List of lakes in serbia

This is the list of lakes in Serbia.

area (km²)
Đerdap[1][2][3][4] 253 70 92 artificial hydroelectric reservoir (Danube)
Shared with Romania
Đerdap II [2] 92 artificial hydroelectric reservoir (Danube)
Shared with Romania
Fish pond Ečka [3][4] 25 artificial fish pond
Perućac Lake [1][3][4] 25 290 70 artificial hydroelectric reservoir (Drina), also called Bajina Bašta
Shared with Bosnia & Herzegovina
Vlasina Lake [1][3][4] 16 1,213 22 semi-artificial peat bog turned into reservoir (Vlasina River)
Vrutci Lake [1][3][4] 8 700 50 artificial Supply of water
Gazivode Lake [1][3] 11.9 693 105 artificial industrial reservoir (Ibar)
Zasavica [3] 11.5 10 natural bog, ancient arm of the Sava
Carska bara [3] 11 natural bog
Fish pond Sakule [5] 10.05 81 artificial fish pond
Ribnica Lake [6] 10 artificial industrial-recreational reservoir (Crni Rzav)
Gruža Lake [3] 9.19 artificial industrial reservoir (Gruža (river)), Sea of Šumadija
Zvornik Lake [1][3][4] 8.1 140 28 artificial hydroelectric reservoir (Drina)
Shared with Bosnia & Herzegovina
Zlatar Lake [1][3][4] 7.3 880 75 artificial hydroelectric reservoir (Uvac)
Potpeć Lake [1][7] 7 436 40 artificial hydroelectric reservoir (Lim)
Obedska bara [3][4] 7 72 12 natural bog, ancient arm of Sava
Veliki Rit 7 artificial fish pond
Kapetanski Rit 6.13 artificial fish pond
Sjenica Lake 6.1 985 100 artificial hydroelectric reservoir (Uvac)
Bečej Fish pond 5.7 artificial fish pond
Palić Lake[1][3][4] 5.6 101 3.5 (semi-)natural eolian lake, artificially preserved
Zavoj Lake [3][8] 5.53 612 60 artificial originally created by landslide, turned into hydroelectrical reservoir (Visočica)
Koviljski rit 5.5 natural marsh
Fish pond Uzdin 5.5 artificial fish pond
Bovan Lake 5 7 artificial industrial reservoir (Sokobanjska Moravica)
White Lake[1][3][4] 4.8 75 2.5 natural turned into fish pond
Lake Ćelije [3] 4.16 artificial industrial reservoir (Rasina)
Silver Lake 4 70 8 natural dammed arm of the Danube
Zlatica 3.9 artificial fish pond, formerly Jazovo
Opolje Lake [3][4] 3.7 980 semi-artificial originally karst lake, turned into industrial reservoir
Ludaš Lake [3][9] 3.68 101 2.5 natural eolian lake, also Ludoš
Fish pond Jedinstvo 3.5 artificial fish pond
Okanj 3 natural bog
Garaši 3 411 40 artificial industrial reservoir
Novi Kneževac fish pond 2.63 artificial fish pond
Velebit fish pond 2.58 artificial fish pond
Zobnatica Lake 2.55 artificial industrial reservoir (Krivaja)
Futog fish pond 2.1 artificial fish pond, formerly DTD
Veliko Blato 2 natural bog, within Pančevački Rit
Gračanica Lake [3] 2 29 artificial industrial reservoir (Gračanica)
Sutjeska fish pond 2 artificial fish pond
Susek fish pond 2 artificial fish pond
Kolut fish pond 1.82 artificial fish pond
Lake Međuvršje 1.5 273 23 artificial hydroelectrical reservoir (West Morava)
Bela Crkva lakes[10][11] 1.5 89 artificial six lakes in close proximity, former gravel exploitation sites
Veliko Kopovo 1.45 natural bog
Srpski Miletić fish pond 1.14 artificial fish pond
Rusanda [3][4] 1.1 82 1.5 natural mud lake
Jegrička 0.98 artificial fish pond
Sava Lake [4] 0.8 natural dammed arm of Sava, see also Ada Ciganlija
Paljuvi 0.8 artificial industrial reservoir (Klanica)
Pavlovci Lake 0.8 artificial industrial reservoir, also Kudoš
Borkovac Lake 0.69 6 artificial industrial reservoir (Borkovac)
Moharač Lake[12] 0.6 artificial reservoir
Ada Safari 0.04 artificial fishing resort
Lake Ledinci 0.04 50 artificial submerged quarry
Grza Lake
Radoinja Lake
Krajkovac Lake 1 450
Bor Lake[13] 0.3 438 50 reservoir
Markovac Lake 0.3 artificial
Semeteš Lake
Oblačina Lake 0.28
Dulene Lake
Svrčin Lake artificial
Očaga 0.12 artificial
Pariguz 0.12 reservoir
Taložnik 0.12 dammed arm of Sava, see also Ada Ciganlija
Aleksandrovac Lake[14] 0.08 artificial, part of irrigation system of South Morava near Vranje
Duboki potok 0.07 artificial
Bela reka 0.02 artificial
Rabrovac Lake 0.01
Ostojićevo fish pond fish pond
Celeruša[15] natural oxbow lake, old meander of Tisa River near Čoka
Trešnja 0.003 artificial
Rakina bara 0.002 karst lake
Bešenovac lake (White stone) artificial
Jarevac lake artificial
  • Note: in Serbian, word for lake (jezero) is almost always a part of the lake's name. If the name is given as a noun, jezero precedes it (Jezero Gazivode), if the name is given as an adjective (usually with the -ko suffix), jezero comes after (Vlasinsko jezero).


Kosovo is the subject of a territorial dispute between the Republic of Serbia and the Republic of Kosovo. The latter declared independence on 17 February 2008, but Serbia continues to claim it as part of its own sovereign territory. Kosovo's independence has been out of United Nations member states.

area (km²)
Fierza [16] 73 295 128 artificial hydroelectric reservoir (Drin)
Shared with Albania
Radonjić Lake 5.96 artificial industrial reservoir (Sosnica)
Batlava Lake [3] 3.27 600 35 artificial industrial reservoir (Batlava)


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