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List of cities in Latvia

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Title: List of cities in Latvia  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Viesīte, Sabile, Viļāni, Ventspils, List of airports in Latvia, Bauska, Olaine, Jaunjelgava, Dobele, Aizkraukle
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List of cities in Latvia

There are 9 cities (Latvian: Republikas pilsētas) and 67 towns (Latvian: Novada pilsētas) in Latvia. By Latvian law towns are settlements that are centers of culture and commerce with well-developed engineer-infrastructure and street grid, and have at least 2,000 residents; however, a settlement can be designated a town, if it has fewer residents, but fulfils all other requirements. To become a city, a town must have at least 25,000 residents, additionally city should have well-developed commerce, transport, public utilities, social infrastructure and be significant center of culture, however these requirements may be disregarded if there is sufficient population.[1]


City Population (2011 census)[2]


Town Population (2010)[2] Municipality[1]
1008 Salacgrīva municipality
8709 Aizkraukle municipality
5104 Aizpute municipality
1224 Aknīste municipality
1353 Aloja municipality
8900 Alūksne municipality
1083 Ape municipality
3076 Auce municipality
2399 Baldone municipality
5665 Ķekava municipality
7906 Balvi municipality
10060 Bauska municipality
3411 Brocēni municipality
18021 Cēsis municipality
1668 Cesvaine municipality
2502 Dagda municipality
11152 Dobele municipality
620 Durbe municipality
4218 Grobiņa municipality
Gulbene  8807 Gulbene municipality
4052 Ikšķile municipality
2856 Ilūkste municipality
2246 Jaunjelgava municipality
4225 Kandava municipality
2420 Kārsava municipality
10160 Krāslava municipality
12755 Kuldīga municipality
2487 Ķegums municipality
6837 Lielvārde municipality
1239 Līgatne municipality
8501 Limbaži municipality
8934 Līvāni municipality
1873 Lubāna municipality
9575 Ludza municipality
8734 Madona municipality
1474 Mazsalaca municipality
26167 Ogre municipality
12667 Olaine municipality
1134 Pāvilosta municipality
1053 Ventspils municipality
3692 Pļaviņas municipality
7970 Preiļi municipality
2441 Priekule municipality
3377 Rūjiena municipality
1404 Talsi municipality
3281 Salacgrīva municipality
18159 Salaspils municipality
12306 Saldus municipality
3299 Saulkrasti municipality
1547 Strenči municipality
11168 Sigulda municipality
2468 Skrunda municipality
5763 Smiltene municipality
1152 Aloja municipality
1868 Talsi municipality
1404 Strenči municipality
749 Ilūkste municipality
11201 Talsi municipality
19961 Tukums municipality
1396 Talsi municipality
6047 Valka municipality
3999 Inčukalns municipality
2106 Varakļāni municipality
1902 Viesīte municipality
1525 Viļaka municipality
3468 Viļāni municipality
1746 Zilupe municipality

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