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The Khadem (Rajasthani: ख़ादिम, Urdu: خادم‎) are a Muslim community found in the state of Rajasthan in India, and in Pakistan. They are also known as bhilzada.[2]

History and origin

The name "Khadem" comes from the Arabic khadem for service or care. The Khadem of Ajmer are converted Muslims from the Bheel religion[3]

In the case the court hold as under "that Laikha and his brohther Taikha became muslim in samvat 1175 (samvat chandra bhat), It was samvat (vikrami) 1265 then Khadem are the descended of Laikha and Taikha, were bhil. Laikha's islamic name was Fakharuddin , Taikha's name was Mohammad Yadgaar... Khadem of Ajmer Are Converted Muslim Form The Bheel Religion ( From The Book - "The Shrine And Cult Of Mu'in al- din Chishti of Ajmer" By P. M. Currie ( Oxford University Press) Page. 146-147


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