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List of Latin names of regions

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Title: List of Latin names of regions  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: Lists of place names
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

List of Latin names of regions

Latin Place Names
by country
by type

Here is a list of principalities and regions written in the Latin language and English and other names on the right. This is NOT a duplication of Roman provincial names.

  • cty. - county
  • dept. - department
  • dist. - district
  • isl. -island
  • kdom. - kingdom
  • pen - peninsula
  • pref. - prefecture
  • prin. - principality
  • prphy. - periphery
  • prov. - province
  • reg. - region
  • state - state

List of names

Latin English name(s) [other name(s)] or [older name(s)] of subdivisions
Acarnania Acarnania (fmr dept?, dist.)
Aemilia et Romania Emilia-Romagna
Aetolia Aetolia (fmr. dept.?, dist.)
Aetoloacarnania Aetolia-Acarnania, Aitoloakarnania (pref.)
Africa Australis South Africa
Alandia Åland
Alberta Alberta (prov.)
Amazon (state) Amazonas, most pref. Amazon (state)
Angermannia Ångermanland, Sweden
Apulia Apulia (Puglia)
Arcadia Arcadia (pref.), Greece
Argolis Argolis, Argolida (pref.), Greece
Australia Australis South Australia
Australia Occidentalis Western Australia (state)
Badenia-Virtembergia Baden-Württemberg (reg.), Germany
Bahusia Bohuslän, Sweden
Blechingia Blekinge, Sweden
Boeotia Boeotia (pref.), Greece
Bohemia Bohemia (Čechy/Böhmen) (reg.), Czech Republic
Borussia, Prussia Prussia
Calabria Calabria, Italy
California Superior Alta California, now California (state)
California California (state) United States, (2 states) Mexico
Campania Campania (reg.)
Cansa, Cansae, Cansas Kansas (state), United States (America)
Carinthia Carinthia (reg.), Austria
Carolina Australis South Carolina (state), United States
Carolina Borealis North Carolina (state), United States
Cassubia Kashubia
Caucasia Georgia
Chodovia Chod region (Chodsko/Chodenland) (reg.), Czech Republic
Ciscaucasia Ciscaucasia (reg.), Russia
Cisiordania West Bank (reg.), Palestine
Columbia Britannica British Columbia (prov.)
Corinthia Corinthia (pref.), Greece
Creta Crete (prphy.)
Cuiavia Kuyavia (reg.), Poland
Dacota Australis South Dakota (state), United States
Dacota Septentrionalis North Dakota (state), United States
Dalecarlia Dalarna, Sweden
Dalia Dalsland, Sweden
Dalmatia Dalmatia (reg.), Croatia
Demetae (fmr. kdom. and prin.) Dyfed cty.
Elea, Elia? Ilia, Elia (pref, fmr. dept.), Greece
Epirus Borealis Southern Albania, (Northern Epirus)
Epirus Epirus (prphy.)
Estonia Estonia
Euboea Euboea (pref.), (isl.), Greece
Eurytania Eurytania, Evrytania (pref.), Greece
Finlandia Finland
Finlandia Meridionalis Southwest Finland (South Finland/Egentliga Finland/Varsinais-Suomi), Finland
Finlandia Septentrionalis Satakunda (North Finland/Satakunta), Finland
Flumen Januarii (state) Rio de Janeiro (state) some RJ metro
Forum Iulii et Venetia Iulia Friuli-Venezia Giulia
Forum Iulii Friuli
Galicia Galicia (reg.), Ukraine and Poland
Georgia (state) Georgia
Gestricia Gästrikland, Sweden
Gothia Götaland, Sweden also Gothenburg
Gotlandia Gotland, Sweden
Graecia Centralis Central Greece (prphy.)
Hallandia Halland, Sweden
Hanakia, Hana, Hanna Hanakia (reg.), Czech Republic
Helsingia Hälsingland, Sweden
Herdalia Härjedalen, Sweden
Hungaria Superior Upper Hungary (Felvidék) (reg.), Slovakia and Ukraine
Ingria Ingria (Ingermanland/Inkeri), Estonia and Russia
Ionia (dist.) Ionia (Western Turkey)
Istria Istria (reg.), Croatia
Jemtia Jämtland, Sweden
Karelia Karelia (Karelen/Karjala), Finland and Russia
Lachia Lachia (reg.), Czech Republic
Lacinia Gazetica Gaza Strip (reg.), Palestine
Laconia, Lacedaemonia Laconia (pref.), Greece
Langobardia Lombardy (Lombardia), Italy (reg.)
Laponia Lapland, Finland and Sweden
Lasithia Lasithia (pref.), Greece
Latium (reg.) Latium (Lazio) (reg.)
Liguria Liguria
