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Title: Kerwhizz  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: Natterjack toad, Mambo No. 5, Ketnet, Merry Xmas Everybody, List of BBC children's television programmes
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Genre Children's game show
Presented by Jacob Scipio
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language(s) English
No. of series 2
No. of episodes 41
Executive producer(s) Alison Stewart [1]
Producer(s) Stephen Cannon [1]
Running time 22 minutes
Original channel BBC CBeebies
Original airing 3 November 2008 (2008-11-03) -present
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Kerwhizz was a British children's television game show commissioned by Michael Carrington and aired on BBC One. The series uses a mix of CGI and live-action, and is targeted towards four to six-year-olds.[1] Kerwhizz originally ran from 3 November 2008 to 11 May 2009. A new series began on CBeebies on 7 March 2011, running on weekdays until 25 March. Re-runs of the new episodes continued except on bank holidays until 6 May.[2][3]


The show is moderated by Kerwhizzitor (Jacob Scipio), the only regular live-action character. Three teams of CGI characters, each comprising a human child and a part-living, part-mechanical animal, must answer four rounds of questions, each featuring a regular 2-D animated character, to win a choice of pod mod for their respective racing pods. In addition, one round offers the chance to win a mystery mod. Each mod is an unconventional accessory that may or may not give its user a better chance of winning the race. The teams are cheered on by three groups of live-action children dressed in the teams' colours and waving team flags.

All of the questions are multiple-choice, with the answers colour-coded red, green, yellow or blue (not coincidentally, these are the standard colours of the function buttons on TV remote controls). Once the question rounds are complete, the teams' pods are assembled around them and the respective mods are installed. The pods are then raised through the roof of the studio into the CGI race world. Each race world is a themed environment (the questions usually include clues to the theme) containing three, or occasionally four, zones, and each race comprises two laps (except in "The Deserted Desert Dash", which is a novelty race with no set route and a hidden finish line). All of the teams are likely to encounter unexpected setbacks and opportunities along the way, making the outcome of each race unpredictable.



  • Kerwhizzitor (Jacob Scipio) moderates the quiz, asks the questions, makes bad puns and rhymes and tries to keep the teams in order. In the race world sequences Kerwhizzitor commentates.


  • Team Ninki comprises Ninki (voice: Kriselle Basilio), a dark-skinned girl with ponytails and a mid-European accent (and a terrible singing voice); and Pip, a green-furred dog somewhat resembling a Scottish terrier with an extendable metal neck. Pip can't speak, but can often shape his barks and growls into an approximation of words. Despite this Ninki sometimes fails to hear him when he gets a question right and offers her own wrong answer instead, causing him to growl in frustration. Team colour: yellow. Team logo: yellow star.
  • Team Twist comprises Twist (voice: Alex Velleman), a highly confident, if not overconfident, blond boy with a fixation for style; and Snout (voice: Jermaine Woods, not credited on series 2) who resembles an orange-furred, two-legged wooly mammoth with a plastic trunk, and has a fixation of his own, with sprouts. In the episode "Planet Snout" the eponymous planet is revealed to be his homeworld and the origin of his vegetable obsession. It is also revealed that Snout has two nephews, Rocco and Ricco. Team colour: blue. Team logo: blue spiral.
  • Team Kit comprises Kit (voice: Telka Donyai), a fair-skinned girl whose confidence in her abilities is as great as Twist's, occasionally causing some girl-boy rivalry between them; and Kaboodle (voice: Yasmin Garrad), who is basically a furry ball with a face, two conical plastic ears/antennae, and a springy conical plastic leg. She appears to be less mature than the other racers, and often requires emotional support from Kit. Team colour: pink. Team logo: pink lightning bolt.

Question hosts

These characters appear in the flash-animated question sequences. None of them speak, since the questions are all read by Kerwhizzitor. In many episodes they, or characters based on their designs, also appear in CGI form in the race world sequences, where they are much bigger than the human contestants.

  • Natterjack the toad presents two questions per episode based on picture recognition. A typical question might involve the teams identifying one of four pictures that is identical to one that Natterjack has drawn.
  • Burping Herbert the burpasaur presents one question based on visual memory. This typically involves Herbert eating one of several objects and the teams having to choose which one it was from four alternatives.
  • King Pong the skunk presents "Hunt the Skunk", in which he hides in or behind four objects in rapid succession. Pip, Snout and Kaboodle have to decide which object was his last hiding place in order to win the Mystery Mod. King Pong's appearance is always heralded by a smelly green vapour. Occasionally he is replaced by his relatives, such as the pirate Long Pong Silver (who smells even worse), or by Queen Pong or Princess Pong (who both smell very nice and produce fragrant pink vapour).
  • Kat Kool the cat presents "Kat Kool's Sound Round", one question based on auditory memory. Typically Kat Kool or his band will play a tune, and the teams must then choose which of four alternative tunes matches.


