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List of Trigun media

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Title: List of Trigun media  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: Trigun, Nicholas D. Wolfwood, Legato Bluesummers, List of Trigun characters
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

List of Trigun media

The following is a list of media relating to the anime and manga series Trigun by Yasuhiro Nightow.


  • Manga 1
    • Trigun 1.1
      • Original release 1.1.1
      • Reprint 1.1.2
    • Trigun Maximum 1.2
  • Anime 2
    • Episodes 2.1
    • Home media 2.2
  • Music 3
    • Soundtracks 3.1
      • Trigun: The First Donuts 3.1.1
      • Trigun: The 2nd Donut Happy Pack 3.1.2
      • Trigun Spicy Stewed Donut 3.1.3
    • Theme songs 3.2
  • Video games 4
  • Role-Playing Game 5
  • References 6
  • External links 7



Original release

Published in three volumes by Tokuma Shoten

No. Release date ISBN
1 April 25, 1996 ISBN 4-19-830127-1
  • 00.High Noon at July
  • 01.The 60,000,000,000.00$$ Man (600億$$の男 Roppyaku-oku Dabudoru no Otoko)
  • 02.Looney Tunes
  • 03.Hard Puncher
  • 04.Popo (ポポ)
  • 05.Assault (強襲 Kyōshū)
  • 06.Die Hards
  • 07.Rem (レム)
2 October 30, 1996 ISBN 4-19-830144-1
  • 08.Duelist (デュエリスト)
  • 09.And Between Field and Sky (そして荒野と空の間を Soshite kōya to sora no aida o)
  • 10.Little Arcadia (リトル・アルカディア)
  • 11.Son (息子 Musuko)
  • 12.River of Life (命の川 Inochi no kawa)
  • 13.Blood and Thunder
3 January 20, 1999 ISBN 4-19-830185-9
  • 14.Diablo
  • 15.Fragile (フラジャイル)
  • 16.Scar (傷痕 Kizuato)
  • 17.Slaughtered Cafe
  • 18.Demon Squad (魔神集結す Majin Shūketsusu)
  • 19.Invisible Eye (不可視の隻眼 Fukashi no Sekigan)
  • 20.Fifth Moon (フィフス・ムーン)


Reprinted in two volumes by Shōnen Gahōsha, translated by Dark Horse Comics and Digital Manga Publishing.

No. Japanese release date Japanese ISBN English release date English ISBN
1 June 26, 2000 ISBN 4-7859-2005-X October 15, 2003[1] ISBN 1-59307-052-7
  • 00.High Noon
  • 01.The $$60 Billion Double Dollar Man
  • 02.Looney Tunes
  • 03.Hard Puncher
  • 04.Popo
  • 05.Assault
  • 06.Die Hards
  • 07.Rem
  • 08.Duelist
  • 09.Then, Between The Wasteland and Sky
  • 10.Little Arcadia
  • 11.Son
  • 12.River of Life
2 June 26, 2000 ISBN 4-7859-2006-8 January 7, 2004[2] ISBN 1-59307-053-5
  • 13.Blood and Thunder
  • 14.Diablo
  • 15.Fragile
  • 16.Scars
  • 17.Slaughter Cafe
  • 18.Gathering of the Devils
  • 19.Eye of Invisibility
  • 20.Fifth Moon
  • Extra: Day In Day Out
  • Extra: Trigun Pilot

Trigun Maximum

Published by Shōnen Gahōsha, translated by Dark Horse Comics.

