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List of People's Liberation Army Air Force airbases

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Title: List of People's Liberation Army Air Force airbases  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: People's Liberation Army Air Force, People's Liberation Army, Shantou Waisha Airport, Shangqiu Airport, Wuhu Airport
Collection: Chinese Air Force Bases, People's Liberation Army Air Force
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List of People's Liberation Army Air Force airbases

This is a list of airbases used by the People's Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF), grouped by military region.


  • Beijing Military Region 1
  • Chengdu Military Region 2
  • Guangzhou Military Region 3
  • Jinan Military Region 4
  • Lanzhou Military Region 5
  • Nanjing Military Region 6
  • Shenyang Military Region 7
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Beijing Military Region

Name Coordinates
Beijing Shahezhen Air Base
Beijing Tongxian Air Base
Beijing Xijiao Airport
Datong Air Base
Fengning Air Base
Hohhot Air Base
Huairen Air Base
Liangxiangzhen Air Base
Beijing Nanyuan Airport
Tangguantun Air Base
Tangshan Air Base
Wenshui Air Base
Yangcun Air Base (Meichong)
Yongyi Air Base
Yongning Air Base
Zhangguizhuang Air Base / Tianjin Binhai Int
Zhangjiakou Air Base
Zunhua Air Base

Chengdu Military Region

Name Coordinates
Chengdu Air Base
Baoshan Airport
Qamdo Bamda Airport
Caojiabao Airport
Chongqing Baishiyi Air Base
Dali Air Base
Dangxiong Air Base
Dazu Air Base
Dehong Mangshi Airport
Diqing Airport
Golmud Air Base
Jing Hong/Gasa Airfield
Lhasa Gonggar Airport
Lijiang Airport / Yunlong Air Base
Lincang Airfield
Luliang Air Base
Mengzi Air Base
Nyingchi Kang Ko Int
Qionglai Air Base
Shigatse Air Base
Simao North Airfield
Wenshan Air Base
Xiangyun Midu Air Base
Xining Air Base (New)
Yuanmou Air Base
Zhanyi Airport

Guangzhou Military Region

Name Coordinates
Shek Kong Airfield (Hong Kong)
Baihe Ning Ming Air Base
Changde Air Base
Dangyang Air Base
Foluo Northeast Air Base (Hainan Island)
Guangzhou East Airfield
Guangzhou MR Air Base
Shadi Air Base
Guilin Liangjiang International Airport
Guilin-Tannan Air Base
Guiping Mengshu Air Base
Haikou City
Huangtian Airport
Huiyang Air Base
Jialaishi Air Base (Hainan Island)
Kaiyang Guiyang Air Base
Leiyang Air Base
Lingshui Air Base (Hainan Island)
Liujiang-Liuzhou Air Base
Mei-Xian Air Base
Nanning Wuxu Air Base
Shanpo Airfield
Shantou Northeast Airfield
Shaoguan Air Base
Suixi Air Base
Taihe Air Base
Tian Yang Air Base
Yongxing Island Airport
Wuhan Air Base
Xiangshui Hsu Air Base
Xiaogan Air Base
Yuen Long Airport
Zhanjiang Airport

Jinan Military Region

Name Coordinates
Baitabu Air Base
Cangxian Air Base
Dongying Air Base
Gaomi Air Base
Jiaozhou/Jiaocheng Air Base
Jinan Air Base
Jiugucheng Air Base
Kaifeng Air Base
Laiyang Air Base
Luyang Air Base
Liangxiangzhen Air Base
Qingdao-Cangkou Air Base
Qingdao Naval Base
Weifang Air Base
Wendeng Air Base
Xingcheng Air Base
Xuzhou Daguozhang Air Base
Xuzhou Jiulishan Air Base
Yancheng Air Base
Yantai Southwest Air Base
Yidu Air Base
Zhengzhou Air Base
Zhucheng Air Base

Lanzhou Military Region

Name Coordinates
Aksu Wensu Air Base
Altay Air Base
Baoji Air Base
Dingxi Air Base
Dunhuang Air Base
Gonghe Air Base
Hami Air Base
Hetian Air Base
Jiayuguan Air Base
Jiuquan Shuangchengzi Air Base
Kashi Air Base
Korla Air Base (New)
Lanzhou Air Base
Lintong Air Base
Lintao Air Base
Qiemo Air Base
Qingshui Air Base
Shan Air Base
Shihezi Airfield
Tianshui Air Base
Ürümqi South Air Base
Uxxaktal Air Base
Wugong Air Base
Wulumuqi Air Base
Wuwei Air Base
Xian Air Base
Xincheng Air Base
Yaerbashi Test Range
Yandun Test Range
Yanliang Air Base
Yinchuan/Xincheng Air Base
Yining Alinbake Airport
Zhangye Airport

Nanjing Military Region

Name Coordinates
Anqing Airport
Changxing Air Base
Daishan Air Base
Feidong Air Base
Fouliang Air Base
Fuzhou Air Base
Ganzhou Airfield
Guiyang Air Base
Huian Air Base
Hangzhou Jianqiao Airport
Jiaxing Air Base
Jinjiang Air Base
Liancheng Air Base Lianfeng
Lianxiwang 407 Brigade
Lishe Air Base
Longtian/Lung-T'ien Air Base
Longyou Air Base
Taizhou Luqiao Airport
Mahuiling Air Base
Nanchang New Airfield
Nanchang Xiangtang Air Base
Nanjing Air Base
Ningbo Zhuangqiao Air Base
Qingyang Air Base
Quzhou Airport
Rugao Air Base
Shanghai Dachang Air Base
Shanghai Chongming Air Base
Suzhou West Airfield
Taihe Air Base
Tunxi Airstrip
Wuyishan Air Base
Wuhu Air Base
Yiwu Airport
Zhangshu Air Base
Zhangzhou Airfield

Shenyang Military Region

Name Coordinates
Anshan Air Base
Changchun Air Base
Chaoyang Air Base
Chifeng Air Base
Dalian Air Base
Dandong Air Base
Dingxin/Shuangchengzi Air Base
Fuxin Air Base
Gongzhuling Air Base
Harbin Air Base
Jinxi Air Base
Jinzhou North Airfield
Jinzhou Xiaolingzi Air Base
Kaiyuan Air Base
Lalin Air Base
Mudanjiang-Donjing Air Base (Locality)
Mudanjiang-Hailang Air Base
Pingquan Air Base
Qiqihar Air Base
Shanhaiguan Air Base
Shenyang Beiling Air Base (Factory)
Shenyang Dongta Airport
Shenyang Yu Hung Tun Air Base
Shuangcheng Air Base (Locality)
Siping Air Base
Suizhong Air Base
Tuchengzi Air Base
Xingcheng Air Base
Yingchenzi/Xinzhaizi-Dalian Air Base

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