Livonia Livonia (Livland), Latvia and Estonia
Lucania Basilicata, some prefer Lucania
Lusatia Inferior Lower Lusatia
Lusatia Superior Upper Lusatia
Macedonia Macedonia
Magnesia Magnesia Prefecture, Greece
Marchiæ Marche (reg.), Italy
Masovia, Mazovia Masovia (Mazowsze), prov. of Poland
Medelpadia Medelpad, Sweden
Michigania Michigan (state), United States
Moravia Moravia, (Morava) (reg.), Czech Republic
Moravia Slovaca Moravian Slovakia, (Slovácko) (reg.), Czech Republic
Nericia Närke, Sweden
Nigeria Nigeria
Nova Belgica New Netherland
Nova Caesarea New Jersey (state)
Nova Cambria Australis New South Wales
Nova Hantonia New Hampshire (state)
Nova Scotia Nova Scotia (prov.)
Nova Terra et Labrador Newfoundland and Labrador (prov.)
Nova Terra formerly Newfoundland (prov.)
Nova Zelandia New Zealand
Novum Brunsvicum New Brunswick (prov.), Canada
Novum Eboracum New York (state)
Nylandia Nyland (Uusimaa), Finland
Oelandia Öland, Sweden
Ostrobothnia Österbotten (Pohjanmaa), Finland
Ostrogothia Östergötland, Sweden
Patagonia Patagonia, Argentina, Chile
Pedemontium Piedmont, Italy
Pella Pella Prefecture, Greece
Peloponnesus (pen.) Peloponnesus, Peloponnese (prphy.) / (pen.)
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania (state)
Phocis Phocis (Phokida, Phokis) (pref.), Greece
Phthotis Phthotis, Phthotida (pref.), Greece
Pieria Pieria, Greece
Podlachia Podlaskie (reg.), Poland and Belarus
Podolia Podolia (reg.), Ukraine
Polonia Maior Greater Poland (Wielkopolska), prov. of Poland
Polonia Minor Lesser Poland (Małopolska), prov. of Poland
Pomerania Inferior Hither Pomerania (Vorpommern), reg. of Germany
Pomerania Superior Farther Pomerania (Pomorze Zaodrzańskie), reg. of Poland
Pomerania Pomerania (Pomorze/Pommern) (reg.), Poland and Germany
Principis Eduardi, Insula Prince Edward Island
Prussia, Borussia Prussia
Respublica Africa Centralis Central African Republic
Rhodope Rhodope (p.), Greece
Ruthenia Alba White Ruthenia (reg.), Belarus
Ruthenia Nigra Black Ruthenia (reg.), Belarus
Ruthenia Rubra Red Ruthenia (reg.), Ukraine and Poland
Ruthenia Subcarpathanea Subcarpathian Ruthenia (reg.), Ukraine
Salisburgium Salzburg (reg.), Austria
Sambia Sambia (Baltic) pen., Russia
Samogitia Samogitia (Žemaitija) (reg.), Lithuania
Savonia Savonia (Savolaks/Savolax/Savo), Finland
Saxonia-Anhaltinum Saxony-Anhalt (reg.), Germany
Scania Skåne, Sweden
Sicilia Sicily
Silesia Inferior Lower Silesia (Dolny Śląsk), prov. of Poland
Silesia Superior Upper Silesia (Górny Śląsk), prov. of Poland
Silesia Silesia (Śląsk/Slezsko) reg., Poland and Czech Republic
Smalandia Småland, Sweden
Styria Styria (reg.), Austria
Sudermannia Södermanland, Sweden
Sudetia Sudetenland (Sudety/pohraniční území) (reg.), Czech Republic
Suecia Sweden
Tasmania Tasmania, Australia
Tavastia Tavastia (Tavastland, Häme), Finland
Terra Nova et Labrador Newfoundland and Labrador
Terra Scania Terra Scania (Skåneland), Sweden
Territoria Borealis Northern Territory
Territoria Septentrio-occidentalis Northwest Territories, Northwest Territory
Thesprotia Thesprotia (pref.), Greece
Thessalia Thessaly (prphy.)
Thracia Thrace (prphy.), Southern Bulgaria, Western Turkey
Transcarpathia Transcarpathia (reg.), Ukraine
Transcaucasia Georgia
Transnistria Transnistria (reg.), Moldova
Tridentinum et Tirolum Meridionale Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol
Tuscia Tuscany
Tzechia Czechia (Česko) Czech Republic
Ucraina Transcarpathanea Transcarpathian Ukraine (reg.), Ukraine
Umbria Umbria (reg.)
Uplandia Uppland, Sweden
Valachia Wallachia (reg.), Romania
Valachia Moravica Moravian Wallachia (reg.), Czech Republic
Vallis Augustana Val d'Aosta
Vasingtonia (state) Washington (state)
Victoria (Regna) Victoria (state)
Volhynia Volhynia (reg.), Ukraine
Wermelandia Värmland, Sweden
Westmannia Västmanland, Sweden
Westrobothnia Västerbotten, Sweden
Westrogothia Västergötland, Sweden

^ Latinized form of a Greek derived name

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