No. Title Japanese release English release
1 Hero Returns July 1, 1998
ISBN 4-7859-1842-X
May 26, 2004[3]
ISBN 1-59307-196-5
  • 01. "Hero Reborn"
  • 02. "Lina" (リィナ Rina)
  • 03. "Bravo, Girls!" (ガールズ・ブラボー! Gāruzu Burabō)
  • 04. "Hero Returns"
  • 05. "Dancing Revolver"
  • 06. "Sin" ( Tsumi)
2 Death Blue February 1, 1999
ISBN 4-7859-1888-8
August 18, 2004[4]
ISBN 1-59307-197-3
  • 07. "Return of the Blue Wing of Death" (死を運ぶ 蒼き風 再び Shi o Hakobu Aokikaze Futatabi)
  • 08. "Resume our Business"
  • 09. "Samurai Showdown" (サムライショウダウン Samurai Shoudaun)
  • 10. "Wolfwood" (ウルフウッド Urufuddo)
  • 11. "Desperado"
  • 12. "Home Sweet Home" (ホーム・スィート・ホーム Hōmu Su~īto Hōmu)
  • 13. "Darkness" (暗闇 Kurayami)
3 His Life As A... January 22, 1999
ISBN 4-7859-1948-5
October 20, 2004[5]
ISBN 1-59307-266-X
  • 14. "Resovoir Dogs" (レザボア・ドッグス Rezaboa Doggusu)
  • 15. "Cement" (セメント Semento)
  • 16. "No Escape"
  • 17. "Emilio the Player" (エミリオ・ザ・プレイヤー Emiro za Pureiyā)
  • 18. "Long Goodbye"
  • 19. "Families" (ファミリーズ)
  • 20. "His Life as a..."
4 Bottom of the Dark September 1, 2000
ISBN 4-7859-2012-2
February 23, 2005[6]
ISBN 1-59307-314-3
  • 21. "Countdown"
  • 22. "Bluesy Killer Horn" (ブルージィ キラー ホーン Burūji~i Kirā Hōn)
  • 23. "Bottom of the Dark"
  • 24. "Den of Thieves" (魔窟 Makutsu)
  • 25. "Crying Wild Bullet" (クライング ウイルド ブリッド Kuraingu Uirudo Buriddo)
  • 26. "Those Who Stood Idly By" (かたわらに たたずむ ものたち Katawarani Tatazumu Monotachi)
  • 27. "Doomed Sinner" (絶望の罪人 Zetsubou no Zainin)
5 Break Out February 2001
ISBN 4-7859-2066-1
May 11, 2005[7]
ISBN 1-59307-344-5
  • 28. "The City And Then The Banquet of Dogs" (街 そして犬共の宴 Machi Soshite Inudomo no Utage)
  • 29. "Breakout" (ブレイクアウト Bureikuauto)
  • 30. "Loss" (喪失 Sōshitsu)
  • 31. "Villain" (凶人 Kyoujin)
  • 32. "Death Deal" (デス ディール Desu Dīru)
  • 33. "Let Us Walk the Path to Redemption" (せめて歩ませよ我が購いの道を Semete Ayumaseyo Waga Aganai no Michi o)
6 The Gunslinger October 2001
ISBN 4-7859-2128-5
August 3, 2005[8]
ISBN 1-59307-351-8
  • 34. "The Gunslinger" (ザ·ガンスリンガー Za Gansuringā)
  • 35. "double team"
  • 36. "Cross X Assassins" (クロスXアサシンズ Kurosu X Asashinzu)
  • 37. "Death Omen" (死兆 Shichō)
  • 38. "Colorless Expression" (色無き相貌 Ironaki Sōbō)
  • 39. "Seeds Voyaging to the Stars, A World Inside a Pod" (星を往く種子 莢の中の世界 Hoshi o Yuku Shushi Saya no Naka no Sekai)
7 Happy Days August 7, 2002
ISBN 4-7859-2217-6
November 2, 2005[9]
ISBN 1-59307-395-X
  • 40. "happy days."
  • 41. "Separate Ways" (セパレイトウェイズ Separeito Uizu)
  • 42. "The King of Loneliness" (孤独の王 Kodoku no Ō)
  • 43. "Good For Nothing and the Blues" (ろくでなしとブルース Rokudenashi to Burūsu)
  • 44. "When They Arrived, It Was Already the Beginning of the End" (辿り着けばそこはすでに終わりの始まり Tadoritsukeba Sokowa Sudeni Owari no Hajimari)
  • 45. "Conflict" (コンフリクト Konfurikuto)
8 Silent Ruin April 25, 2003
ISBN 4-7859-2306-7
February 1, 2006[10]
ISBN 1-59307-452-2
  • 46. "Invasion" (侵攻 Shinkou)
  • 47. Silent Ruin
  • 48. "Counter-Attack!! (カウンターアタック!! Kauntā Atakku)
  • 49. "Escape (脱出 Dasshutsu)
  • 50. "Separate Paths (それぞれの道 Sorezore no Michi)
  • 51. Wolfwood Spin Off - Freed Bird ([外伝] FREED BIRD [Gaiden] Freed Bird)
9 LR October 24, 2003
ISBN 4-7859-2369-5
July 26, 2006[11]
ISBN 1-59307-527-8
  • 52. Home
  • 53. Gale
  • 54. LR
  • 55. Battle to the Death
  • 56. Prostrate Demon
  • 57. Fortitude
10 Wolfwood December 27, 2004
ISBN 4-7859-2497-7
November 8, 2006[12]
ISBN 1-59307-556-1
  • 58. Reckless Conduct
  • 59. Sworn Friend
  • 60. Sudden Change
  • 61. Death Omen
  • 62. Final Battle
  • 63. Homecoming
  • 64. Wolfwood
  • 65. Final Farewell
11 Zero Hour December 27, 2004
ISBN 4-7859-2498-5
January 17, 2007[13]
ISBN 1-59307-674-6
  • 66. Zero Hour
  • 67. Slap Sticks Days
  • 68. Thunderstruck
  • 69. Return of the Wicked
  • 70. Get Ready, Get Set
  • 71. Someone to Defend
12 The Gunslinger July 26, 2006
ISBN 4-7859-2665-1
January 16, 2008[14]
ISBN 1-59307-881-1
  • 72. The Journey Ends - But Heavy Breathing Still Echoes
  • 73. Corrosive Thunder
  • 74. The Interceptor
  • 75. The Gunslinger
  • 76. + - 0
  • 77. resonance
  • 78. Run Livio Run
  • 79. Lantern
  • 80. Their Own World
13 Double Duel November 9, 2007
ISBN 4-7859-2884-0
December 1, 2008[15]
ISBN 1-59582-167-8
  • 81. False Doppleganger
  • 82. Double Duel
  • 83. Demon Fire
  • 84. Black
  • 85. Battle of the Mystics
  • 86. Tag in a Person
  • 87. catch-as-catch-can
  • 88. Apex Wings (尖翼)
  • 89. VS
14 Mind Games February 27, 2008
ISBN 4-7859-2923-5
April 14, 2009[16]
ISBN 1-59582-262-3
  • 90. When Conflict Comes to An End (相克果つる刻 Sōkoku hatsuru toki)
  • 91. overkill
  • 92. Side by Side (サイド・バイ・サイド)
  • 93. Never give up! Never surrender!
  • 94. Ticket to the Future (未来への切符 Mirai e no kippu)
  • 95. Mind Games
  • 96. Double Wings (双翼 Sōyoku)
  • 97. Never Ending Song



