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List of mountains in Romania

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Title: List of mountains in Romania  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: LGBT history in Romania, Welfare in Romania, Index of Romania-related articles, Romanian passport, Topography of Romania
Collection: Lists of Landforms of Romania, Lists of Mountains by Country, Mountains of Romania
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

List of mountains in Romania

This is an (incomplete) list of mountains in Romania. There are 12 peaks over 2,500 m in Romania.

Peak Mountain range County (Counties) Height (m)
Moldoveanu Făgăraş Mountains Argeş 2,544
Negoiu Făgăraş Mountains Sibiu 2,535
Viştea Mare Făgăraş Mountains Braşov 2,527
Lespezi Făgăraş Mountains Sibiu 2,522
Parângu Mare Parâng Mountains Gorj, Hunedoara 2,519
Peleaga Retezat Mountains Hunedoara 2,509
Păpuşa Retezat Mountains Hunedoara 2,508
Vânătoarea lui Buteanu Făgăraş Mountains Sibiu 2,507
Omu Bucegi Mountains Prahova, Braşov, Dâmboviţa 2,505
Cornul Călţunului Făgăraş Mountains Sibiu 2,505
Bucura Dumbravă Bucegi Mountains Prahova, Braşov, Dâmboviţa 2,503
Dara Făgăraş Mountains 2,500
Retezat Peak Retezat Mountains Hunedoara 2,482
Iezeru Mare Iezer Mountains Argeş 2,462
Pietrosul Rodnei Rodna Mountains Maramureş 2,303
Gugu Peak Godeanu Mountains Caraş-Severin, Hunedoara 2,291
Suru Peak Făgăraş Mountains Sibiu 2,283
Ineu Peak Rodna Mountains Bistriţa-Năsăud 2,279
Cindrel Peak Cindrel Mountains Sibiu 2,244
Ştefleşti Lotru Sibiu, Vâlcea 2,242
La Om (Piscul Baciului) Piatra Craiului Braşov 2,238
Godeanu Peak Godeanu Mountains Caraş-Severin, Gorj 2,229
Căleanu Ţarcu Mountains Caraş-Severin 2,190
Ţarcu Peak Ţarcu Mountains Caraş-Severin 2,190
Leaota Peak Leaota Mountains Dâmboviţa, Argeş 2,133
Vârfu lui Pătru Şureanu Mountains Hunedoara 2,130
Ursu Peak Căpăţâna Mountains Vâlcea 2,124
Pietrosu Peak Călimani Mountains Suceava, Mureş 2,100
Şureanu Peak Şureanu Mountains Hunedoara 2,059
Farcău Peak Maramureş Mountains Maramureş 1,956
Ciucaş Peak Ciucaş Mountains Braşov, Prahova 1,954
Toroiaga Maramureş Mountains Maramureş 1,930
Ocolaşu Mare Ceahlău Massif Neamţ 1,907
Mount Toaca Ceahlău Massif Neamţ 1,900
Straja Vâlcan Gorj, Hunedoara 1,868
Budacu Bistriţa Neamţ, Suceava 1,859
Giumalău Rarău Suceava 1,856
Cucurbăta Mare Bihor Mountains Bihor, Alba 1,849
Ţibleş Ţibleş Maramureş, Bistriţa-Năsăud 1,839
Vlădeasa Vlădeasa Cluj 1,836
Muntele Mare Muntele Mare Alba, Cluj 1,826
Harghita Mădăraş Harghita Mountains Harghita 1,800
Hășmașu Mare Hășmaș Harghita, Neamţ 1,792
Pietrosu Peak Bistriţa Mountains Suceava 1,791
Goru Vrancea Mountains Buzău, Vrancea 1,784
Lăcăuţ Vrancea Mountains Covasna, Vrancea 1,777
Saca Peak Gurghiu Mountains Mureş 1,776
Penteleu Penteleu Buzău 1,772
Vlaşcu Mic Munţii Cernei Caraş-Severin 1,733
Cozia Peak Cozia Mountains Vâlcea 1,668
Grinduş Tarcău Bacău 1,664
Rarău Rarău Suceava 1,650
Nemira Nemira Bacău 1,649
Lucina Obcina Mestecăniş Suceava 1,588
Cucu Harghita Mountains Harghita, Covasna 1,558
Bivolu Stânişoara Neamţ 1,530
Paşcani Obcina Feredeu Suceava 1,495
Vârfu lui Stan Mehedinţi Mountains Mehedinţi 1,466
Piatra Goznei Semenic Mountains Caraş-Severin 1,447
Gutâi Peak Gutâi Mountains Maramureş 1,443
Poieniţa Peak Munţii Metaliferi Alba 1,437
Padeș Peak Poiana Ruscă Timiş, Caraş-Severin 1,374
Dâmbău Trascău Mountains Alba 1,369
Igniş Gutâi Maramureş 1,307
Ciomatu Bodoc Harghita 1,301
Detunata Munţii Metaliferi Alba 1,258
Svinecea Mare Almăj Caraş-Severin 1,224
Leordiş Munţii Aninei Caraş-Severin 1,160
Pleşu Codru Moma Arad, Bihor 1,112
Vârfu Cetăţii Perşani Braşov 1,104
Măgura Priei Meseş Sălaj 996
Muntele Cetatuia Fagaras Mountains Arges 850
Drocea Zarand Mountains Arad 836
Ţuţuiatu Măcin Tulcea 467


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