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Jolin Tsai discography

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Title: Jolin Tsai discography  
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Jolin Tsai discography

Jolin Tsai discography
Studio albums 13
Compilation albums 5
Concert DVDs 2
Remix albums 3
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This is the discography of Taiwanese Mandopop solo artist Jolin Tsai (蔡依林). She is 2007 Best Mandarin Female Singer for the Golden Melody Awards, with 12 studio albums, 1 English cover album, 5 compilation albums, 2 concert DVDs and 3 remix albums. Today an international pop star, Jolin tours throughout the world.

Studio albums

# Name Released Label Chart position Sales
1st Jolin 1019 13 September 1999 Universal Music Taiwan Taiwan: 350,000+; Asia: 400,000+
2nd Don't Stop 26 April 2000 Universal Music Taiwan Taiwan: 450,000+
3rd Show Your Love 22 December 2000 Universal Music Taiwan Taiwan: 280,000+
4th Lucky Number 7 July 2001 Universal Music Taiwan Taiwan: 150,000+
5th Magic (看我72變) 7 March 2003 Sony Music Taiwan Taiwan: 350,000; Asia: 420,000+ [1]
6th Castle (城堡) 27 February 2004 Sony Music Taiwan Taiwan: 330,000;
7th J-Game (野蠻游戲) 25 April 2005 Sony Music Taiwan Taiwan: 265,000; [2]
8th Dancing Diva (舞孃) 12 May 2006 EMI Music Taiwan Taiwan: 300,000; Asia: 2,500,000+
9th Agent J (特務J) 27 September 2007 EMI Music Taiwan 1 Taiwan: 250,000+; Hong Kong: 50,000+; Asia: 2,500,000+
10th Butterfly (花蝴蝶) 27 March 2009 Warner Music Taiwan 1 Taiwan: 130,000+; Hong Kong: 50,000+; Asia: 2,500,000+
11th Myself 13 August 2010 Warner Music Taiwan 1 Taiwan: 65,000+; Asia: 600,000+
12th Muse 14 September 2012 Warner Music Taiwan 1 Taiwan: 108,000+ (No.3 on Yearly Charts)

English album

# Name Released Label Chart position Sales
1st Love Exercise (愛的練習語) 31 October 2008 Gold Typhoon (Taiwan)

Remix albums

# Name Released Label Format Chart position Sales
1st 騎士精神 (單曲)(非賣品) 2002 Sony Music Taiwan CD
2nd J9 PARTY (J9 新歌+PARTY精選) 12 November 2004 Sony Music Taiwan CD Taiwan: 120,000+
3rd Dancing Forever (唯舞獨尊) 29 September 2006 EMI Music Taiwan CD

Compilation albums

# Name Released Label Format Chart position Sales
1st Together (精選集) 2001 Universal Music Taiwan CD
2nd Born To Be A Star 2004 Universal Music Taiwan 2CD + DVD
3rd J-Top 5 May 2006 Sony Music Taiwan CD+DVD Taiwan: 100,000+
4th Jolin's Final Wonderland 21 September 2007 Sony Music Taiwan 3CD+DVD
5th J世紀Jeneration 5 March 2009 EMI Music Taiwan 2CD


# Name Released Label Format Chart position Sales
1st J1 Live Concert DVD (JOLIN 蔡依林 J1個人演唱會影音全記錄) 28 October 2005 Sony Music Taiwan DVD
2nd The Acquired Talent 11 June 2007 EMI Music Taiwan DVD

Soundtrack contributions


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