EP# Title Original airdate English airdate
1 "The $$60 Billion Man"
"Roppyaku-oku Dabudoru no Otoko" (600億$$の男) 
April 1, 1998 March 31, 2003
After another "Humanoid Typhoon" incident, this time in Felnarl, Vash is tracked and captured by a group of thugs looking to collect the $$60 billion bounty on his head. He's also being tracked down by a pair of investigators, Meryl Stryfe and Milly Thompson from the Bernardelli Insurance Society, and by a bounty hunter named Loose Ruth. Due to the inconsistency in rumors surrounding Vash The Stampede, the bounty hunters confuse each other for the Stampede, and Vash, Meryl, and Milly are able to escape. However, Meryl and Milly must go back, as their duty is to watch over Vash and make sure he doesn't cause any more damage that affects their company. 
2 "Truth of Mistake"
April 8, 1998 April 1, 2003
Meryl and Milly arrive in a town that has completely dried up. They stop by the Cesar Mansion to ask about the whereabouts of Vash the Stampede, where they discover that Vash is already there, acting as a bodyguard for Cliff Cesar, a man who has monopolozed and sells the water in town. Vash was hired to protect a young lady named Maryann, the granddaughter of a wealthy entrepreneur. After finding out that Cliff is being threatened by a blonde man with a large silver gun, Meryl and Milly decide to stay at the mansion to find out if the man is Vash. During their stay, it quickly becomes apparent that Maryann is not what she seems. 
3 "Peace Maker"
April 15, 1998 April 2, 2003
Vash literally bumps into a drunkard named Frank Marlin, who talks him into buying him a drink. Frank was once a famous gunsmith who saved the town from a group of bandits, but after a family tragedy, had since turned to drinking. The town, lacking a sheriff, becomes vulnerable to an attack from a group of bandits looking to hijack an armored car. 
4 "Love & Peace"
April 22, 1998 April 3, 2003
Meryl and Milly get trapped in a hostage situation inside a saloon, where a young lady named Stephanie Bostock is being held for ransom from her father, Earl "Grim Reaper" Bostock. Vash inadvertently dances his way inside, while the Sheriff hires a group of ruthless mercenaries (led by a man claiming to be Vash the Stampede) to deal with the hostage takers. 
5 "Hard Puncher"
April 29, 1998 April 7, 2003
Vash finds himself under siege once again while eating at a cafe in Inepril City. After disposing safely of the bandits who attacked him, the citizens of the city decide solemnly that they need the bounty to save their dying plant. The citizens themselves end up destroying most of the city in pursuit of Vash the Stampede and the $$60 billion on his head. They even hire the infamous father-and-son team of Professor and Gofsef Nebraska just to catch him, which only leads to more destruction. Meryl finally accepts (with great dismay) that the strange man they've been inadvertently following is the real Vash the Stampede. 
6 "Lost July"
May 6, 1999 April 8, 2003
Vash the Stampede allows Inepril City to turn in the Nebraska Family for the $$700,000 bounty. Meryl acts with irritation that she is now stuck with Vash, while Vash is hailed as a hero throughout the city. Suddenly, a sand steamer arrives, bringing goods, craftsmen, engineers, merchants, and others. This includes the arrival of a beautiful woman named Elizabeth, a plant engineer who seeks out Vash to act as her bodyguard, though her true intentions are related to the incident in the third city of July. 
7 "B.D.N. (Brilliant Dynamite Neon)"
"Buririanto Dainamaito Neon" (B.D.N. ブリリアント·ダイナマイト·ネオン) 
May 13, 1998 April 9, 2003
After saving Inepril City once again, the town holds a party in Vash's honor. The next morning, Vash quickly tries to escape the city (namely to escape Meryl and Milly) on the departing sand steamer. As the sand steamer travels, it is attacked by the Bad Lad Gang with the help of a young stowaway boy, Kaite, on board the steamer. While knocked unconscious, Vash dreams of Rem and the gang of thieves storms the sand steamer. 
8 "And Between the Wasteland and Sky..."
"Soshite Kouya to Sora no Aida wo" (そして荒野と空の間を) 
May 20, 1998 April 10, 2003
The Bad Lad Gang controls the sand steamer, hoping to steer it into the canyon in order to crack open the vault and get to the valuables inside. Vash, with the help of the stowaway Kaite (the son of the man who designed the sand steamer), must act quickly before the Gang steers the steamer and its passengers to its demise. 
