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Kaohsiung County

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Title: Kaohsiung County  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: Yang Chiu-hsing, Kaohsiung, 2008 in Taiwanese football, Wei-Yin Chen, Rukai language
Collection: 1945 Establishments in Taiwan, 2010 Disestablishments in Taiwan, Former Counties of Taiwan, Kaohsiung
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Kaohsiung County

Kaohsiung County
County of the Republic of China

Location of Kaohsiung
Location of Kaohsiung County on Taiwan.
Capital Fengshan City
 •  Established 1945
 •  Disestablished 25 December 2010
 •  December 2010 2,792.6744 km2 (1,078 sq mi)
 •  December 2010 1,243,410 
Density 445.2 /km2  (1,153.2 /sq mi)
Political subdivisions 1 County-controlled city
3 Urban townships
20 Rural townships
3 Mountain indigenous townships
Today part of Part of Kaohsiung (Special municipality)
Kaohsiung County
Traditional Chinese 高雄縣
Simplified Chinese 高雄县
Literal meaning High Bravery

Kaohsiung County was a county in southern Taiwan. The county capital was Fongshan City.


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Kaohsiung County was established on 6 December 1945 after the handover of Taiwan from Japan to the Republic of China on 25 October 1945. Initial area of Kaohsiung County included the present-day Kaohsiung City and Pingtung County. On 16 August 1950, Pingtung County was separated from Kaohsiung County to be its own county. On 25 December 2010, the county merged with Kaohsiung City to form a larger single special municipality.[1]


Name (Hanyu Pinyin) Hanzi Wade-Giles Tongyong Pinyin Taiwanese (POJ) Hakka Pha̍k-fa-sṳ
Fengshan City 鳳山市 Feng-shan Fongshan Hōng-soaⁿ Fung-sân
Urban townships
Gangshan Township 岡山鎮 Kang-shan Gangshan Kong-san Kông-sân
Meinong Township 美濃鎮 Mei-nung Meinong Bí-long Mî-nùng
Qishan Township 旗山鎮 Ch'i-shan Cishan Kî-san Khì-sân
Rural townships
Alian Township 阿蓮鄉 A-lien Alian A-lian Â-lièn
Daliao Township 大寮鄉 Ta-liao Daliao Tōa-liâu Thai-liàu
Dashe Township 大社鄉 Ta-she Dashe Tōa-siā Thai-sa
Dashu Township 大樹鄉 Ta-shu Dashu Tōa-chhiū Thai-su
Hunei Township 湖內鄉 Hu-nei Hunei Ô͘-lāi Fù-nui
Qieding Township 茄萣鄉 Chia-ting Cieding Ka-tiāⁿ
Jiaxian Township 甲仙鄉 Chia-hsien Jiasian Kah-sian Kap-siên
Linyuan Township 林園鄉 Lin-yuan Linyuan Lîm-hn̂g Lìm-yèn
Liugui Township 六龜鄉 Liu-kuei Liouguei La̍k-ku Liuk-kuî
Luzhu Township 路竹鄉 Lu-chu Lujhu Lō͘-tek Lu-tsuk
Mituo Township 彌陀鄉 Mi-t'uo Motuo Mî-tô Mì-thò
Neimen Township 內門鄉 Nei-men Neimen Lāi-mn̂g Nui-mùn
Niaosong Township 鳥松鄉 Niao-sung Niaosong Chiáu-chhêng Tiâu-tshiùng
Qiaotou Township 橋頭鄉 Ch'iao-t'ou Ciaotou Kiô-thâu
Renwu Township 仁武鄉 Jen-wu Renwu Jîn-bú Yìn-vú
Shanlin Township 杉林鄉 Shan-lin Shanlin Sam-nâ Tsham-lìm
Tianliao Township 田寮鄉 T'ien-liao Tianliao Chhân-liâu Thièn-liàu
Yanchao Township 燕巢鄉 Yen-ch'ao Yanchao Iàn-châu Yèn-tshâu
Yong'an Township 永安鄉 Yung-an Yong-an Éng-an Yún-ôn
Ziguan Township 梓官鄉 Tzu-kuan Zihguan Chú-koaⁿ Tsṳ́-kôn
Mountain indigenous township
Maolin Township 茂林鄉 Mao-lin Maolin Bō͘-lîm Meu-lìm
Namaxia Township 那瑪夏鄉 Na-ma-hsia Namasia (This name comes from Tsou language)
Taoyuan Township 桃源鄉 T'ao-yuan Taoyuan Thô-goân Thò-ngièn

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