
    • IC Works
    • International Microcircuits Inc.
  • USB Technology:
    • Anchor Chips
    • In-System Design
    • ScanLogic
  • PSoC Technology:
    • Cypress Microsystems
  • RAM Technology:
    • Galvantech, Inc.
    • Cascade Semiconductor Corporation
    • Simtek
    • Ramtron
  • Radio Frequency Technology:
    • Alation
    • RadioCom
  • Solar Cell Technology
    • SunPower (distributed to CY shareholders in 2008 as SPWRB stock)
    • PowerLight
  • Image Sensors
    • Silicon Light Machines
    • FillFactory (sold to ON Semiconductor)
    • SMaL Camera Technologies(Sold to Sensata Technologies in 2007)
  • Datacom/Telecom
    • Arcus
    • Silicon Packets
    • Lara Networks
    • HiBand Semiconductors

In addition, Cypress has incorporated some of its technology into subsidiaries, in order to speed up development of such products as the PSoC Programmable System-on-Chip (SoC) that integrates analog and digital components with a microcontroller on a single chip to form a complete solution for embedded systems. In November 0f 2011, Cypress also backed a packaging firm called Deca Technologies, Inc.[3]

Major product offerings

  • Cypress TrueTouch Multi-touch Capacitative Sensing Systems
  • PSoC a software configured, mixed-signal array with a built-in MCU core
  • General Purpose Programmable Clock generators
  • Memory
  • Optical Sensors
  • Physical Layer Devices
  • Universal Serial Bus Low Speed, Full Speed, High Speed and Super Speed controllers.
  • West Bridge ultra high-speed peripheral controllers
  • Wireless
  • CyFi 2.4 GHz RF Solution


As of early 2013, Cypress Semiconductors has over 1900 US and foreign patents, with over 1000 more US, international and foreign applications pending[4] Cypress Semiconductor is a component of the Ocean Tomo 300 Patent Index[5]


Cypress is headquartered in San Jose, CA and has manufacturing plants and design facilities in the United States (including San Jose CA, Lynnwood WA, Colorado Springs CO, Bloomington MN, Lexington KY, San Diego CA, Beaverton OR), the Philippines (Manila), India (Bangalore, Chennai), China (Shanghai), and Ireland (Cork). Former sites which have been closed down include Hyderabad (India), UK (London), as well as several in the United States (Austin TX, Round Rock TX, Nashua NH, Starkville MS, Boise ID, Boston MA, and Moscow ID). Cypress has divested a large portion of its San Jose campus to SVTC, SunPower, and Second Harvest Food Bank.


AgigaTech, Inc. sells non-volatile random-access memory (Ron Sartore (who co-founded Anchor Chips as well.)


On June 19, 2003, the company restated the prior year market segment data to conform with the situation that Silicon Light Machines, Silicon Magnetic Systems, Cypress Microsystems, and SunPower Corporation were disclosed as a separate segment called Cypress Subsidiaries.[6]

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