9 "Murder Machine"
May 27, 1998 April 14, 2003
Travelling across the desert by bus, Vash suddenly spots a man in the distance. This man turns out to be a priest named Nicholas D. Wolfwood, who left his church to raise funds for the orphanage there. Soon enough, the bus and passengers fall under attack by a group of armored droids, remnants of lost technology. In their hurry to escape the attack, a child is left behind in the desert, and both Vash and Wolfwood immediately return to save her. Their rescue attempt seems to be proceeding smoothly until both of them fall through the sand into an alien spaceship hidden beneath the desert. 
10 "Quick Draw"
June 10, 1998 April 15, 2003
Vash and the girls find themselves in peaceful May City, finally able to relax for a while. Vash accidentally meets up with Wolfwood again, who persuades him to enter a Quick Draw contest to earn the prize money to help a woman whose husband recently left and who is deep in debt. 
11 "Escape from Pain"
June 17, 1998 April 16, 2003
While traveling with a caravan, Wolfwood and Milly run into a young dancing girl, Moore, and help her escape from a group of men coming after her. They learn that Moore and Julius, the son of the caravan company's owner, are running away together after Julius' discovery that the caravan has been transporting humans as slaves. Vash stuns the group by accepting a contract from Julius' father to kill the boy for the good of the caravan. 
12 "Diablo"
June 24, 1998 April 17, 2003
While playing in town with Meryl, Milly, and a group of kids, Vash is encountered by Legato Bluesummers. The mysterious man communicates telepathically with him, claiming to be a messenger and telling Vash that he will die very soon. Suddenly, the shoemaker's wife runs into the town square, saying her husband was murdered and Vash was quickly and wrongly arrested for the crime. In jail, Vash comtemplates exactly what Legato's message could mean, though he isn't left alone for long, as that night, Monev the Gale, a member of the Gung-Ho Guns, appears to take Vash's life. 
13 "Vash the Stampede"
"Vasshu Za Sutanpīdo" (ヴァッシュ·ザ·スタンピード) 
July 1, 1998 April 21, 2003
Two days after the event with Monev, tension in the city is still high. Meryl writes a report to the Bernardelli Insurance Society, summarizing their journey in contacting and accompanying Vash the Stampede in his travels. 
14 "Little Arcadia"
July 8, 1998 April 22, 2003
The group finds themselves in the town of Promontory, where they meet an elderly couple in trouble. After a scuffle on the street, the couple seeks to hire Meryl and Milly as their bodyguards to defend their plot of fertile land until they can deliver the deed to City Hall. Little do they know that the land isn't being coveted by just any thugs, but by a ruthless landowner who has hired the rest of the Nebraska family (see "Hard Puncher" above) to stake his claim. 
15 "Demon's Eye"
July 15, 1998 April 23, 2003
In Jeneora Rock, the Rodrick Thieves come in to a saloon looking to start some trouble. Unfortunately, they pick the wrong person to mess with, inciting Legato to make the first man rip out his own heart, and forcing the rest to shoot each other. When the rest of the Rodrick Thieves seek revenge on their fallen brothers, Legato calls in the Gung-Ho guns to handle the situation. After discovering the corpse in the saloon, Vash immediately seeks out Legato, but instead finds himself facing Dominique the Cyclops. 
16 "Fifth Moon"
July 22, 1998 April 24, 2003
Vash leaves Meryl and Milly behind in Jenora Rock to seek out Legato, however it is Legato that finds him, telling Vash to meet him in Augusta. Upon arriving in the city, Vash uses his reputation to create a panic and evacuate the city, after which he is approached by E.G. Mine and Rai-Dei the Blade of the Gung-Ho Guns. 
17 "Rem Saverem"
"Remu Seiburemu" (レム·セイブレム) 
July 29, 1998 April 28, 2003
The episode opens on a ship in space, with Rem and the rest of the small crew of the Project SEEDS ship. Vash and Knives are children, currently under Rem's care. As they learn and grow, an obvious schism develops between their world views as Knives rationalizes that the human race doesn't deserve to live and decides that Project SEEDS needs to be stopped. 