Series Episode Title Winner Podmods Original Air Date
1 1 Vegetable Valley Alley Twist Gleaming Garden Snippers (Kit)
Spade (Twist)
Packet of Seeds (Ninki)
Giant Sprout (Mystery, Twist)
3 November 2008
1 2 The Slip and Slide Snow Ride Kit Crampon Claws (Kit)
Supersonic Skis (Ninki)
Expander Specs (Twist)
Bobble Hat (Mystery, Ninki)
10 November 2008
1 3 Castle Kingdom Ninki Lance (Ninki)
Sword of Plastic (Kit)
Tur-bow (Twist)
Egg (Mystery, Ninki)
17 November 2008
1 4 Bedroom Zoom Kit Mega Moonbeam Super Torch (Ninki)
Shooting Star (Twist)
Teddy Bear Tim (Kit)
Giant Alarm Clock (Mystery, Twist)
24 November 2008
1 5 The Daring Dino Dash Twist Musical Conch Shell (Ninki)
Diviner (Kit)
Daffodactyl Flower (Twist)
Scarf (Mystery, Twist)
1 December 2008
1 6 Hat-Trick Highway Ninki Future Ball (Ninki)
Wonder Wand (Kit)
Natterjoker (Twist)
Corrector (Mystery, Twist)
8 December 2008
1 7 Funfair Freeway Kit Balloons (Ninki)
Rubber Bumpers (Kit)
Candy Flosser (Twist)
Free Ride (Mystery, Twist)
15 December 2008
1 8 The Great Space Race Ninki Keryptonite (Kit)
Faster Feather Duster (Ninki)
Comet Catcher Net (Twist)
Time-Travelling Clock (Mystery, Kit)
5 January 2009
1 9 Bowling Alley Rally Twist Lucky Bowling Arm Charm (Ninki)
Super Speakers (Twist)
Quicker-Sticker Sticky Stuff (Kit)
Skittle Stopper (Mystery, not taken)
12 January 2009
1 10 The Ace Choc Chace Race Ninki Bubbler (Kit)
Marshmallow Maker (Twist)
Fruit-and-Nutter (Ninki)
Gripper-Dipper (Mystery, Twist)
19 January 2009
1 11 Underwater Whizzway Kit Rusty Anchor (Kit)
Plug (Twist)
Fish Food (Ninki)
Muncher Fish (Mystery, Kit)
26 January 2009
1 12 The Supershape Showdown Twist Prankstar (Ninki)
Super-Springy Thingy (Twist)
Totally Triangular Shape Cutter (Kit)
Stumbling Block (Mystery, Kit)
2 February 2009
1 13 Egypt World Ninki & Kit Really Useful Relic (Ninki)
Papyrus Password (Kit)
Eat-My-Duster (Twist)
Ancient, Light-reflecting Gem (Mystery, Kit)
9 February 2009
1 14 Supermarket Sprint Ninki Tip-Top Trolley Dodger (Twist)
Label Enabler (Kit)
Shopping Bag (Ninki)
Cheap-at-Half-the-Price Super Stacker (Mystery, Twist)
16 February 2009
1 15 Goldfish Gulp Twist Big, Bouncy Bubble (Ninki)
Propellor (Twist)
Rubber Ring (Kit)
Fishy Fin (Mystery, Twist)
23 February 2009
1 16 Whiffy World Ninki Super Socker (Twist)
Super Sucker (Kit)
Pongy Plunger (Ninki)
Giant Pepper Pot (Mystery, Twist)
2 March 2009
1 17 Opposite World Kit
[NB slowest pod wins]
Faster Blaster (Ninki)
Goer Slower (Kit)
Flashlight (Twist)
Swapsie (Mystery, Ninki)
9 March 2009
1 18 Crazy Racy Golf Twist Right-On Cue (Twist)
Putt-Putt-Putter (Kit)
Plug Mod (Ninki)
Mega Bouncing Ball (Mystery, not taken)
16 March 2009
1 19 Daredevil Dreamway All Sniffertron (Kit)
Practical Pointer (Twist)
Pip's Perfect Pod Mod (Ninki)
Pod-in-a-Box (Mystery, Kit)
23 March 2009
1 20 The Fairy Tale Trail Kit One Wish (Kit)
Two Wishes (Twist)
Three Wishes (Ninki)
Nattertoad (Mystery, Ninki)
30 March 2009
1 21 The Marvellous Musical Marathon Ninki Mega megaphone (Ninki)
Cool Conductor (Kit)
Super Speakers (Twist)
Wonderhorn (Mystery, Ninki)
6 April 2009
1 22 Party Paradise Kit Food Finding Fork (Twist)
Power Party Popper (Kit)
Pressing Presser (Ninki)
Parcel (Mystery, Twist)
13 April 2009
1 23 The Four Season Freeway Twist Nibbling Gnashers (Ninki)
Brumbrella (Kit)
Lead Guitar (Twist)
Ticket to Boys for All Seasons concert (Mystery, Kit)
20 April 2009
1 24 The Super Ace Rainbow Race Kit Top Drawer-er (Kit)
Fade-Away Vanishing Block (Twist)
Splatt-er (Ninki)
Colour-Me-Wonderful Paint Set (Mystery, Ninki)
