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List of colonial governors of Italian Somaliland

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Title: List of colonial governors of Italian Somaliland  
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Subject: History of Somalia
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List of colonial governors of Italian Somaliland

(Dates in italics indicate de facto continuation of office)

Term Incumbent Notes
Benadir Coast Italian Protectorate
3 August 1889 to 15 May 1893 Vincenzo Filonardi, Governor 1st time
15 May 1893 to 1896 Vacant
1896 to 1897 Vincenzo Filonardi, Commissioner 2nd time
1897 Ernesto Dulio, Commissioner
1897 to 25 May 1898 Giorgio Sorrentino, Commissioner
25 May 1898 to 16 March 1905 Emilio Dulio, Governor
Italian Somaliland Colony
16 March 1905 to 1906 Luigi Mercatelli, Commissioner-General
1906 to 1907 Giuseppe Salvago Raggi, Commissioner-General
1907 to 1908 Tommaso Carletti, Commissioner-General
1908 to July 1910 Tommaso Carletti, Governor
Italian Somaliland Crown Colony
July 1910 to 1916 Giacomo De Martino, Governor
1916 to 1919 Giovanni Cherina Ferroni, Governor
1919 to 21 June 1920 Vacant
21 June 1920 to 8 December 1923 Carlo Ricci, Governor
8 December 1923 to 1 June 1928 Cesare Maria De Vecchi, Governor From 1925 conte di Val Cismon
1 June 1928 to 1 July 1931 Guido Corni, Governor
1 July 1931 to 6 March 1935 Maurizio Rava, Governor
6 March 1935 to 22 May 1936 Rodolfo Graziani, Governor
22 May 1936 to 24 May 1936 Angelo De Ruben, Governor De facto Governor since January 1936
24 May 1936 to 15 December 1937 Ruggiero Santini, Governor
15 December 1937 to 11 June 1940 Francesco Saveno Caroselli, Governor
11 June 1940 to 31 December 1940 Gustavo Pesenti, acting Governor
31 December 1940 to 9 March 1941 Carlo De Simone, acting Governor
British administration of Italian Somaliland
26 February 1941 to 1941 Sir Reginald Hugh Dorman-Smith, Administrator
1941 to 1943 William Eric Halstead Scuphan, Administrator
1943 to 1948 Denis Henry Widcham, Administrator
1948 Eric Armar Vully de Candole, Administrator
1948 to 21 November 1949 Geoffrey Massey Gamble, Administrator
Italian Somaliland, United Nations Trust Territory
Under Italian administration
21 November 1949 to 1953 Giovanni Fornari, Administrator
1953 to 1954 Vacant
1954 to 1957 Enrico Martino, Administrator
1957 to 24 July 1958 Enrico Anzilotti, Administrator
24 July 1958 to 1 July 1960 Mario Di Stefano, Administrator
1 July 1960 Unification of Italian Somaliland with State of Somaliland and Independence as Somali Republic

For continuation after independence, see Heads of state of Somalia

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