18 "Goodbye for Now"
"Ima wa, Sayonara" (今は, さよなら) 
August 5, 1998 April 29, 2003
In Kasted City, Vash has been taken in by a girl named Lina and her grandmother, and is living by the name of Erics, hoping to live a quiet, peaceful life after the tragic destruction of Augusta. Meanwhile, a man claiming to be Vash the Stampede has set up camp nearby and is terrorizing the town. In an attempt to save Lina from the man, Erics gets shot and hospitalized. Wolfwood arrives in town and approaches Vash in the hospital to convince him to return to his old life. 
19 "Hang Fire"
August 12, 1998 April 30, 2003
Meryl and Milly had returned to their lives at the Bernardelli Insurance Company until Vash is spotted and they are assigned once again to follow him. Vash and Wolfwood head to New Oregon, where a family feud over a murdered distant cousin is rising to a boil. The Freeze family abducts the sand steamer Meryl and Milly were riding on and hold hostages to get revenge on the leader of the Polo family. 
20 "Flying Ship"
August 19, 1998 May 1, 2003
Typhoon Jaqueline hits New Oregon and Vash uses the winds to visit a ship in the sky, a leftover Planet SEEDS ship that didn't quite crash 130 years prior. Wolfwood inadvertently tags along, but finds himself an unwelcome outsider among the peaceful people on the ship. This peace is disturbed when Leonof the Puppet-Master, one of the Gung-ho Guns, follows Vash onto the ship and begins to slaughter the people on board. 
21 "Out of Time"
August 26, 1998 May 5, 2003
Leonof announces the presence of three demons aboard the ship, who immediately begin killing people and targeting the plants in order to crash the ship. Moving fast to head off Hoppered the Gauntlet, another member of the Gung-ho Guns, at the second engine room, Vash discovers the bodies of his fallen friends, while Wolfwood faces off against Gray the Ninelives at the first plant. Despite their efforts, the ship ultimately crashes to the planet. 
22 "Alternative"
September 2, 1998 May 6, 2003
While trying to get into the heavily defended city of Keybas, the group encounters a young child who accidentally leads them back to a group of orphaned kids living in the desert. Their leader reveals that the children happened to meet there after their parents all entered a trance-like state and wondered away from their villages. The kids' hideout is attacked by the townsfolk, but the attack is interrupted by a group of strangely organized sandworms, who are revealed to be controlled by Zazie the Beast, one of the Gung-ho Guns. 
23 "Paradise"
"Rakuen" (楽園) 
September 9, 1998 May 7, 2003
In the town of Tonim, Wolfwood reflects on his troubled childhood and disagreement with Vash, but is interrupted by the arrival of his mentor, Chapel the Evergreen. Wolfwood has been secretly following Knives' orders to bring Vash to him alive, but Chapel informs him that he must now kill Vash instead. Vash and Wolfwood face each other in the street, but before Wolfwood can finish his mission, Caine the Longshot begins firing on them from far outside of town. Vash goes after Caine, while Wolfwood targets Chapel. 
24 "Sin"
"Tsumi" (罪) 
September 16, 1998 May 8, 2003
Vash leaves Meryl and Milly behind after confessing his entire story to Meryl. He arrives in the town of LR, but is soon approached by Legato with a message to meet him outside of town. Vash is then ambushed by Midvalley the Hornfreak, before he meets with Legato and is forced to make a difficult choice. 
25 "Live Through"
September 23, 1998 May 12, 2003
Ten days later, Vash awakes in a house in a small town, where Meryl and Milly have taken him to care for his wounds. He struggles heavily with the guilt of what Legato forced him to do while he slowly recovers from his injuries. They decide to stay in town, but the citizens quickly recognize Vash for who he is and revolt against him. 
26 "Under the Sky So Blue"
"Konna ni mo Aoi Sora no Shita de" (こんなにも青い空の下で) 
September 30, 1998 May 13, 2003
Vash comes face to face with Knives at last, reflecting on their childhood aboard the Project SEEDS ship, their travels after crash-landing on the planet, and all the torment Knives has put him through recently. The brothers bring their guns and angel arms to bear in a final showdown. 