27 April 2009
1 25 Moonlight Night Flight Twist Clouder-Outer (Ninki)
Cool Cat's Eyes (Kit)
Shooting Starburst Boost (Twist)
Flight of Fireflies (Mystery, Kit)
4 May 2009
1 26 Fun Food Freeway Ninki Frisky Whisk (Ninki)
Grater-Scraper (Twist)
Cheese Board (Kit)
Chef's Hat (Mystery, Kit)
11 May 2009
2 1 Building Block Rock Kit Brick Basher (Ninki)
Dino Demolition Ball (Twist)
Foghorn (Kit)
Mega Cone (Mystery, Ninki)
7 March 2011
2 2 The Ker-razy Cave Twist Rockin' Rocket Boosters (Kit)
Hyper Heater (Twist)
Picky (Ninki)
Superstar Night Light (Mystery, Twist)
8 March 2011
2 3 The Play Place Race Ninki Super Suckers (Twist),
Big Wide Wedge (Kit),
Blow-Up Bouncers (Ninki),
De-tangler (Mystery Twist)
9 March 2011
2 4 Spooky Speedway Twist Bat Wings (Kit),
Lending Hand (Ninki)
Glower (Twist)
Spooky Sheet (Mystery, Ninki)
10 March 2011
2 5 The Speedy Greedy Bake Race Kit Frisky Whisk (Kit)
Getaway Tray (Twist)
Icing Bag (Ninki)
Dreamy Creamy Fondant Fancy (Mystery Not taken)
11 March 2011
2 6 Wild West World Ninki Sheriff's Badge (Ninki)
Lasso (Twist)
Burpalo Nickel (Kit)
Cowboy Hat (Mystery, Kit)
14 March 2011
2 7 Overgrown Garden Getaway Twist Hopping-glad frog legs (Twist)
Creaky-Squeaky Lawnmower (Kit)
Long Stick (Ninki)
Hairdressing Set (Mystery, Ninki)
15 March 2011
2 8 City Speedway Kit Beat Bop Baton (Kit)
Subway Tickets (Twist)
Big Onion (Ninki)
Year's Supply of Popcorn (Mystery, Ninki)
16 March 2011
2 9 Giant Jungle Jetway Ninki Leaping Lizard Legs (Ninki)
Frog's Tongue (Twist)
Zapper (Kit)
Rain Cloud (Mystery, Ninki)
17 March 2011
2 10 Arty Crafty Caper Twist Safety Scissors (Ninki)
Super Sticker (Twist)
Perfect Painter (Kit)
Ball of Super String (Mystery, Twist)
18 March 2011
2 11 Treasure Island Trail Kit Hook (Twist)
Main Sail (Ninki)
Rope (Kit)
Treasure Map (Mystery, Twist)
21 March 2011
2 12 The Toy Factory Track Ninki Quick and Slick Oil Can (Twist)
Top Popper (Ninki)
Spanner (Kit)
Toy Model of Kerwhizzitor (Mystery not taken)
"Thingamajig" (extra mystery item, Ninki)
22 March 2011
2 13 Planet Snout Twist Fantastic Fan (Kit)
Which-Way Dish (Ninki)
Pepper Pot (Twist)
Sprout Recipe Book (Mystery not taken)
23 March 2011
2 14 The Zoom Around the Moon Ninki
[NB Kit drops out of race]
Fiery Flare (Ninki)
Force Field (Twist)
Space Helmets (Kit)
Super Duper Boosters (Mystery, Kit)
24 March 2011
2 15 The Deserted Desert Dash All Eye Spy (Ninki)
Big Ears (Twist)
Nifty Nose (Kit)
Magic Lamp (Mystery, shared by all)
[NB all teams score equal points and are allowed to choose Mods cooperatively]
25 March 2011

In other languages

  • Polish: Kwezerr
  • Dutch (Flanders): Kwiskwat
  • Hebrew: Ready, Quiz, Hop! (In Hebrew Version, Kerwhizzitor was replaced by Israeli Host named Ron Quiz (Ron Chidon))


British-based American psychologist Dr Aric Sigman refers to Kerwhizz as a perfect example of what television makers claim is educational, despite his insistence to the contrary.[4] Sigman goes on to say that "the phrase 'educational television' was, of course, invented by people who make television", "to me it's an oxymoron.".[4]


In 2011 cartoonist Michael Mitchell sued the BBC, claiming that Kerwhizz's human CGI characters were based on his own designs for a proposed series called The Bounce Bunch. The BBC denied these claims. [5] In the England and Wales Patents County Court in December 2011, His Honour Judge Birss, QC found that the Kerwhizz characters did not infringe Mr Mitchell's copyright. [6]


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