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King of Gate

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Title: King of Gate  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Dragon Gate, Shingo Takagi, Naruki Doi, Masaaki Mochizuki, Ryo Saito, BxB Hulk, Yoshito Sugamoto
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King of Gate

King of Gate is an annual single-elimination professional wrestling singles tournament held in the Japanese promotion Dragon Gate. It is the successor to El Numero Uno, previously held in Dragon Gate and Toryumon, although Uno was a round-robin tournament, as opposed to the single-elimination format used by King of Gate.


List of winners


The 2005 King of Gate was a 26-man tournament held from December 23 to December 27 over 5 daily shows. Due to the uneven number of participants, six were given byes to the second round.

  First round Second round Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
 Dragon Kid Pin  
 Daniel Mishima 8:49  
   Dragon Kid Pin  
   Naruki Doi 9:56  
 Naruki Doi Pin
 Johnson Florida 6:48  
   Dragon Kid Pin  
   Susumu Yokosuka 22:00  
 K-ness Pin  
 Susumu Yokosuka 25:20  
   Susumu Yokosuka Pin
   Don Fujii 20:11  
 Don Fujii Bye
 - -  
   Sususmu Yokosuka Pin  
   CIMA 14:45  
 Magnitude Kishiwada Pin  
 Anthony W. Mori 8:11  
   Anthony W. Mori Forf
   Kenichiro Arai  
 Keni'chiro Arai Bye
 - -  
   Kenichiro Arai Sub
   CIMA 10:56  
 CIMA Sub  
 Naoki Tanisaki 13:02  
   CIMA Sub
   Michael Iwasa 8:02  
 Michael Iwasa Bye
 - -  
 Susumu Yokosuka Pin
 Ryo Saito 30:00
 Shingo Takagi Pin  
 Masato Yoshino 16:21  
   Shingo Takagi Pin  
   Super Shisa 6:14  
 Super Shisa Bye
 - -  
   Shingo Takagi Pin  
   BxB Hulk 12:30  
 Stalker Ichikawa NC  
 Shachihoko Machine 2:34  
   - -
   BxB Hulk Bye  
 BxB Hulk Bye
 - -  
   Shingo Takagi Pin
   Ryo Saito 9:36  
 Masaaki Mochizuki Pin  
 Magnum TOKYO 16:56  
   Masaaki Mochizuki Pin
   Katsuo 3:53  
 Katsuo Bye
 - -  
   Masaaki Mochizuki Pin
   Ryo Saito 19:30  
 Genki Horiguchi Pin  
 Tozawa 4:31  
   Genki Horiguchi Pin
   Ryo Saito 1:10  
 Jackson Florida Sub
 Ryo Saito 7:34  


The 2006 King of Gate was a 15-man tournament held from December 10 to December 22 over four shows. The 2005 winner, Ryo Saito, received a bye to the second round. Template:16TeamBracket-NoSeeds


The 2007 King of Gate was a 16-man tournament, held from December 1 to December 9 over seven shows. Template:16TeamBracket-NoSeeds


The 2008 King of Gate tournament, a sixteen man tournament, was held from December 2 to December 19, covering six shows. Before the tournament started, current Open the Dream Gate Champion Shingo Takagi pulled out, and was replaced by Madoka, who won a Battle Royal on November 29 for the 16th and final spot. Template:16TeamBracket-NoSeeds


After being postponed in 2009, the King of Gate will returned in April 2010. Sixteen wrestlers will occupied two blocks of eight each. The first round of Block A was on April 3, with the first round of Block B took place on April 4. Quarterfinal action was on April 9 and 10. The semifinals and finals of the tournament occurred on April 14. Template:16TeamBracket-NoSeeds


The 2011 King of Gate tournament, a sixteen man tournament, was held from May 12 to May 21, covering six shows. Template:16TeamBracket-NoSeeds


The 2012 King of Gate tournament, a sixteen man tournament, took place from May 10 to May 19, covering six shows. Template:16TeamBracket-NoSeeds


The 2013 King of Gate tournament, a sixteen man tournament, took take place from May 10 to May 25, covering seven shows. Template:16TeamBracket-NoSeeds



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