Sources Shōnen Gahōsha episode list and page on TrigunTV anime resource center, note that dates are given for the preceding day, as the anime aired after midnight.

Home media

Trigun was released on VHS and Laserdisc, and later DVD, by JVC and marketed by Victor Entertainment in Japan.

The English version was initially released on VHS and DVD by Pioneer Entertainment (U.S.) L.P. - and when the company became Geneon, re-released as a new box-set. Funimation Entertainment re-released the series on DVD in late 2010 upon Geneon's collapse. In the United Kingdom, the anime was released on DVD by MVM Films started in 2005, should be finished by end of 2006 (there were delays due to a fire at a disc duplication plant in August 2005)

Also, a single UMD, for PlayStation Portable, was released, named Vol. 1, and contained the first two episodes. Trigun is released on DVD in Australia and New Zealand by Madman Entertainment.


Trigun features music by Tsuneo Imahori.


Trigun: The First Donuts

Trigun: The First Donuts
Soundtrack album by Tsuneo Imahori
Released 1998 June 24 (Japan), 2006 February 7 (U.S.)
Genre Soundtrack
Length 01:11:05
Label Geneon (Pioneer)

Official disc data here and here. All tracks performed by Dr. Donuts except track 10 by AJA and track 11 by AKIMA & NEOS.

