List of Tampa Bay Rays seasons

The Tampa Bay Rays are a professional baseball team based in St. Petersburg, Florida. The Rays are a member of both the Major League Baseball’s (MLB) American League Eastern Division and the American League (AL) itself. Since their inaugural season in 1998, the Rays have played their home games at Tropicana Field.[1] The team was originally known as the "Tampa Bay Devil Rays," which was inspired by a common nickname of the manta ray, but after the 2007 season, they changed their official name to the "Tampa Bay Rays."[2]

Tampa Bay made their Major League debut in 1998, where they were an expansion team.[3] For their first ten seasons, Tampa Bay struggled, never had a winning record, and were always fifth in the American League Eastern Division, except for a fourth place finish in the 2004 season. However, Tampa Bay had their best season ever in 2008, when they won their first American League East Division title, defeated the Chicago White Sox in the ALDS, beat the Boston Red Sox in the ALCS, but lost to the Philadelphia Phillies in the World Series.

Regular season results

World Series Champions
American League Champions
Division Champions
Wild Card Berth
League[4] Division[4] Regular season Post-season Awards
Finish[a] Wins[b] Losses Win% GB[c]
Tampa Bay Devil Rays
1998 1998 AL East 5th 63 99 .389 51 Did not make the playoffs
1999 1999 AL East 5th 69 93 .426 29 Did not make the playoffs
2000 2000 AL East 5th 69 92 .429 18 Did not make the playoffs
2001 2001 AL East 5th 62 100 .383 34 Did not make the playoffs
2002 2002 AL East 5th 55 106 .342 48 Did not make the playoffs
2003 2003 AL East 5th 63 99 .389 38 Did not make the playoffs
2004 2004 AL East 4th 70 91 .435 30½ Did not make the playoffs
2005 2005 AL East 5th 67 95 .414 28 Did not make the playoffs
2006 2006 AL East 5th 61 101 .377 36 Did not make the playoffs
2007 2007 AL East 5th 66 96 .407 30 Did not make the playoffs Carlos Peña (CPOY)[f][5]
Tampa Bay Rays
2008 2008 AL East 1st 97 65 .599 Won ALDS[d] vs. Chicago White Sox, 3–1
Won ALCS[e] vs. Boston Red Sox, 4–3
Lost World Series vs. Philadelphia Phillies, 4–1[6]
Joe Maddon (MOY)[h][7]
Evan Longoria (ROY)[j][8]
2009 2009 AL East 3rd 84 78 .519 19 Did not make the playoffs
2010 2010 AL East 1st 96 66 .593 Lost ALDS vs. Texas Rangers, 3–2
2011 2011 AL East 2nd 91 71 .562 6 Lost ALDS vs. Texas Rangers, 3–1 Joe Maddon (MOY)[h][7]
Jeremy Hellickson (ROY)[j][8]
2012 2012 AL East 3rd 90 72 .556 5 Did not make the playoffs Fernando Rodney (CPOY)[f][9]
David Price (CYA)[g][10][11]
2013 2013 AL East 2nd 92 71 .564 Won Wild Card Game vs. Cleveland Indians 4-0
Lost ALDS vs. Boston Red Sox, 3–1
Totals Wins Losses Win%
1195 1395 .461 All-time regular season record (1998–2012)
13 17 .433 All-time postseason record
1208 1412 .461 All-time regular and postseason record

These statistics are current through the 2013 season. Bold denotes a playoff season, pennant or championship.


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