No. Title Length
1. "NO-BEAT"    
2. "BIG BLUFF"    
4. "KNIVES"    
5. "Permanent Vacation"    
6. "Blue Funk"    
7. "PHILOSOPHY in a Tea Cup"    
8. "NOT AN ANGEL"    
9. "Cynical Pink"    
10. "Sound Life ~ REM"    
11. "Kaze wa Mirai ni Fuku" (風は未来に吹く)  
12. "H.T"    
13. "WINNERS"    
14. "Never could have been worse"    
15. "Stories to Tell"    
16. "People Everyday"    
17. "Fool's Paradise"    
18. "YELLOW ALERT"    
19. "Carrot & Stick"    
20. "Perfect Night"    
Total length:

Trigun: The 2nd Donut Happy Pack

Trigun: The 2nd Donut Happy Pack
Soundtrack album by Tsuneo Imahori
Released 1998 October 21 (Japan)
Genre Soundtrack, Rock music
Length ~67 min
Label Victor (JVC)

Official disc data. Tracks 2, 3, 5, 7, 9, 10, 12, 13, 15, 17, 19, 20, 22 and 23 performed by The Dr. Donut. Tracks 1, 4, 6, 8, 11, 14, 16, 18 and 21 are short audio dramas (in Japanese), rather than music.

  1. ラヴ&ピース (Love and Peace)
  2. Nerve Rack
  3. 楽園 (Rakuen)
  4. ウエスト·スラング (West Slang)
  5. Unhappy Song
  6. 黒猫空間 (Kuroneko Kūkan)
  7. Colorless Sky
  8. トライガン·マキシマム (Trigun Maximum)
  9. Hash Hash
  10. Lost Planet
  11. Blue Spring
  12. H.T. (Destoyingangel mix)
  13. Zero Hour
  14. Insurance #1
  15. The Lowdown
  16. Insurance #2
  17. Gunpowder Tea
  18. Insurance #3
  19. Cheers!
  20. Scattered Rain
  21. ピアス (Pierce)
  22. Blue Summers
  23. 砂の星 (Suna no Hoshi)

Trigun Spicy Stewed Donut

Trigun Spicy Stewed Donut
Soundtrack album by Tsuneo Imahori
Released 2001 July 31 (U.S.)
Genre Soundtrack, Rock
Length ~50 min
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Animefringe (not rated)[17]
AnimeOnDVD (not rated)[18]

A compilation of the two soundtracks released in Japan, published in the U.S. only, from TOKYOPOP. Includes a booklet with images and information on the series, and a sticker with original Nightow artwork.

  1. H.T.
  2. NO-BEAT
  3. Big Bluff
  4. Unhappy Song
  5. PHILOSOPHY In A Tea Cup
  6. Cynical Pink
  7. Nerve Rack
  8. Zero Hour
  10. Permanent Vacation
  13. Carot & Stick
  14. Suna-no-hoshi
  15. Kaze-wa Mirai-ni Fuku (風は未来に吹く / Wind Blows In the Future)

Theme songs

"H.T." written and arranged by Tsuneo Imahori.
"Wind Blows to the Future" (風は未来に吹く Kaze wa Mirai ni Fuku) written, composed, arranged, and sung by Akima & Neos.
Character development
"Sound Life" by Tsuneo Imahori - associated with the character of Rem, and by extension Vash's early life. It is a story of the development of a world, starting on the first evening and ending on the eighth morning (something like the Bible story of creation). The final verse of the song (in Japanese) is: Saa...atarashii sora ni subete wo shirushita kumikyoku ga hibiku, which translates to "Well then...A song that has recorded everything echoes to the new sky." The song has been on the planet for as long as humans have.

Video games

Trigun: The Planet Gunsmoke was announced in 2002 by SEGA, but little news has been heard since. There is also a free Trigun themed third party modification for Half-Life 2, titled "Trigun: Permanent Vacation", which is currently in development.

Role-Playing Game

Canadian company Guardians of Order released a hardbound RPG book in December 2003 based on the Trigun TV series. This was not a self-contained RPG rulebook, but worked with the company's BESM anime RPG rule set. The book contains summaries of all 26 episodes of the TV series, along with character profiles, animation model sheets, production sketches, and color images from the series.


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